Gearing Up for the Return of Arrested Development!

A New Season of Arrested Development Coming to Netflix!

A New Season of Arrested Development Coming to Netflix!

We’re not going to lie: we, at FlashRouters, are shameless Arrested Development devotees. We can even remember watching it as it aired on Fox, if you can imagine such a thing, and we’ll throw down in any quote-off/chicken-dance-competition you might devise. Seriously, any time, any place.

So, as you might expect, the years between their original Fox cancellation in 2006 and the announcement that Netflix would be airing a whole new season starting May 26th, 2013 have been rough on us. But the time has almost come for another collection of episodes featuring the Bluths, and we can barely contain our excitement!

We’re going to unroll a bigger post on the topic when the date gets closer, but for now, we just wanted to remind Arrested Development nuts to start getting your house in order.  We’ve got our Netflix accounts, reliable routers, and Rokus all geared up and running at top speeds, ensuring that when May 26th rolls around, we won’t be suffering through exasperating freezes and stalls that ruin our streaming experience. Have you?

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