*Expired* Flash Deal: The Sitewide 11/11/11 Celebration – ALL DD-WRT FlashRouters on Sale!

Special Discounted DD-WRT Modified Linksys Cisco Routers from FlashRouters.comThis deal has expired. To see our current deals/coupons, check out our Deals Page.

For the first time, FlashRouters.com is offering a discount on all of our DD-WRT Routers. In honor of Veteran’s Day and the the numerically magical date of 11/11/11, every router in our shop will be 11% off.

FlashRouters doesn’t usually offer this type of sale since we are constantly trying to keep our prices as low as possible on a daily basis- so take advantage of it while it lasts!

The FlashRouters.com Difference

Every FlashRouter purchased is not just a device put in a box by a warehouse worker and sent to you. The purchase of each FlashRouter includes:

1) A DD-WRT firmware upgrade to the latest, tested builds of DD-WRT with the richest features. Our team has researched and analyzed hundreds of builds to select the premiere DD-WRT version for each individual router.

2) A Network Specialist who contacts you to customize the router so it can be specifically geared to your network setup. Each DD-WRT Router is tested individually to make sure they are working optimally.

3) Free Support to make sure your router is connected to the Internet and can log in to the VPN service of your choice.

Netgear DD-WRT Flashed Router

VPN Integration

For VPN users, we also integrate the VPN service directly in the DD-WRT router. This makes it so that any network device can be connected and disconnected from VPN service very simply through your web browser.

If you are looking to upgrade a lagging, slow router to match the technology of your modern devices, now is the time to buy a high performance DD-WRT Router. Maybe it’s time to expand your network strength with a high-performance wireless repeater?

Not sure about what the benefits of a DD-WRT upgrade are? Check out our DD-WRT Benefits & Advantages for a quick and simple breakdown.

The Magic Code

To receive this special deal, just type in the coupon code 11percent in the checkout and the amount will be taken off price of your FlashRouter. This offer ends on 11/13/11 so take advantage now.  This offer can not be combined with any other offers or discounts.

*THIS DEAL IS EXPIRED. Continue on to FlashRouters Blog.*

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