Featured DD-WRT Router Review: Cisco Linksys E4200 Wireless-N Dual Band Router

Log into a VPN through a Linksys Cisco DD-WRT Router E4200This model is discontinued. Please check out our complete list of DD-WRT Routers here.

FlashRouters has just introduced the latest high end model of Cisco routers, the Linksys Cisco E4200, into our lineup of DD-WRT Routers.

The E4200 is a DD-WRT router that many have been waiting for. Stylish, light, and designed to fit in fashionably into a home as the latest networking accessory to provide with high end antenna signals, processing power, as well as all the bells and whistles that wireless networking experts have long preferred.

E4200 DD-WRT Router Performance

The E4200 with DD-WRT has undergone extensive DDWRT version and flashing tests, trying to find the most all-encompassing version (i.e. the Mega build) simultaneously testing its stability and durability for long term and heavy use for power users. This router can handle it all from high end streaming video, to screaming download speeds, to a high volume of users as well as worldwide VPN connections.

Touted by Cisco as part of their Maximum Performance router, here are some of its most highly sought after and desirable features on the Linksys E4200 DD-WRT Router:

  • Maximum Wireless Speed up to 300 + 450 Mbps with Speedboost.
  • Six Powerful Internal Antennae.
  • Simultaneous Dual-Band N (2.4 & 5 GHz)
  • Gigabit Ethernet 4-port switch
  • Maximum speed up to 300 + 450 Mbps
  • USB port for shared data and media storage
  • Full 3×3 MIMO antenna array.
  • Superb HD Video Streaming via Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, and more.

More Reasons to Buy the Cisco Linksys E4200

The Linksys E4200 does not have the continuous blinking lights on the front that some have complained can become an eyesore or distracting especially if its in your bedroom when you are trying to sleep. The single status light is a soft white hue that glows through the Cisco logo on the front.

The E4200 is an updated look with upgraded specs of the popular E3000 (which is also available for purchase). The E4200 boasts higher quality antenna technology which helps to maintain high speeds across greater distances throughout your home for maximum wireless coverage and in-home mobility.

Using a VPN with a DD-WRT Router

If you are looking to get a Cisco Linksys E4200 with full VPN compatibility, our specialized flashed DD-WRT version is the way to go.

Easy integrability with various VPN Providers including Overplay, utilizing their simple and powerful MyPage that allows you to connect to any VPN server with a $9.95/mo subscription. They now have VPN servers and IP addresses in 60+ countries including recent additions such as Iceland, South Africa, Andorra, Luxembourg, Estonia and Bulgaria to go along with their popular local servers in the US, UK, Australia, Ireland, France, Canada and India.

For a full list, check out their blog post announcing their latest VPN provider country list.

Best Reasons to Purchase a Linksys E4200 Flashed & Custom Configured with DDWRT Mega

Overall, the Linksys E4200 is a well-oiled routing machine that only gets better after being supercharged with the customizable, open source DDWRT firmware. With high powered antenna technology, integrated USB, Gigabit Ethernet ports and simultaneous dual band technology, it really doesn’t get better than this. Or maybe it does!

And for international customers, you can now save even more with our USPS International Flat Rate Shipping Option which offers a low flat rate of $30 for quick but frugal shipping!

Just more ways to empower your Internet connection from FlashRouters.com, offering Brand Name Hardware with the Best in Open Source Firmware!

For more information, check out the full FlashRouters offering of DD-WRT Linksys Cisco Routers.

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