Introducing… Streaming Media Devices (Roku, Sony Media Player) for VPN DD-WRT Routers

Updated Dec, 6 2012

After long deliberations and back-and-forth in our not-so-secret router flashing bunker in the Northeastern United States, FlashRouters has decided to introduce Streaming Media Devices to our collection of networking devices to offer our customers a worldwide one-stop-shop for all things advanced security/home networking: DD-WRT routers, VPN integration, and Streaming Media Devices.

FlashRouters already loves being paired with Streaming Media Devices because they help to get the best picture quality for your favorite movies, TV shows, and streaming audio sites like Netflix & Pandora. As an added bonus, an entire home wireless network can be tweaked to work better and faster than you ever imagined. It really is a match made in heaven.

Upgrade Your Network & Your HD Video Streaming 

With one quick purchase from FlashRouters, make a complete home network overhaul for improved music and video entertainment performance as well as integrated VPN security measures to protect your private information.

Our high-powered DD-WRT wireless routers are primed to perform with all your favorite streaming services from Netflix to Amazon Instant Prime, Pandora to Rdio, YouTube to DailyMotion. The number of popular streaming video and music streaming sites is continually increasing as broadband Internet expands worldwide and increases speeds and streaming quality. Get ahead of the curve with networking devices that can handle the load of your home, Wi-Fi hotspot, or small business office.

Buy a Roku 2 XS to Watch Netflix from Anywhere in the WorldWhy buy a DD-WRT FlashRouter & a Streaming Media Device like the Roku 2 XS from FlashRouters? Glad you asked.

  • Integrate a VPN connection with your preferred provider inside the router and access worldwide geo-restricted content. In other words, watch Netflix, MLB, NBA, BBC from anywhere!
  • Use DD-WRT integrated QoS Bandwidth controls and prioritization to give your Roku the best quality streaming.
  • Makes a perfect gift for friend or family who will be moving out of the country for work or retirement.
  • Watch some of our staff recommended Crackle films on your HDTV with your new Roku.
  • FlashRouters ships Fast, Affordably & Worldwide. An upgraded & tested DD-WRT router with the latest builds and Rokus shipped anywhere.
  • Free Networking & Setup Support.
  • Free VPN Integration/Setup Guide for your favorite VPN providers including: NordVPN, IPVanishSaferVPN, PrivateInternetAccess, PureVPN & My Private Network.

Wondering what routers work best with Rokus and other streaming video devices? We have the blog post for you – Best Routers for Streaming Devices. If you want the quick answer, our most recommended DD-WRT Router for High Definition 1080p video to your HDTV is the Linksys WRT1900ACS FlashRouter.

Sony Streaming Media Player SMP-N2000

FlashRouters has also added Sony’s streaming media device, the SNP2000 Sony Media Streaming Player(Discontinued) which offers support just about all your favorite online movie services including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Flixster, CinemaNow, Crackle, Hulu Plus, & Sony Movie Channel.

No More Cables into TVs and Complex Setups! Plug in one of these streaming devices and start streaming video to your HDTV today!

Have a question about FlashRouters products or service? Just open a support ticket or e-mail us!

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