Best Free Streaming Movies to Watch on YouTube & How FlashRouters Can Improve Streaming Quality

youtube-stream-full-movie-free-plan-9-from-outer-spaceYouTube is one of the all-time greatest time-wasting sites on the internet, which is why many employers block it on your office computer. The interface is set up to encourage an endless viewing experience: click on the one YouTube video that you were looking for and be presented with hundreds of other videos similar to your original choice. YouTube is where whole afternoons go to die.

At this point, most of us consider YouTube that faithful site that’s our first stop when we’re hunting down a new, heavily hyped, short-form video (be it amateur, professional, musical, comedic, or some combination of those options). Others have taken fuller advantage of the site’s streaming capabilities, and have been uploading and/or watching full-length, free streaming movies. Sometimes the movies are broken into more easily streamed chunks (often an indicator that it’s not the most strictly legal viewing experience), but there is a wealth of movies presented without interruption. We’re going to focus on some of the best options in the latter category.

The Best Free Movies Streaming Now on YouTube

stream-free-movie-youtube-the-rockThere are too many free streaming movies on YouTube, and too many varying opinions on the subject, to make this a comprehensive or exhaustive list. Nonetheless, we can offer a bunch of recommendations, most of which satisfy a certain type of movie-watching experience that the others fail to provide. So whether you prefer silent classics, modern action, or timeless camp, there should be something on this list to amuse you.

The Rock – Though Michael Bay has long since confirmed that he’s an unapologetic purveyor of inelegant, loud summertime swill, there was once a time when he found a way to use overkill to his benefit. This relentless and relentlessly fun action classic from the ’90s never fails to deliver. Also, it’s thoroughly rewatchable.

The Proposition – For a more cerebral brand of violence (and for fans of the recent Lawless), check out this first collaboration between screenwriter/gothic folk hero Nick Cave and director John Hillcoat. Ray Winstone, Guy Pearce, and Danny Huston are just a few of the blood-streaked characters livening up this Australian western. An underwatched

Rain ManDustin Hoffman handily earned an Academy Award for his sympathetic and exhaustive portrayal of an autistic man who gets to know his estranged brother (an equally good Tom Cruise).

Thirteen Days – An inherently tense situation (the Cuban Missile Crisis) is expertly rendered in this gripping docudrama.

The Illusionist – Generally known as ‘that other magic movie’ (The Illusionist came out around the same time as Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige), but this is still an intriguing, shadowy movie that makes the most of its’ magic-centric premise.

stream-free-movie-youtube-fritz-lang-mM – This pre-WWII classic from Fritz Lang is always worth a watch, especially if you’ve never seen it before. A thriller with a heavy philosophical and sociological bent, this movie tells the tale of a community working to learn the identity of a local child murderer.

Nosferatu – While you’re watching early film classics, why not check out F.W. Murnau’s silent horror classic, Nosferatu, featuring an unforgettably twisted turn by Max Schreck.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Though fans of Douglas Adams’ heavily sardonic books, upon which this movie is based, were disappointed by this slight adaptation, there are plenty of clever lines, and director Garth Jennings’ light, whimsical touch makes it impossible to hate.

Mysterious Skin – Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s many fans may be shocked by his arresting, undoubtedly brave turn as a young male prostitute in Gregg Araki’s 2004 drama. Gordon-Levitt has moved on to bigger and more popular projects, and Mysterious Skin was the film that loudly announced that the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun had been hiding some formidable chops.

Plan 9 from Outer Space – While this is almost certainly not the worst movie ever made (despite its’ reputation), Plan 9 from Outer Space deserves its’ status as a cult classic. Writer/Director Ed Wood’s apparent disinterest in coherent storytelling or basic continuity merge fantastically in this ridiculous tale of aliens raising the human dead.

How FlashRouters Improve Watching Free Streaming Movies on YouTube?

The availability of YouTube around the globe is one of the site’s more impressive features. Go to the bottom of any page on YouTube to get an idea of just how wide-ranging their reach is. However, there are a few glaring absences on the list of countries YouTube services. So if you’re in China on business or serving in the US military abroad, you’re likely to find yourself without access to YouTube and its’ many free streaming movies and video.

Fortunately, VPN (Virtual Private Network) service providers such as OverplayHideMyAssIPVanishStrongVPNCyberGhost, and PrivateInternetAccess can mask your IP address and give you a new one based in a country with no restrictions on Youtube. Our routers are set up with internal router-based, VPN-client connection options, which allows you to easily utilize your Virtual Private Network subscription.

What’s more, by using one of our DD-WRT Routers as your primary VPN connection, you’ll ensure that you only need one Virtual Private Network subscription to connect all of your devices to your Virtual Private Network.

Beyond enabling you to have an easier experience with your Virtual Private Network, FlashRouters can also help you if you’re having buffering or loading issues with the free streaming movies on YouTube. All of our routers are installed with DD-WRT firmware which allows you to prioritize services within your router using a feature called Quality of Service.

Quality of Service, or QoS, is an upgraded function included with your DD-WRT firmware that allows you to choose which services or websites will be allocated the most bandwidth. This means that if you want to enjoy free streaming movies on YouTube or Netflix, or VOIP calls with Skype, or download torrents, you can control which sites are your primary concern.

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