FlashRouters President’s Day Weekend Special: D-Link DD-WRT Router Deal Days

*Note: This sale is no longer valid*

In honor of the birth of America’s most famous and historic Presidents, FlashRouters is offering out-of-this-world pricing on D-Link DD-WRT Routers.

The DD-WRT D-Link Deal Days

D-Link is one of the premiere brands of wireless routers. With the FlashRouter D-Link Deal Days, upgrading and expanding your networking capabilities comes with the satisfaction of the lowest prices we have ever offered on these devices.

Check out the DD-WRT Deals page for the lowest prices on D-Link DD-WRT Routers:

Your eyes are not deceiving you. The D-Link DIR-601, one of the most popular low-priced DD-WRT Routers – regularly $47.95, can be had for only $32.95. That is the first DD-WRT Router we have ever offered for under $35!

The D-Link DIR-825 DD-WRT Router has just been added to the family this weekend! Be one of the first to pick up a D-Link DD-WRT DIR-825 and as a bonus you’ll get it for $50 less than retail!

Note: These prices are not shown site wide so you need to visit the Deal of the Week page in order to access them and will only be honored through 11:59 PM EST Monday Feb 20, 2012!

What do you get with a D-Link FlashRouter?

When you purchase from FlashRouters, not only do you get a suped-up router that unleashes the full router of the hardware but you also receive some excellent extras that no one else offers.

  • Tested DD-WRT installed routers with excellent reliability.
  • Customized configuration and setup guide tailored to your network needs.
  • OverPlay VPN, Strong VPN, HideMyAss, Pure VPN & other VPN service DD-WRT configurations available.
  • Fast worldwide shipping.
  • Free online support to ensure your DD-WRT router and VPN service connection are up and running.

For users with any type of networking need from economy-priced VPN dedicated add-ons to users look one of the few DD-WRT ready 8 Ethernet port routers to those looking for high-end cutting edge networking power, the D-Link Deal Days are the time to pull the trigger!

If you want to look at the full smorgasbord of DD-WRT Routers available from FlashRouters, visit our DD-WRT Routers Main Page.

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