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Hemlock Grove - Watch it now on Netflix Instant Streaming

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It’s been a good while (a month-and-a-half, actually) since we’ve updated you on the latest movies and television to become available on streaming Netflix Instant, and we feel particularly negligent in light of that fact.

So we figured we could just make up for lost time with one major post highlighting all of the best, or at the very least, the most noteworthy additions to the world of streaming Netflix Instant. Serious and casual fans of movies and television will have plenty over which to rejoice when considering the options below.

A Brief Disclaimer

Of course, we’d be remiss if we typed up a whole post about Netflix, and didn’t mention the services our cohorts in the VPN community provide.

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Best New Movies Streaming on Netflix Instant

The Favorite:

Top of the Lake – Jane Campion’s triumphant return comes in the form of a seven-part miniseries about a pregnant 12-year-old daughter of a drug lord (the great Peter Mullan) missing in the New Zealand wilderness. Elizabeth Moss (predictably fantastic) plays the detective with a haunted past determined to find her. It’s an engrossing story, patiently and expertly told. Well worth sacrificing a whole day of your weekend to it (as this writer did).

One We’d Like to Forget: 

The Paperboy –You might have heard some intriguing details about The Paperboy, Lee Daniels lurid follow-up to Precious: maybe you heard about Zac Efron prancing around in his briefs for great stretches of time or Nicole Kidman’s dizzy turn as a sun-drunk sexpot, or maybe you’ve heard about the scene where Kidman urinates on Efron to offset the effects of a jellyfish bite. These things are all featured in the movie, but we promise you, this half-baked, limply plotted, and surprisingly boring potboiler is not worth your time.

We Cautiously Recommend:

The Comedy - One of the Best New Indepentdent FIlms Streaming Netflix Instant

Watch The Comedy on Streaming Netflix Instant

The Comedy – Rick Alverson’s bravely unsentimental look at a shiftless, casually nasty, and dangerously bored rich guy (Tim Heidecker), bouncing around Brooklyn, hatefully interacting with the world, is bound to be too mean-spirited for some, but it’s a perceptive and darkly funny character study.

You Don’t Need Us to Recommend This:

Mad Men: Season 5 – The ongoing saga of ad executives, copywriters, secretaries, etc. adjusting to the rapidly changing social climate of 1960’s America hit a beautiful stride in its fifth season. There were affairs, drug trips, and tragedy, but Mad Men continued to shine most brightly in the smaller moments. 

You Liked House of Cards, Right?:

Hemlock Grove – Admittedly, we’ve yet to dig into Hemlock Grove, the latest offering of original programming from Netflix, but if this show, about a murdered teenage girl and the search for her killer, is anywhere near as addictive as House of Cards, then we’ll be through it in no time.

Stray Picks:

Pi  – Over the course of his career, writer/director Darren Aronofsky (Requiem For a DreamBlack Swan) has displayed a probing intellect and tremendous proficiency for exploring the dark and disturbing, and it all started with this riveting, occasionally baffling story of a paranoid math genius trying to protect the contents of his addled, powerful brain.

The Hunger Games – With the impending sequel Catching Fire slated for release this year, it may be time to catch up on this one, so you’ll at least know what everyone’s talking about. Mercifully, and unlike other pop-cultural “obligations”, The Hunger Games is surprisingly entertaining, briskly-paced, and not terribly heavy (you know, for a movie about teenagers killing each other).

Children's Hospital - Streaming Netflix Instant

Children’s Hospital – Streaming Netflix Instant

Children’s Hospital – For you fans of the aggressively weird and defiantly tangential world of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming, here’s something you’ll like. Rob Corddry’s spoof of hospital shows combines an absurd sense of humor with a cast of comedic all-stars (Ken Marino, David Wain, Lake Bell, Megan Mullally, Henry Winkler, Rob Huebel, Michael Cera). Also, each one is about 10 minutes long, so what have you got to lose?

Carrie – Brian De Palma’s classic take on Stephen King’s story of a troubled high school girl with telekinetic powers has inspired countless forgettable remakes. The wildly melodramatic and always entertaining original, on the other hand, is always good for a scare.

Pet Sematary – Here’s another classic (using the term a little more loosely here) based on a Stephen King story, but this one offers a slightly more unintentional camp appeal. Suffice to say, living next to a dangerous highway and a mysterious, possibly supernatural, cemetery proves to be a bad combination for one unlucky family.

Oh, and for you James Bond fans:

The vaults are open on Netflix Instant Streaming, so now you can enjoy Dr. No, Dead Zone, Casino Royale, For Your Eyes Only, GoldenEye, Goldfinger, License to Kill, Live and Let Die, Octopussy, The Spy Who Loved Me, The World is Not Enough, and A View to a Kill any time you want. Dig in!

The FlashRouters Difference

We here at Flashrouters have the media players to make it possible for you to enjoy these and many other streaming movies; we have the routers flashed with either Tomato or DD-WRT firmware that allow you to stream them with the best quality possible, and whatever accessories you need to make them work.

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