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We’ve posted several articles lately on our top picks for movie and television streaming websites.  We’ve already told our users and readers about Hulu, Snagfilms, and Crackle, all of which are great for watching full-length movies. However, as we’ve mentioned in those articles, Hulu and the others are occasionally limited in the newer American releases. Enter Vudu.

What Is Vudu?

Vudu is as close as it gets to an old-fashioned, immediate rental store on the internet.  As Vudu’s website puts it, “If it’s out on DVD, chances are you can watch it today on VUDU.” Vudu offers an incredible selection of new American full-length films and TV shows for on-demand streaming. Vudu’s content can be streamed straight to your HD television, Apple iPad, XBox 360, Roku, PlayStation 3, Blu-Ray, or Mac/PC.

Vudu has no membership fee, you simply pay for what you watch. In that way, it is just like going to the video store and picking a movie off the shelf. Vudu has the best selection out there for streaming full-length HD movies and its library gets bigger all the time.

With Vudu’s disc-to-digital program, you can turn all your DVDs into files that are accessible through your Vudu account. That way, you’ll be able to watch all your movies, all the time without carrying around any more DVDs!

How Do I Download or Watch New Full-Length Movies From Vudu Outside the US?

watch-the-bourne-legacy-on-vuduWhile Vudu is in the process of a huge expansion to Europe, Asia and 30 countries in Latin American starting with Mexico, for the time being, accessing Vudu’s huge bank of new streaming movies remains challenging outside of the US. This means that when you travel overseas, you won’t be able to access new movies only available on Vudu like The Bourne Legacy or The Hunger Games.

Fortunately, our VPN-integrated routers are designed to help you with precisely that problem. VPN service providers like NordVPNExpressVPN, HideMyAss, IPVanishCyberGhost, PrivateInternetAccess, and many others provide US-based IP addresses. That way, US-based sites like Vudu, Netflix and Hulu are accessible from most internet-capable devices, such as Rokus and HD televisions.

Basing a VPN service connection inside your router allows you to connect multiple devices (Rokus, XBox 360s) to a VPN server anywhere in the world. DD-WRT VPN Routers are particularly useful for those who frequently travel overseas for business, for military personnel, and for those who own homes abroad. You can then access Vudu and stream the most popular movies the US has to offer.

watch-the-dark-knight-rises-on-vuduThe Dark Knight RisesChristopher Nolan brings his much-beloved and aggressively bleak Batman trilogy to a grand, sweeping conclusion.

Ted The seemingly omnipresent Seth MacFarlane takes his first step into feature filmmaking with this story of a grown man (Mark Wahlberg) and his sentient teddy bear. And wouldn’t you know, it was hugely successful, like everything else he does.

The Amazing Spider-Man In the eyes of many, the most noteworthy feature of this reboot is how quickly it appeared after the last reboot. Nonetheless, Marc Webb (possibly chosen for his name) assembles a fine cast (Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Martin Sheen, Rhys Ifans, Sally Field, Campbell Scott, Denis Leary) to retell the oft-told tale of a boy given superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive spider.

watch-lawless-on-vuduLawless Nick Cave as a screenwriter, Guy Pearce as a villain, Tom Hardy as one of the protagonists, and bootlegging and 1920’s gangsterism as themes lets you know you’re in for some truly high-minded violence action with this movie.

Men In Black 3 Ten years after Men In Black 2, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return as wisecracking, clandestine agents determined to maintain order between aliens and humans. Josh Brolin’s Tommy Lee Jones impression alone makes the whole thing well worth the rental price.

Have a thought or recommendation? Let us know what movie from 2012 you would call a “must-watch.”

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