Featured DD-WRT FlashRouter: D-Link DIR-632 DD-WRT Router

D-LINK DIR-635 DD-WRT VPN Router - Open Source with 8 Ethernet Ports

*This model is discontinued. For other DD-WRT models, please check out our DD-WRT Routers Page.*

FlashRouters has just added the D-Link DIR-632 Wireless N Router to its lineup of custom DD-WRT routers for your networking convenience.

Doubling the number of wired ports that most routers offer, the DIR-632 ensures that as you expand the size of a home or office your router will be prepared with powerful, wired connectivity.

As one of the only approved and supported 8-port routers by the cutting-edge DD-WRT open-source firmware, the D-Link DIR-632 is an ideal Wireless-N router to integrate as the cornerstone of a dynamic and versatile computer network.

Popular Features of D-Link DIR-632

Delivering exceptional wireless performance, network security and area coverage, the D-Link Wireless N 8-Port Router (DIR-632) is a tremendous home router, providing wired Internet connectivity for streaming video (Netflix, YouTube, Hulu), music and online radio sites (Pandora, Last.fm), and Voice-over-IP calling (Skype, Vonage).

Utilizing powerful 802.11n technology with multiple intelligent antennas, the DIR-632 maximizes the speed and range of your wireless signal to significantly outperform previous-generation Wireless-G MIMO devices. The dual external antennas make use of their environment by bouncing multiple wireless signals off walls and ceilings to work around obstructions and assist in eliminating wireless dead spots.

The networked USB port at the rear of the router can be used to share data and it can also be used to connect to the Internet using a 3G modem. The D-Link DIR-632 can also be set up as a client bridge or repeater, which can upgrade a MiFi based wireless network with previously no Ethernet ports into one with eight.

Designed to do the heavy-lifting and get your small business humming, eight Ethernet ports allow connections to just about any networking device simultaneously – laptops, printers, desktops, servers, security cameras, and NAS storage drives. Whatever you throw at it, the D-Link DIR-632 DD-WRT Router can handle it.

Exclusive Benefits for Purchasing a DIR-632 From FlashRouters

  • Upgraded D-Link firmware to stable, tested version of DD-WRT flavor.
  • Free USA-based DD-WRT support to make sure your router connects properly to the Internet as well as to the VPN Service of your choice.
  • Configured VPN plug-and-play option by request.  Works with VPN Providers that support DD-WRT Routers including ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and IPVanish.
  • Unrivaled QoS Bandwidth management, properly working port forwarding, & Universal Plug and Play (UnPnP).
  • Free Wireless Bridge, Wireless Repeater or Access Point (AP) configuration.
  • For OverPlay.net users: Simplified browser-based settings to change IP addresses in 60+ countries including USA, UK, China, Hong Kong, Australia, UAE, Netherlands & Canada.
  • Arrives with a custom setup guide from one of our network specialists.

DD-WRT Benefits for the D-Link 632

Replacing the un-user-friendly and dysfunctional D-Link firmware with the cutting-edge sleek DD-WRT interface elevating a very good router into a formidable powerhouse. The upgrade releases OpenVPN & PPTP connectivity, improved high-speed Wireless-N wireless stability, properly functioning port forwarding, and USB networked printing or backup memory storage to name just a few.

Integrated VPN connectivity via PPTP Client, OpenVPN, or L2TP is ideal for encrypting and anonymizing your entire home network. Who couldn’t use an additional layer of  security on their home network?

After being flashed to DD-WRT, the D-Link DIR-632 will even automatically assign VPN IP addresses via Automatic DHCP to streaming media devices including Roku, AppleTV, Boxee Box, WD Live, and Internet-enabled TV’s.

For a more complete list of the upgraded features of DD-WRT, check out the DD-WRT Benefits page.


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