How do I Use PPPoE with HideMyAss & Other VPN Service Providers? (Ask FlashRouters)

Question: How can I connect a FlashRouter to HMA VPN or another VPN provider, while also using a PPPoE connection to access my Internet?

Recently, we have seen a major increase in HideMyAss! subscriber purchases of FlashRouters so we thought we’d answer this common issue for VPN users.

Generally, PPPoE connections conflict with the most basic way to connect to PPTP VPN servers from DD-WRT routers, since both setups often occupy the WAN connection.

If you have a PPPoE Internet connection and would still like a VPN dedicated network, what can you do to solve this issue? Do you want solutions? Well, FlashRouters has got them! Thanks to our support expert Dave for taking the time to break it down.

DD-WRT PPTP & PPPoE Solution for Various VPN Providers For Single Routers

After receiving your FlashRouter, under the Setup tab–> Basic Setup, use the drop-down menu under WAN Connection Type, choose PPPoE settings, and then enter your information.

Change WAN connection type to PPPoE in DD-WRT

Then, use the advanced HideMyAss OpenVPN script, not the script under the DD-WRT Router category in the HMA control panel, but this one. Follow the instructions and bingo! You will be using a PPPoE connection while running OpenVPN with HMA.

Simultaneous PPPoE & PPTP Solution for HMA & Other VPN Providers with Multiple Routers

If you have an existing router and want to add a DD-WRT router to simplify the setup, use your existing router to connect to PPPoE locally, then add a DD-WRT DD-WRT VPN FlashRouter to create a separate VPN-dedicated network. Basically, something that looks like this in diagram form:

DSL-Modem/Gateway router (PPPoE) -> DD-WRT FlashRouter (VPN) -> Clients/Devices (Computer, Smartphone, iPad, PS3, Xbox360, Roku)

A FlashRouter like the Netgear R6400 V2 connected to another router will allow you to have a local ISP (wired and wireless) connection through your existing router with PPPoE, while other devices can be tunneled through a VPN connection with the FlashRouter either wired or wirelessly.

This solution of using a second router will allow you to use the FlashRouter for any basic PPTP connection from almost all personal VPN providers like HideMyAss, IPVanish, NordVPN and more.

The Wireless Option: Finally, it is possible to connect the FlashRouter wirelessly as a Wireless Repeater to your existing PPPoE-connected router to create a segmented VPN network as well.

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