What Do Most College Students Forget To Buy When They Back to School?

The Back to School Tech Shopping List


As the ranks of campuses worldwide swell with returning students and incoming freshmen, the latest and greatest in technology often comes with them.

Students have a lot of back-to school shopping to get done. Upgrade those laptops/MacBooks, gobble up those new iPads and Galaxy Tablets with all the new apps, games, and widgets. (You need them for studying right?). The new 4G phones, new digital cameras for “class projects,” new notebooks, pens, pencils, and erasers. (Wait, do students still write?) Don’t forget the TV, the microwave, the toaster oven, digital cameras, the bed sheets, snacks, shower supplies, maybe a cheap set of dishware, slippers, flip-flops, some towels, or a calculator for those science and math classes.

What’s missing? How about the oft-overlooked central cog of any properly functioning wireless network? FlashRouters would like to offer their newest public service announcement: “A new router, don’t go off to school without it!”

A DD-WRT upgraded router is an important centerpiece for speedy and secure web surfing while students are off to college. And parents, they make a great back to school gift as well, especially with our included support. That busy student tech server that staffs an overworked networking support department rarely supplies help in a timely manner.

Secure Networking for Dorms

It’s sad to say, but colleges can be a haven for hackers and Comp Sci majors trying to break into your system just for kicks. Help yourself protect your data and your personal information with a the added security and firewall protection of a DD-WRT router. Make the router for college even more secure by using the built-in Virtual Private Networking (VPN) applications that are included.

FlashRouters come with built-in VPN capabilities to protect students on their college networks. Oftentimes, internet supplied by colleges is monitored by the university, causing frustration, legal headaches, and can lead to uncomfortable situations.

Off-Camping Housing Network Security

Tired of roommates, housemates, guest of housemates, and leeches sucking bandwidth from your networking and causing your internet to crawl? All the torrents, the YouTube videos, the Skyping with parents and friends around the world…

Forget that junky, old router that maxes out at 54 Mbps wireless. Almost all of our routers provide a minimum of 300 Mbps (6x more powerful) up to 3200 Mbps (64x stronger). A new FlashRouter comes with all the speed of a standard router but upgrades the features inside the router with the installation of a better networking backbone, replacing the router’s standard poor performing firmware with high-powered enterprise level networking options of DD-WRT.

And who wants to be the a-hole who doesn’t let someone use your Wi-Fi? No one. But do you want every transient study buddy that passes to have full access to your network and all your computers and files? Nope. Use a DD-WRT router to create a segmented guest network for study buddies, short-term girlfriends, and that guy that sleeps on your couch.

A router like the Netgear R7000 AC1900 Nighthawk DD-WRT FlashRouter can handle multiple users with heavy downloading, streaming video, watching movies and  lectures, creating projects and all the other necessities that come with a connected college life. But it also offers advanced networking security that students might overlook.

Add one of our streaming media devices to easily turn a TV into a media center and access streaming music content from Pandora or streaming HD video from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, Break.com, Amazon Instant and many other services.

Don’t feel like paying for it all yourself? Tell your 5 roommates they have to split it with you. They will thank you later!

Router Deals for Back to School

You need more? Ok, we’ll give a little bit more! We know students could use a little price break.

*This coupon is expired and is no longer valid* Use the coupon code backtoschool to get $10 off any FlashRouter purchase valued over $70. This coupon cannot be combined with any other combo deals or offers.

Added features our DD-WRT FlashRouters include:

  • Upgrade Network Gateway: Create a stronger, more powerful gateway or  access point (AP) for your wireless dorm or off-campus housing network.
  • Expand Wireless Range: Use integrated Wireless repeater functionality to extend wireless signals. You may be living in a beat up, 50-year-old house but your network doesn’t have to act like it.
  • Prioritize the speeds of services and computers on your network: Utilize router-based QoS (Quality of Service) bandwidth management to prevent the bandwidth hogs from eating up your network with torrents, YouTube videos, streaming Netflix/ Hulu/Amazon Instant.
  • Create a white/device approval list: Approve selected devices to access the router/network using MAC address filtering.
  • Share but don’t let your guard down: Create a separate guest network that offers Internet access without access to your computer through a network.
  • Protect Your Private Data: Use integrated OpenVPN & PPTP VPN client connectivity to protect you activities from online trackers and advertisers while surfing, shopping or streaming online.

Turn On Your Inner Nerd

linksys-router-ddwrt-best-router-for-collegeYou know the old adage: give a student a computer and wait for it to get hacked and filled with viruses. Teach them how to use and appreciate the device and you’ll have a savvy tech patron for life.

Giving a DD-WRT router as a gift to an undecided major student offers a student an interesting platform to learn the basics of wireless networking, basically the future of all online tasks. Maybe it will spark a deep interest and turn a prospective philosophy major into a computer science addict. DD-WRT is an open-source platform that offers powerful hardware while instilling the greatness of do-it-yourself technology and advanced programming. Give students a leg up in the future business and technology. And if they need some assistance along the way, our friendly US-based support staff will be glad to help.

FlashRouters are already in service all across the US in universities and technical schools such as MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, NYU, Rice University, Mech-Tech, NJIT as well as the networking backbone of many small businesses across the world from the UK to Australia to Oregon to Dubai.

Not sure what the best routers for VPN service are? Take a look at our (**Updated**Most Popular DD-WRT Routers List .

The Back to School Tech Upgrade Rundown


  1. More Wireless & Wired Speed (Up to 15x faster wireless and 10x wired connections with Gigabit ports.
  2. More Security – Integrated VPN, firewall options,
  3. More Control.
  4. Strengthen Wireless Signal – Create a wireless repeater/extender to get better signal to those previously hard to reach places.
  5. More Protection
  6. More Customization Possibilities
  7. Have Fun Tweaking Wireless Settings.

Need we say more? Don’t delay and make the most important purchase of the back to school season today!

Have a question about our products or service? Just open a support ticket or e-mail us!

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