Featured DD-WRT VPN Router Review of the Day: Airlink101 AR670W



This model is discontinued. For other DD-WRT routers, please check out our DD-WRT Routers Page.

The Airlink101 AR670W brings advanced Airlink wireless technology to your home or office network.

With wireless data speeds up to 300Mbps with IEEE 802.11n draft 2.0 and 2 external antennas, the airlink AR670W provides wider coverage and continuous connectivity to distribute a wireless signal across a large area.

FlashRouters unlocks advanced functionality and potential to this already excellent wireless router by replacing the manufacturer’s firmware with the powerful open-source DDWRT firmware.

The addition of DDWRT to the Airlink 101 AR670W comes Virtual Private Network (VPN) client integration – which allows enriched network encryption with PPTP or OpenVPN protocols with any VPN service provider by changing a few quick settings. Works with almost any VPN provider including ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and more.

The Airlink101 Brand

Many people may not be familiar with the Airlink101 brand but techies with router knowledge know that Airlink provides a high quality routers and wireless cards at a low cost option. FlashRouters is proud to offer the Airlink670W

Of all of the routers tested, the Airlink has some of the quickest boot up times and response times of all the routers we offer. The Airlink101 670W may look small and light in weight but it’s zippy response time will truly impress.

The Airlink101 AR670W can also be employed as a wireless extender, client bridge, or repeater bridge, an add-on for an existing network. When purchased with another FlashRouter for use as a repeater or bridge, FlashRouters can fully configure both routers to eliminate any advanced network configuration upon receiving your new FlashRouters.

The Airlink101 AR670W ($64.95) is part of FlashRouters’ new initiative to offer high quality modified DD-WRT Routers for customers looking for integrated router-based VPN  access starting at $47.95. Low priced but high powered routers to get your network working as it should; fast, secure, and under your control.

Airlink101 AR670W Router Features

  • 2 External Antenna 2dBi antennas.
  • Up to 300 Mbps with Wireless-N Connectivity.
  • Ralink RT2880F Chip.
  • Sleek White Exterior.
  • Advanced wireless security settings with WEP, WPA, WPA2.

Airlink101 670W DD-WRT Exclusive Router Features

  • VPN plug ‘n play router. Introduction to VPNs.
  • Modified with full tested version of DD-WRT. Detailed DD-WRT Advantages & Benefits.
  • Preset with VPN client providing an encrypted tunnel for all traffic and data flow on your network.
  • Simple browser-based settings to internally change your router’s IP address to that of your VPN provider.
  • All connected wireless devices including laptops, netbooks, smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry), tablet computers (iPad, Motorola Xoom), and 3D Internet TVs will automatically be assigned the IP address of the VPN server of your choice.

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