Secret FlashRouters Bestselling Wireless-N WiFi Router Blowout

A Coin Dropping Shooting Into Piggy Bank

Sneaky Dick here reporting from the FlashRouters Savings Cave.

I went to the big bosses that these deals lately have not been cutting it. We have to give the people what they want. Better routers with better performance and even better prices, right now! They said no so I snuck in the pricing vault and lowered our best routers without telling them. Pretty awesome, huh?

To make the mission a bit more stealthy, I took 30 percent off the price of our best sellers at each level of the Wireless-N spectrum. Here are the highlights!

Special Discounted DD-WRT Modified Linksys Cisco Routers from

Single Band N300 Mbps Wireless – Cisco Linksys E1000 DDWRT WiFi Router

Only $59.95! An old favorite and great for repeater.

Dual Band N600 Mbps Wireless – Cisco Linksys E3000 DDWRT WiFi Router

Just $119.95! Small to medium houses or office looking for basic dual band functionality.

Dual Band N750 Mbps (300 +450 ) – Cisco Linksys E4200 DD-WRT or E4200 Tomato

$169.95! That’s crazy low! I kind of wish I had a trumpet here to announce its arrival and coronation but here it is, the current King of Open Source DD-WRT Routers.

The Linksys E4200 is now available in both DD-WRT & Tomato flavors. DD-WRT is generally more widely supported in the VPN world but Tomato firmware is a popular choice for those looking for OpenVPN support. You can see the FlashRouters supported VPN providers list here or find the info from your provider if it is not listed there..

Dual Band N900 – Dark Knight Asus RT-N66U Tomato Firmware WiFi Router

$249.95, Brand New & Freshly Flashed!

The new kid on the block for those looking for supreme high-end performance – possibly the best we’ve ever tested, the RT-N66U is a bit pricey for some budgets but hopefully I cut it enough so more of you will be able to enjoy the fruits of its excellence perfectly paired with Tomato firmware. Kind of like Fresh Mozzarella, roasted peppers and balsamic vinegar Sorry, I lost the battle to my stomach there for a minute, it’s almost dinner time. But the Dark Knight is here to save the day, see how I tied that all back together loosely and poorly, that’s what happens on Friday afternoons.

Best Selling Open Source Routers At the Best Prices

Our wide selection and prices of DD-WRT & Tomato installed high-speed wireless routers and VPN tech support is already unmatched on the Internet but who can resist an even better deal! No coupons necessary or anything, just pop by the WiFi Router of your choosing or the deals of the week page and add them to your cart.

You probably know the FlashRouters’ deal but just as a reminder all our routers are flashed with tested by a networking professional and include a setup guide for your preferred VPN provider or just get a standard open-source flashed device. Go to town with all the new features your router will now have with DD-WRT installed. Plus we already throw in a 90 day warranty/tech support. You can even upgrade that to a full year for a few bucks as well. (I like the support guys, they are pretty cool dudes.)

The head honchos are gone for the weekend while I type away in my secret WiFi cave. I doubt these deals will last so long so I’d snap these up before they come in on Monday throwing their hands up and calling for heads on sticks. We might just blame it on Dave, he’s new but the bosses love him and probably won’t fire him.

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