Watch Channel 4’s Free Streaming Television From Outside the UK


Recently, England’s stalwart public television station, Channel 4, celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. It’s no surprise that the station has been around for all this time.

Since first broadcasting in November of 1982, Channel 4 has been devoted to providing provocative and informative entertainment, often accomplishing both at the same time. Shows like Big Brother and Big Fat Gypsy Weddings garnered the highest ratings, but Channel 4 has always been willing to test the limits of their audiences with their more galvanizing material like Brookside or The Sopranos.

Channel 4 has a tremendous variety of free streaming television on its website and its 4oD streaming service. Unfortunately for fans outside of the United Kingdom, like BBC iPlayer, access to Channel 4 and its 4oD free streaming television option is not available. And again, FlashRouters is all too happy to provide ways to do away with this problem.

How Do I Watch Channel 4 from Outside the UK?


The sheer volume of free streaming television available on Channel 4’s website should be enough to inspire jealousy in the average non-UK-based viewer, and that’s before you even consider the quality of the content. Hot new shows like the edgy, conspiratorial Utopia merge comfortably with documentary-style fare like the long-running, esteemed program Dispatches.

So yes, there’s a lot of free streaming television you’re missing out on. But don’t despair: all you need to do is subscribe to a VPN.

How to Use a VPN Service Provider to Watch 4oD from the US

the AC56U is a supercharged 800 MHz Broadcom processor, one of the best Asus router processors with Tomato support.

A VPN service provider account performs many helpful services, among which is the ability to change your IP address to one in almost any country of your choosing. So, if you wish to watch 4oD in the US and other popular UK free streaming television/catch-up TV from a website strictly available in the UK, simply log in to your VPN account and choose an UK-based IP address. You’ll be enjoying great shows like This is England in no time.

FlashRouter is set up with internal, router-based, VPN-client-connection (PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP) which simplifies the process of utilizing your VPN subscription and frees you from the limitation of only being able to connect to one computer/device at a time. By upgrading the router with the powerful DD-WRT firmware, the router becomes infinitely more configurable, especially when it comes to VPN integration.

Once a VPN service provider is integrated, watch 4oD from outside the UK on any computer, iPad, Android Tablet, Smart TV, Streaming Blu-Ray Players and so much more from your home or form anywhere in the world (Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Dubai etc). The magic of technology can bring the buffet of worldwide TV and film content right into your living room in a matter of moments.

Use our dual router network setup to create a simultaneous local connection on your main router for the best speeds and a VPN connection with your FlashRouter to access restricted international streaming content from the UK. Our most popular router for the best streaming video with VPN is the Asus AC-56U but to find some other options read our Best DD-WRT Routers post.

A FlashRouter is easily integrated with most popular VPN service providers including NordVPN, HideMyAss, IPVanish, StrongVPN, and PrivateInternetAccess. Every FlashRouter purchase includes a router upgrade, customized configuration & VPN setup guides along with free router/VPN configuration support from our expert networking technicians.

VPN service providers are designed to protect your privacy and turn the entire world of streaming TV, movies, and music of the world into your oyster. Subscribing to a VPN ensures that your online presence and information are in no way susceptible to any kind of violation. But, enhanced security aside, a VPN subscription will finally allow you to partake in the ample joys of Channel 4, and that’s reason enough to get on board.

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