Your Server Will Soon Be Accessible to Dutch Police

Dutch Police Looking to Fight Cyber-Crime By Hacking Into Foreign Servers

Dutch Police Looking to Fight Cyber-Crime By Hacking Into Foreign Servers

Well, here’s something that should give you pause: According to Wired, the government of the Netherlands is hoping to fight cyber-crime by introducing a bill that allows investigators to hack into foreign servers.

And, as if that wasn’t unnerving enough, this new bill also gives Dutch police the power to read e-mails, delete files,and install spyware.

Supporters of the bill cite child pornography and terrorism as the primary motivators behind this motion and point out that these measures would be supervised by a judge, but critics see this bill as establishing a troubling precedent and granting a bit too much in the way of surveillance powers. Naturally, and as you might expect, we side with the latter group.

Now, if ever there were a time to appeal to you about the power of VPNs in securing your online information, it’s now. The odds of Dutch police hacking into your particular server are pretty slim but, as we already mentioned, this development could set a precedent for other international governments. Why let them access your private information whenever they please, even if you have nothing to hide?

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