Asian VPN Servers Advantages and Benefits When Traveling or Moving for Your Job

If you are looking for additional Internet security and Internet freedom when living in, traveling around, or relocating to Asia– using a low-priced, high-quality VPN service is the answer. VPNs allow connections to servers in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the United States, and almost anywhere else around the world. They unlock access to e-mail services like Gmail, music, and video content without the fear of security problems or geographic restrictions.

But what VPN Provider should I connect to? Luckily, FlashRouters can configure your router for over 50 providers, including leading providers like the ones below.


- Customized ExpressVPN firmware
- 30-day money back guarantee
- 24/7 customer service

- 1,100+ VPN servers in 60+ countries
- Owns and operates their own servers
- 3 months free with subscription

- Strict no logging policy
- Military grade encryption
- Award winning customer service

Overseas Travel Network Security Concerns

Do you think that your hotel’s Ethernet and Wi-fi are impervious to hacking? Do you trust it with all of your private and important business information? You shouldn’t.

Many users purchase a FlashRouter to prevent security breaches and assist in properly routing their business communications- including the ability to access VOIP services like Skype, or simply send e-mails securely while traveling. Your competitors are taking these preventative measures. Isn’t it time to protect your livelihood?

Another important thing to remember is that many people forget the need to protect all of their Internet-enabled devices, not just a laptop. Wireless devices such as a smartphone or tablet can expose information on a wireless network.

Using an unsecured network on a tablet for gaming can leave your entire network vulnerable to attacks, especially if you are using  Wi-Fi at places like cafes and airports frequented by business travelers.

If you utilize a router-based VPN connection for ALL of your devices, then data can be tunneled through a VPN on all your devices without having to individually connect each device all the time, thereby increasing security.

Traveling or Moving For Business Reasons

The current world economy is forcing people to travel or move to countries they would have never previously had thought of living in for the sake of their careers. After the earthquakes in Japan, the need for assistance in reestablishing various infrastructures is fueling demand for many workers.

In fast-growing economies with needs for specialized skills such as China, India, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand or any of the popular business destinations around the world that are booming economically, having a VPN connection gives you an increased level of data protection and encryption that a regular Internet connection will not provide.

Are you headed internationally to Asia but desire to have a secure connection to the Internet content you’ve become accustomed to at home? Maybe you are an American addicted to Netflix and Hulu content or various US-based music subscription services like Pandora; access may be heavily restricted or banned when traveling to Asia without the assistance of utilizing a US based IP address, which a VPN provider can offer.

Maybe you are from the UK or Germany and can’t live without BBC iPlayer or Spotify? Connect to a VPN server in your native country and it will be just like surfing the web at home.

Currently, FlashRouters is supplying consumers with alternative firmware router models of VPN Routers for purchase with modified router firmware to boost your level of security and enable customization of your wireless connectivity that was previously impossible to achieve.

VPN Speed Concerns

Having choices in Asia for connections also allows you to get better speed on your secure VPN connection. The distance of travel for your tunneling can be minimal, allowing for a secure connection without losing the speed that keeps you working productively. NordVPN offers 100+ servers for VPN connections in 30+ countries including the previously mentioned Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore and they are continuously adding servers to further give users improved service.

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