Tired of Waiting For Popular BBC Shows in the US? Get a VPN

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BBC iPlayer

US cable networks have made it abundantly clear that they do not want the BBC iPlayer streaming service available to American audiences. The reason is obvious: provide American audiences with all of the excellent programming available on the BBC iPlayer, such as David Attenborough’s Africa or the long-running soap opera EastEnders, and watch as they abandon the US cable channels that offer those same shows at a premium.

The most frustrating thing about this are the patience-testing months that pass between the initial BBC airing of popular shows like Sherlock and Downton Abbey, and their eventual airings in the US. After season two of Sherlock‘s heart-stopping finale, we didn’t need to be waiting any extra time for season three.

Getting ready for this is an urgent issue for us. After all, it looks like there will be a season 4 and 5 of Sherlock, and there’s also that new Doctor Who featuring the great Peter Capaldi to watch out for. While it seems unlikely that the BBC iPlayer will be made available in America, or anywhere outside the UK, for that matter, there is a multitude of ways around that problem. And FlashRouters, as ever, is happy to provide the easiest and best solution, ensuring that you can watch BBC iPlayer whenever and wherever you’d like.

How Do I Watch BBC iPlayer from Outside the UK?

The New Doctor Who

The New Doctor Who

Though BBC iPlayer is restricted to the UK, at least for the time being, watching it from outside the UK is made easy using a VPN.

Among the many benefits of VPNs or Virtual Private Networks, is that you can change your IP address to one located anywhere around the world. That means that if you wish to utilize a UK-exclusive feature, like BBC’s iPlayer, all you need to do is log onto your VPN and choose a UK IP address. You’ll be enjoying popular BBC sitcoms like Pramface or reality shows like Sun, Sex, and Suspicious Parents before you know it.

Some of the best VPN providers include NordVPN, HideMyAssIPVanish, CyberGhost, and PrivateInternetAccess, and FlashRouters’ devices are set up with internal router-based, VPN-client connection options, which allows you to easily utilize your Virtual Private Network subscription. Check out our official supported providers list and learn more about these great services, as well as which VPNs are available for full FlashRouters support.

Watch BBC iPlayer & See the New Doctor Who Before It Airs in America

You’ve definitely got some time before this becomes an issue, but we always encourage people to get their networks in order, especially if you’re excited something as monumental as a new season of Doctor Who, complete with a new actor in the title role. They may still be filming the upcoming season, but you can get out ahead of the competition and enjoy some extra network security while you’re at it.

And by subscribing to one of the many great VPN providers we’ve recommended, and purchasing one of our VPN-client-integrated routers, you’ll be able to get an early peek at one of the most anticipated series of this coming year.

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2 thoughts on “Tired of Waiting For Popular BBC Shows in the US? Get a VPN

  1. Linda

    I travel a lot and would like to know if it is possible to have access to ITV & BBC iplayers on my iPad whilst I’m out of the uk.

    1. admin

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for the question.

      You can access BBC iPlayer and iTV with integrated VPN connection options on your iPad.

      We would recommend using Overplay which offers both SmartDNS options or VPN options and provide excellent speeds to UK VPN connections.

      You can see how to set up the VPN connection on an iPad here: https://www.overplay.net/blog/vpn-for-ipad-howto.

      If you want more speed and are just looking for access to those specific sites, SmartDNS should do to the trick. SmartDNS is a high-speed tunnel for certain activities but will not completely cover your iPad or change it’s IP address but it does work for BBC and iTV. You can see that feature here: https://www.overplay.net/blog/vpn-for-ipad-howto.

      Let us know if you need any further assistance.

      Drake D.
      FlashRouters Support


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