Best Advantages and Benefits of DD-WRT Series – #1: VPN Connectivity and Passthrough Capabilities

Surfing the Web protected and without restrictions via the advantges of DD-WRT VPN RouterAt, our goal is to expose people to the amazing benefits that can be found from just the simple tweaking of the firmware on your router. As part of this ongoing mission, this will be the first in a series of posts focusing on the advantages of DD-WRT firmware upgrade.

For some reason, router manufacturers don’t feel the need to provide the tools, utilities, and features that many average users yearn for with their router, despite the hardware having the capabilities. They would rather people pay for more expensive units that cost hundreds, even thousands more. Many of these features can be accessed with a DD-WRT upgrade, the kind of upgrade that is provided by

The open source DD-WRT community is flourishing. The demand for an alternative firmware solution with the advanced, supreme capabilities that it provides has never been higher. You may have stumbled onto this post trying to figure out what kind of benefits you can get from the DD-WRT upgrade, so here is first of many reasons to become a DD-WRT convert.

Top DD-WRT Benefit and Advantage #1: Connect to VPNs Easily and Simply Through Your Upgraded Router

As security concerns worldwide with data and transmitting information have increasingly become a concern, utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection as a protective, preventative measure against prying eyes has become more popular and almost standard for those in the know.

If you are interested in adding an additional layer of encryption and security to your private data, a VPN connection is the perfect solution. Technically, what the VPN protocol does is surround data transmission with secure cryptographic techniques. In this way, the VPN acts as a buffer between separate network devices not linked through the same private network. The VPN connection keeps data guarded as it passes through the connecting parts of a computer network.

Standard consumer routers usually do not offer an easy way to utilize a VPN connection. Companies like Linksys and Netgear offer routers for a much higher price tag, up to $500 more than the average consumer router for a substandard router that they pitch as a VPN router or a Small Business Router. It is an effective sales pitch that reaps huge profits for an inferior product. For those people searching for a better answer, there is a DD-WRT VPN capable router.

The DD-WRT VPN Router Difference

Most versions of DDWRT allow you to take the higher power router and add this capability for free. Now, the VPN connection can encrypt all traffic that uses the router rather than connecting each individual device which can leave a network exposed to attacks and vulnerable with security holes.

VPN connections are also capable of changing your IP address based on the location of the VPN server with which you connect. VPN providers like IPVanish have servers in over 30 countries, allowing users around the world to act as if they are in their home country for the purposes of their surfing, browsing, and streaming. If you are going on a business trip, or must move to another country for work, a VPN connection can allow you to live elsewhere but with the same luxuries of your home Internet.

If you miss Netflix and Hulu, use Skype or other VOIP services while you are traveling abroad to the Far East from the USA, then creating a VPN connection will let you access all the creature comforts of home while on the road. The same goes for UK & European travelers on vacation or business trips, who are able to access BBC iPlayer or Spotify music service.

Working with IPVanish, FlashRouters has integrated a simple easy to understand customized VPN connection page within all FlashRouters to quickly and easily connect to their high quality VPN services.

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