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We here at FlashRouters are devoted to providing our customers with an internet experience that is reliably stable, lightning-quick and, perhaps most of all, private and secure. But, in addition to facilitating that experience for you, we think it’s important to keep you aware of the ways the internet is changing. Security threats pop up and are just as quickly extinguished all the time; others endure and need to be more widely publicized.

With this link round-up, our goal is to keep you informed about the latest news in technological developments, online security breaches, and security improvements that are relevant to our site’s visitors. Occasionally, we’ll just find something semi-related that we found interesting or amusing. Click away.

Stories from the World of Streaming Media


Hulu Ad Muter – Surely, we can all agree that, with the advent of DVR and streaming television sites, commercials are less of a nuisance than they’ve ever been. Most shows on Hulu Plus will divide your average half-hour program into three segments, interrupted very briefly by three roughly one-minute ad breaks. Doesn’t seem too unreasonable, and we’ve sung Hulu’s praises on this site before.

Nonetheless, Google Chrome finds even that brief interruption unacceptable. Rather than eliminate the ads all together though, they’ve offered up No Hulu Ads, an extension that mutes the ad and covers it up with a black screen. So instead of being subjected to a brief, mildly irritating commercial, your living room will be filled with blackness and silence, the better which to ponder the imponderables (for one minute).

5 Absurd Copyright Takedowns That Make The Law Look Outdated – Just as the title implies, ReadWrite compile a list of ridiculous overreaches stemming from the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). This one is particularly amusing to us in light of our recent post on Free Streaming Youtube Movies.

Youtube Video Resumer – And while we’re on the subject of Youtube, and near enough to the subject of devices to improve your streaming experience, check out Google Chrome’s new Video Resumer. If you’re watching a Youtube video, and you get interrupted for one reason or another, your place will be saved when you return.

Congressional Pirates Scaneye, a site devoted to tracking torrent activity including illegal downloads, has passed some intriguing information to the U.S. News and World Report Whispers blog: Turns out some fifty-six torrents were downloaded from computers with IP addresses that originate in congressional offices.

Stories of Online Security and Privacy


Facewash – Is your Facebook profile awash with embarrassing drunk pictures and profanity-laden status updates? Well, now FaceWash is a thing, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a program designed to find all of the inappropriate material on your page and alert you about it, thus allowing you to erase or alter it.

Bad Grammar Passwords – As it turns out, it’s easier to protect your password if it’s almost nonsense. At least, that’s our takeaway from this Mashable article.

App Privacy – Looks like there are a few Congressman who genuinely want to protect your privacy. U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga) has put forth a bill demanding that Mobile App companies detail the ways they gather user information, and allows users to request that their information be deleted.

Locking Down Your Laptop –PCWorld details the ways you can protect your laptop from thieves, both live and virtual.

Kim Dotcom’s Mega Service – Though entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has made a lot of noise about Mega, the follow-up to his file-sharing site, Megaupload, critics are suggesting that there are reasons to doubt how secure the new site is.

Google Finger-Ring Password – There’s no recreational space travel yet, nor meal in pill form, but at least Google is sort of looking out for some of our adolescent sci-fi fantasies. Google’s Security Team is currently experimenting with bold new ways to protect your passwords, which may or may not include a scannable finger-ring. May we suggest a retinal scan? We’ve always wanted to do that.

Miscellaneous Stories in the Internet Age


Technology Named Most Trusted Industry – Once again edging out automotive, food & beverage, and consumer packed goods, technology was once again named the most trusted industry, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer.

FCC Chief Calls for Gigabit Internet in all 50 US States – The title basically speaks for itself: FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is hoping to start the Gigabit City Challenge, which would demand that all 50 states in the US have “…at least one community where consumers can get 1Gbps or faster Internet access by 2015.”

The Internet in 2012 – Lastly, for those who want to know the populace and size of the online community, check out this article full of interesting, up-to-date internet stats.

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