Watching Doctor Who on The BBC From Outside the UK (Ask FlashRouters)

New Doctor Who Season on BBC - Watch BBC iPlayer Doctor Who from Outside the UK

Q: How can I watch New Dr. Who Series on BBC iPlayer from the USA? I do not have cable and the new episodes are not available on Netflix. I AM TIRED OF WAITING!!! WHAT DO I DO? Help me FlashRouters, you are my only hope.

Famous Dave, NY

A: First off, breathe Dave, breathe. Long deep breaths and count back from ten slowly. You would think you’d be able to use the force, young Padawan, but it is not true.

We understand you need your appointment with the good doctor and patience is not your virtue. Nor should it be. As you might know, this is what you get trying to watch Doctor Who from a US IP address from the BBC…

BBC iPlayer - Doctor Who - Series 7 Asylum of the Daleks


To get access to BBC iPlayer online, you have two options.

1) Uproot your family, pack your bags, take a flight or a transcontinental ship and move to the UK. Probably not an option. Although I’d love to be a fly on the wall for the discussion (brief I’d imagine) with your wife or significant other. Honey, we’re moving to England so I can watch the BBC.

2) The easier, more instantaneous option for watching streaming BBC from the US is to utilize a VPN service provider with high-speed server options in the UK. It’s like having your very own sonic screwdriver to help you unlock your favorite content.

Popular VPN providers with multiple high-speed UK server location include NordVPNHideMyAssIPVanish, and many more. Check out our monthly list of most requested VPN service providers.

And if you are looking to integrate VPN directly in a router that is our specialty. In order to provide VPN service to streaming media devices like a Roku or to use a VPN service on multiple devices simultaneously with a single account, add a DD-WRT VPN router with integrated OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP capabilities to share one VPN service provider connection with all your devices.

Have a question? E-mail us or we’ll gladly take a tweet @flashrouters.

4 thoughts on “Watching Doctor Who on The BBC From Outside the UK (Ask FlashRouters)

  1. Ava

    My internet connection is a cellphone 4G LTE mobile hotspot with verizon. It appears the modem I need to Vpn is the Cisco E4200. However I noticed the net gear WNDR3700 and the 3700 has another wlan than the 4200 and 150mb slower. Sooo which one of these units is required for the application I’m using it on? In the specs it appears the net gear does more just 150mb slower and half the price of the E4200. I don’t have any kind of wired internet connection just the phone hotspots to link to your modem then to the devices requiring internet access. PS3 is the driving force to purchase your modem and Vpn service. Appreciate any help thanks Ava. I forgot to click email response. Sorry for the duplicate post and thanks for the reply.

    1. joeso Post author

      Hello Ava,

      What you need to set up is a repeater bridge. When placing an order, just request a repeater bridge setup guide for a MiFi hotspot and we will include one for you.

      As for the model, we recommend Linksys models for that setup since they seem to be more stable with this type of setup from our experience. We have many customers who use our routers for MiFi/4G setups. The WLAN connections with DD-WRT installed are equivalent. Our recommendation is the E3000 ( or the E4200 for your setup.

      Let us know if you need anything further.

  2. Tina Smith

    Just get Tunnel Bear ( and you can watch via BBC website on your computer. Just turn it on and it will make BBC think you’re in the UK, problem solved. Works GREAT! I actually watched the Xmas episode of Dr Who live with the UK at 9:15am Christmas morning (pacific time). SOOOO exciting watching it live! 🙂

    Now my question is if I get a Roku, will I be able to watch BBC via TunnelBear with the Roku on my tv? This article seems to imply I can, but I don’t understand about the routers…can you tell me a little more? How does this work?

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