Game of Thrones on HBO GO – Watch the New Season Worldwide (Updated)

Watch Game of Thrones on HBO GO

Game of Thrones Season 4 on HBO GO

Season four of Game of Thrones is upon us, with the premiere episode having aired this past Sunday and, to no one’s surprise, the immense popularity of the show led to a full-blown HBO GO crash.

So if you’re going to be competing against a fervid band of HBO GO streamers to get your weekly fill of dragons, death, and diabolical scheming, you’re going to want a powerful network on your side.

Be ruthless: Get yourself a powerful FlashRouters and a top-notch VPN service so that you can flawlessly stream Game of Thrones from anywhere. After all, winter is coming (or just ending. Whatever. We’re going for a theme here. You understand).

What is HBO GO?

Watch TVs all-time greats on HBO Go, including the new season of Game of Thrones

HBO GO: All the Great HBO Show Available All the Time

We’ve sung HBO GO’s praises in other posts before, but it’s worth a little recap here. HBO GO is a streaming media service that, obviously, requires an HBO subscription to enjoy, though that may eventually change.

And when it does, act fast, because this is the streaming media channel to own. You’ll get new and old HBO classics like

  • Girls
  • The Wire
  • Deadwood
  • The Sopranos
  • Game of Thrones
  • Veep
  • True Blood

And that’s it. Actually, wait, there’s also…

  • Six Feet Under
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • Enlightened
  • Sex and the City
  • Real Time With Bill Maher
  • Band of Brothers
  • The Newsroom
  • Oz
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm

The list goes on. Every single episode of each of these shows is available all the time, and we haven’t even mentioned the big and ever-changing catalog of movies to watch. And if you don’t have a cable package with HBO, but know someone who does, borrow their password. HBO GO’s very own CEO doesn’t mind.

How Do I Watch HBO GO From Overseas?

IPVanish App

The solution is simple: subscribe to a VPN service.

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is a subscription-based service designed to maximize protection around your online identity. VPN’s set up servers all around the world, and when you subscribe to one, they encrypt your data flow by tunneling them through those servers, thus changing your IP address.

This means that, if you’re in, say, Japan, and you want your computer to think that you’re in the USA, log in to your VPN account and pick an American-based server; HBO GO, Netflix, Hulu all ready to go.

It’s particularly useful if you’re looking to access any regionally restricted websites, like Netflix in China or, more relevantly, watch HBO GO from anywhere outside America.

Popular VPN service providers for US IP addresses include NordVPNExpressVPN, PrivateInternetAccess, & IPVanish VPN. FlashRouters also offers a handy VPN provider comparison list to help you find the VPN service that best suits your needs.

Using a FlashRouter To Watch HBO GO

Watch HBO GO Overseas With the Help of VPNs

Watch HBO GO Overseas With US VPN Service

Now that you have your VPN subscription, you’re going to have to set it up the right way within your network, which is not exactly the easiest task in the world. This is one of many reasons you’re going to want to procure a FlashRouter.

Our routers, all of which are flashed with either supercharged open-source DD-WRT or Tomato firmware (which we’ll get into in a minute), offer the ability to tweak antenna settings, as well as integrate advanced security options & firewalls.

All FlashRouters come equipped with built-in VPN integration options for PPTP & L2TP and most offer OpenVPN. Having VPN integrated saves you the time of setting up VPN connections on individual devices. Buying a FlashRouter allows you to be VPN ready out of the box. No more searching and scouring sites for the proper working build, the right router, going through the trouble of flashing firmware, only to end up bricking and ruining your router.

FlashRouters does it all plus includes a custom setup guide with included, dedicated support to contact specializes in these types of setup. Even better, if you use a FlashRouter as the centerpiece of your network, you can use your VPN account on any or all of your devices!

Most importantly though, our routers are flashed with durable, reliable firmware, which ensures that your wireless network is running as smoothly and quickly as possible. Choose one flashed with DD-WRT firmware, such as the Netgear R6400V2 DD-WRT FlashRouter, or the Linksys WRT1900 ACS DD-WRT FlashRouter (our top choice under $150), and you’ll be giving your network a significant boost at a more-than-affordable price.

Or you can go all out and grab one of our new Wireless-AC routers. There are no bad choices in this department, though we might point you towards the Netgear R7000 Nighthawk, which sports a best-in-class Dual Core 1 GHz (1000 MHz) Broadcom CPU as well as dizzying dual-band wireless speeds up to 1900 Mbps (450 2.4 Mbps & 1450 5.0 Mbps). This router will transform your network into an impossibly efficient, speedy, secure, absolute monolith.

Or you can just check out our recent VPN Router & Service Provider bestseller list, and get an idea of what open-source FlashRouter works is the most popular and best suited for you.

Lastly, what good is an HBO GO subscription without a streaming media player? Head over to our streaming media devices page, and pick out the right one for yourself. Find Rokus, Apple TVs, Boxees, and many other streaming devices to pair with your new FlashRouter to complete your home network revamp.

For more DD-WRT & VPN Service Provider updates, product updates, and limited-time specials follow us (@flashrouters) or like us on Facebook.

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