Best Price on OverplayVPN Yearly Subscription With Any DD-WRT VPN FlashRouter

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Getting a great deal on a great service is a wonderful. That’s why FlashRouters has negotiated an exclusive deal with OverplayVPN just for our customers.

Call it a loyalty upgrade, a nice little thank you, a perk, a pat on the back for finding the best VPN service provider and integrating that service in our specialized Overplay VPN DD-WRT Devices from FlashRouters.

Advantages of Using OverplayVPN with a DD-WRT Router

FlashRouters strives to offer the best VPN service with the easiest integration and set up possible. A FlashRouter is one of the best ways to optimize your Overplay VPN experience. This is truly a win-win; excellent VPN service/support alongside great hardware implementation to bring your entire network into the latest technologies of speed & security. With Overplay’s setup you don’t have to worry about cutting and pasting server information, AuthKeys, or OpenVPN scripts. All you have to do is log in choose your connection and server types and connect.

Most router firmware does not have OpenVPN & PPTP connection support built-in, which is one of the many popular reasons for upgrading to open-source DD-WRT firmware.

Every FlashRouter order includes DD-WRT installation, free custom network configuration and networking support including VPN service provider setup, & set up guides for wireless bridges/repeaters.

And now, Overplay has authorized us to offer their customers 20% off a year of Premium VPN Service or SmartDNS service since they know that a happycustomer is their best customer. You will not find a lower price on the Internet for Overplay yearly VPN service than the discount we can provide when buying a FlashRouter. Our customized 20% off coupons are uniquely assigned to each customer by request as an enhancement/added benefit to creating a DD-WRT Overplay VPN network.

The Difference Between Using OverplayVPN Client & Overplay with a DD-WRT Router

The standard Overplay client allows you to connect a single PC or Mac smart phone, tablet or  computer via a  device. Adding a FlashRouter to your current router can give you a VPN dedicated network. So, with any device at any time, you can choose to connect to your local ISP service and have access to local content or connect to the OverplayVPN router for access through the VPN server/location of your choice.

Overplay has server options in more than 60 countries including: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, Russia, Singapore and many more. The list goes on and on. And with our special offer, you can have unfettered access to all of these VPN server locations for $6.66 per month, off the regular price. So you get 20% Overplay’s already low-priced VPN subscription & included SmartDNS, less than $7 a month.


Integrate OverplayVPN via Wi-Fi with:

(Now available on FlashRouters)
*Apple TV, iPad 4, iPod Touch
(Now available on FlashRouters)
*Boxee Box, Google TV, WDTV Live
*Smart TV, 3DTV, HDTVs
*Internet Connected Blu-Ray Players *Major Gaming Consoles: Xbox360, Playstation 3 (PS3), Nintendo Wii
*VOIP Connections: Skype, Vonage etc.

Trying to integrate each device one by one can take a lot of effort and may not work consistently. Not only can you integrate these devices with Overplay’s excellent high-speed VPN service, but you can improve and tweak your wireless connection speeds with our custom upgraded routers.

Networking Integration Possibilities/Options

Use your main router to give you local speed & connectivity and let the DD-WRT VPN FlashRouter create an always-on VPN gateway to global web access for streaming video websites like Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, as well as streaming music sites like Pandora & Slacker. Don’t forget worldwide access to Facebook, YouTube, and Skype calling from anywhere.

Just ask for the dual network setup and include your current router IP address in your order comments so we can create a network to avoid a conflict. Advanced wireless speeds, service with security and encryption integration all in one purchase!

Recommended FlashRouters for OverplayVPN Service

The FlashRouter Experience

FlashRouters strives to excel where tech manufacturers fail, helpful support and ease-of-use. Our goal is to provide you with pre-configured routers and VPN service integration for competitive prices while providing excellent, responsive support if the need arisesHere are some of the benefits of choosing FlashRouters for buying a router

  • An extensively tested DD-WRT flashed router.
  • Custom Configuration & Setup Guide: Following each order, a FlashRouter configuration specialist will personally contact you to tailor your new router to your networking plans. Or include the information in the comments when checking out to expedite the process.
  • Speedy worldwide shipping via USPS.
  • Free VPN Service Integration for OverPlay VPN.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed! FlashRouters will get your DD-WRT router and VPN service connection up and running or return your device for a full refund.

Have a question about our products or service? Open a support ticket or e-mail us!

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