How to Watch the London Summer Olympics 2012 Streaming HD Video?

How and Where to Watch the 2012 Olympics OnlineThe 2012 London Summer Olympics are less than three weeks away. Just looking at the logo gives you the chills, doesn’t it? Add in a little orchestral majesty and the Olympics cuts to the core to just about everyone, from the sports fanatic to the casually interested. I mean listen to this, how can you not get excited!

The 2012 London Summer Olympics Games 

If you are a Summer Olympics fan like we are, you can’t watch enough TV coverage of your favorite Olympic events swimming, basketball, gymnastics, diving, and track & field.

But what about watching the more niche Summer Olympics sports with smaller fanbases and limited live video coverage? canoeing, the pentathlon, handball, taekwondo, dressage (also known as horse dancing), cycling, judo, weightlifting and the rest of the 304 events at the London 2012 Olympics?

For Olympics addict, the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be like none other in history. The amount of high-quality streaming video that will be available of practically every moment of the Summer Olympics is monumental and historical.

Where Can I Watch the 2012 London Olympic Games Online?

This is the screen you receive if you attempt to access BBC Olympics coverage from outside the UK. If you are not properly set up with a UK-based VPN service or the proper router with high-quality wireless speeds and OpenVPN & PPTP Integration then you will not have access to BBC coverage of the Olympics.

Once a FlashRouter is set up, even after the London Olympics, you will have full access to your favorite UK streaming video content from anywhere whether it is Channel-4-on-demand, LoveFilm, or your favorite catch-up TV.

This is a case for the confusing country by country restrictions of coverage of this major worldwide sporting event. Using a VPN Service provider with server access in many different countries ex-pats from across the world can watch local coverage of their favorite athletes and events. Recommended VPN service providers with high-speed access in the US, UK, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East for watching the London Olympics include IPVanish, SaferVPN, & Windscribe.

It doesn’t matter if you are an American living in Japan, I bet you still want to watch Bob Costas host the events for the Red, White & Blue.

For a list of our most popular routers and VPN service providers, check out our post on the Most Popular DD-WRT Routers & VPN Providers of June.

Tips for High-Quality HD Streaming of 2012 Olympics

With the advancements of streaming HD technologies, following your favorite sports and athletes will be easier than ever as long as you have the right hardware in place.

If you hope to watch a lot streaming HD video of the London 2012 Olympics but have already had issues with Internet video quality in the past, it could be your router. Many people worldwide will be trying to access this content so having the optimal delivery system from the net to your favorite device for streaming video is imperative.

To receive the best high-quality HD streaming of the London Summer Olympics, having the right gateway router with prioritizing of streaming video and bandwidth allocation for your favorite devices is of the utmost importance. QoS Bandwidth Prioritizing is built into all of our upgraded, super-charged DD-WRT Routers.

Whether it is your iPad, iPhone, your Dell laptop, or Samsung Android Tablet or an Internet-enabled Smart TV, having a router with a high-powered and stable wireless signal can make all the difference.

And not only will make this network upgrade help you during the Olympics but think about all the major live sporting events in the future that you will now be optimized for: the 2014 World Cup in Rio, the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, the World Series and more.

A high-quality router upgrade is an important tool for providing the best streaming HD video quality of live events like major sporting events like NFL, NBA, English Premier League as well as all of the amazing content the Internet has to offer. Don’t be let down by underperforming, overtaxed networking equipment, have the right equipment in place before the big game.

Next week, we will have a full list of all the sites you can stream HD Olympics video online.

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