The Simple Solution to Gaming Console NAT (Network Address Translation) problems – Xbox 360 Live, PS3, Wii

If you are having issues with your gaming console such as Xbox 360, Wii, Playstation 3, or other gaming device, you may need an advanced NAT (Network Address Translation) solution. Microsoft Support has an article on possible NAT-related issues for the Xbox360 that are applicable to other gaming consoles including:

  • When you try to join an online game or party, you receive an error.
  • You are frequently disconnected from a game or party.
  • You cannot hear or communicate with someone in an online game.

According to Microsoft, “If you are connected to a network at your workplace, school, or residence (for example, an apartment complex), you might be behind a proxy server or firewall. To resolve this type of NAT issue, you will need to speak to your network administrator about opening the required network ports.”

A VPN-Client DD-WRT Router could be the solution to dealing with the issues that are preventing you from having an optimal online gaming experience with your favorite video game console. If you use a FlashRouter with a VPN account from a provider like Overplay, you can quickly become your own “network administrator.”  The VPN will allow you to sidestep these network firewall issues quickly. The DD-WRT Router will let you easily open the proper NAT ports to solve the annoying online game play errors.

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