Epsilon Leak Exposes The Need For Network Security

In recent weeks it has come to light that Epsilon, a multi-faceted network marketing and consulting firm, had a significant security breach.

Anyone with an account connected to certain large banks and firms that outsource their e-mail/customer relations management to Epsilon, has received an apologetic e-mail notification about the data security breach.

Technology is evolving at a faster pace than people can adapt it and understand it. At the same time the information and data that the average person is willing to divulge on the World Wide Web is exponentially increasing. Protecting your Internet footprint and the trail of information connected to your unique IP address will make it nearly impossible for a computer hacker or identity thief to access your personal information

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) will add this layer of security by anonymizing your IP address, thereby encrypting any data transferred across your network.

There remains only one issue that could potentially expose your network to malicious attacks. If your router or Internet gateway is not properly secured, then an outside user may be able to gain backdoor access to your network.

Enter FlashRouters.

Our routers come preset with DD-WRT, an open-source firmware that gives you access to advanced controls and specialized benefits. The most important of these additional features is the ability to place a VPN passthrough within the routers’ internal configuration.

OverplayVPN (a well-established VPN provider) has taken the extra step of programming an exclusive add-on feature within the browser-based, DD-WRT router settings. This add on, labeled MyPage in your DD-WRT settings, allows you to login, select VPN server locations, and connect to OverplayVPN inside your router.

The result?

Any device that connects (wired or wireless) to your new FlashRouter will be secured under the umbrella of this advanced VPN security and will be assigned an IP address in the same country as your selected VPN server location.

Additional security features within DD-WRT allow you to designate a separate guest network within your home so that any visitor attempting to access your Wireless Network will not expose your Home Network to possible unwanted intrusions.

When a major Internet security firm like Epsilon has its network exposed to hackers, it shows the importance of taking every possible step to protect your own network.

If you are ready to secure your Home Network, while accessing advanced router controls and benefits, without having to worry about technical setup issues, then FlashRouters is here for you!

Head over and check out our selection of FlashRouters.

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