Olympic Sized Deals for VPN Service Providers & DD-WRT Routers

Track & Field Starting LineThe racers are at the start, the swimmers are on the block, the riders are mounting their horses and the trampoliners are about to begin jumping. The Olympic Games have begun! In honor of this healthy expression of worldwide competition and sportsmanship, FlashRouters is joining the quadrennial festivities with a special deal.

Until the ceremonies draw to a close and the Olympic flame is sadly extinguished, get $12 off any FlashRouter order over $99 in honor of London 2012. Use the coupon code “olympics” when checking out through August 12, 2012 to grab these savings.

*Note: This coupon code is expired*

Watch the Olympics from anywhere in the world because FlashRouters ships our customized products fast and worldwide to get your wired and wireless network optimized and running at its peak performance just like an Olympian

FlashRouters on the Medals Podium

Olympic Trampolining Contestant Mid-Air

Our goal is to set the gold standard in networking sales and support. Here are just a few advantages users receive when upgrading to a DD-WRT Router from FlashRouters:

  • Our routers are flashed as soon as they are purchased to provide the most up-to-date, upgraded & tested DD-WRT versions.
  • Free Networking & Setup Support. No more waiting for answers that may never come on message boards and blog posts around the Net.
  • Integrate a VPN connection with your preferred provider inside the DD-WRT router. Access worldwide geo-restricted content with any device in your network. Watch Netflix, Olympic Sports, HuluPlus, access iTunes, MLB, NBA, BBC iPlayer and much more from anywhere!
  • Use DD-WRT integrated QoS Bandwidth controls to prioritize devices for the best quality HD video and streaming.
  • Perfect tech gift for someone who will be traveling internationally for work/retirement.
  • FlashRouters shipments are fast and affordable to anywhere in the world.
  • No more bricking. Or searching for the proper flashing files online or worrying if you even have them.
  • Free VPN Service Provider Integration/Setup Guide:  NordVPNWindscribeStrong VPNIPVanish & VypyrVPN, My Private Network and more. Order the router, tell us your provider and we’ll do the rest. Or if you are searching for a provider e-mail us and we can offer you some guidance on the best provider for you.

Golden VPN Provider Deals

Speaking of VPN Service Providers, we figured we’d hand out a few medals of our own to some of the most popular VPN service provider.

Best VPN Service Provider Deal: HideMyAss, one of our most popular DD-WRT supported VPN providers, is running a pretty amazing promotion during the London 2012 Summer Olympics. For $59.99, HideMyAss is offering their full buffet of VPN Services (HMA Pro VPN). That’s half or a third of some other providers for the same service. For less than $5 per month, 17 cents per day, you get: *Note: This coupon code is expired*

  • 250+ VPN servers in 49 countries VPN Tunnel for Olympic & Sports Coverage in any of these 49 countries including the UK, US, Netherlands, Canada, Spain, Japan, Italy, Australia.
  • 30,000+ IP addresses to hide your behind.
  • Access through OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols.
  • Unlimited data transfer.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to get VPN service, the Olympic Spirit has given HideMyAss the spirit of savings. 

Fastest VPN Service Provider: If fast VPN speed is the need, you may want to check out IPVanish. Rated and tested as one of the fastest VPN providers, IPVanish costs only $10 per month and hosts 5 servers in the UK including 3 in London and 2 more in Manchester, perfect for high-speed UK VPN connections. They also support OpenVPN, PPTP, & L2TP.

Best DD-WRT Supported VPN Provider: Overplay offers an excellent array of VPN servers and high performance along with their specialized, integrated MyPage for DD-WRT routers that makes connecting and changing VPN servers and protocols as easy as pie. So if you are looking for a service with excellent offerings and support, Overplay may be the way to go.

Note: Speeds with these services may vary from location to location and user to user. We are only trying to offer the best suggestions with our experience and record of testing VPN providers and integrating their services with our DD-WRT VPN routers.

Enjoy the Games and remember: everyone is a winner just for participating… yet we still keep a medal count to see which country wins.

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