How Do I Connect an XBox 360 to my VPN Provider?

Xbox360 Black with Kinect - - Providing Brand Name Hardware with Open Source Firmware for full control of the Xbox Live Gaming Experience.Playing a Xbox360 that is not optimized for true, high quality online gaming can be quite frustrating. May we suggest an affordable solution that will not just benefit the Xbox360 but your entire wireless network? A DD-WRT router from

The Xbox360 is a Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) compliant device with the latest builds of DD-WRT. DD-WRT can take advantage of the UPnP functionality offered by DD-WRT to automatically open ports for proper gaming functionality.

Using a DD-WRT Router with an Xbox360

Standard router firmware leaves much to be desired when it comes to online gaming. A much sought after feature of the DD-WRT router is VPN connectivity, along with it’s advanced QoS and NAT controls.

On a standard router, there is no integrated VPN client support, so attempting to utilize  your basic VPN connection with your Xbox360 is futile.  A DD-WRT VPN Router does the trick.

Unleashing the Full Xbox360 Experience

Using a VPN provider like IPVanish (that has assembled a large batch of high quality US servers will maximize the Xbox360’s capabilities. Connecting to a US-based Xbox account gives the Xbox360 a boatload of added content such as assorted free games and much more.

Not only will your Xbox360 be the ultimate gaming device but it can be the centerpiece of a high quality streaming media center with movies, TV shows, and music throughout your home.

Imagine integrated Netflix capabilities, Season Passes to US TV shows, watching online and downloaded video content all in one place via HDMI. Avoid a cluttered entertainment center with a collection of outdated and rarely used devices and let your HDTV shine.

The VPN Router will  allow other devices in your network to be connected to VPN as well. iPads, iPhones, Android Phones by Samsung & Motorola, and Laptops just to name a few will all now have the capability to not be tethered to one location, while being secured with 128-bit CBC-Blowfish encryption. Play, work, and surf feeling secure in your web connection.

How to protect your network data flow, while allowing access to all the features the Xbox 360 has to offer

Integrating a DD-WRT Router into your network can allow you to create multiple networks in your home with different connection needs.

A VPN Repeater allows you to connect your Xbox360 to a VPN, without disturbing your computer’s connection to your local ISP. Ideal for homes and offices with varied connectivity needs. The Repeater will repeat the settings of your current connection into a different SSID, allowing you to choose if you want to be connected through the VPN or not. It doesn’t get much simpler than just picking your wireless network and boom, you are now connected to a VPN.

Treat yourself to a seamless, optimized, and most importantly secured gaming experience with a DD-WRT Router optimized for VPN use today!

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