The Best Reasons to Buy a New Router (Is it Time to Upgrade to DD-WRT?)

What Does a Router Do? Why is a Good Router So Important?

Imagine that a device about the size of a salad dish is capable of handling a barrage of requests and communicating with other services, websites, and devices all across the world in near instantaneous fashion. It really is miraculous when you take a moment to think about it. But it may be time for the old trusty Belkin or Netgear or Linksys to join the rest of your tech trash heap pile in some desk drawer and closet in your home.

Do you expect a 10-year-old car to work as well as a brand new car? No integrated Bluetooth or AUX inputs for your iPod, iPhone, or MP3 player. Why would you stick with an under-performing ten-year-old router that doesn’t even maximize the capabilities and speed of the expensive broadband connection Internet.

Things degrade over time. Your old workhouse does the job but does not take full advantage of the superior technology that most of the world has now embraced. Old routers do not provide a Wireless-N signal (which is 10X faster ). They do not have Gigabit Ethernet for super high-speed plugged in capabilities, USB ports for Networked hard drives.

Better Router = An Affordable Necessity to Maximize Your Wireless Signal

As the streaming and downloading online videos continues to achieve increased importance in our modern connected world, the structure and backbone of your network needs to be built to handle it.

Increasingly, even the most basic users are clamoring for increased capacity for how to increase the bandwidth of their favorite websites and applications. Websites like Facebook and Google may have become like second nature and it is amazing how far speeds have come in loading these sites but how much more productive would you be if they loaded even faster?

Individual consumers have to compete for their bandwidths for their favorite websites on their devices since everyone in the household is eating up bandwidth with their own applications.

It is almost inexcusable to try to run a home wireless network on an outdated and outmoded router. The function of a router is an Internet distributing device. It stands as a sole but extremely overlooked function as the gateway between individual user requests from an assortment of devices. And you wonder why websites load slowly when everyone in your house is using the Internet simultaneously on three devices overloading an outdated and inefficient router.

Purchasing a new router can be the most cost-effective way of revitalizing a network. Are you tired of waiting for YouTube videos to load when you full screen them? You should be! Get a gift for the whole family by upgrading to a FlashRouter!

Recommended Routers for the best HD Video Streaming Performance for Netflix, Roku, Hulu & More.

Asus RT- AC5300

Netgear Nighthawk R7000

     Netgear Nighthawk R7800


Adding an Extra Router to your Current Broadband Network

The router supplied by the ISP is acceptable but not meant to be optimized for premiere performance. It is to the cable company’s advantage to give you an under-performing router so their networks don’t have to work as hard. It is your responsibility as a conscious consumer to maximize that connection. Every dollar counts, so you get what you pay for.

On top of having the hardware to blow away your performance, enhances each router with a DDWRT firmware upgrade which gives the router an even higher level of customization. Use the integrated Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritize your streaming video to prevent choppiness on High Definition video like Netflix.

Best Wired DD-WRT Router with External Antennas

Skimping on a router is like skimping on good meat, get the bad cuts and the BBQ just doesn’t taste the same. The best hardware improves the overall experience immensely for everybody.

For users looking for the most consistent wired connections, we recommend the Asus RT-N16 DD-WRT VPN Router.

It is loaded with memory cache for DNS caching and can handle all of the largest flashing builds of DD-WRT including KongMods. It is one of the few routers with 2 USB ports and possibly the strongest external antennas.

The Perfect Gift For Techies

DD-WRT Routers make the perfect gift for techies that have every toy imaginable. A DD-WRT Router is a new toy for them to customize and play with while allowing them to speed up the connection on all their wireless devices like iPad 2,  Droid Razrs, iPhone 4S, Ultrabooks, Apple TVs. A great media center is not complete without a high-powered DD-WRT router optimizing the bandwidth device usage.

All of our routers work seamless with a VPN for fully securing your wireless security and encrypting all your browsing and viewing habits.

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Ready to upgrade your wired experience? Check out the complete FlashRouters DDWRT Router selection here.

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