Netflix to Allow Four Simultaneous Feeds on $12 Plan

Netflix Allowing More Users Per Account

Netflix Allowing More Users Per Account

Say this about Netflix: though many of their subscribers are sharing account information, allowing friends and relatives without Netflix subscriptions to enjoy the service for free, the streaming video titan is reacting in a remarkably reasonable fashion.

According to Wired, Netflix is set to debut a plan expanding the range of streams-per-account from two to four. Of course, opting for the four simultaneous streams-per-account will raise the price of your Netflix subscription from $8-a-month to $12-a-month, but that seems like a fair price to allow, let’s say, several televisions and a kid away at college to all enjoy the same streaming service.

There’s always the chance that Netflix is trying to look extra kind in light of the fact that they’ve just lost much of their catalog to Warner Archives Instant, the recently launched streaming service devoted to rare and hard-to-find classic movies. You might want to take a look at your queue this morning and see what’s still there.

But while you’re upgrading your Netflix subscription and running as many as four streams around your house, you might as well make sure your network is as efficient and manageable as possible with the help of FlashRouters. Our routers flashed with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware give you the ability to determine how you want to allocate your bandwidth, so you can choose to prioritize your Netflix stream. Well, that, and they make your network much faster and safer, so that’s not too shabby either.

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