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Best Routers for Gaming: Xbox One & Xbox 360

Top Routers for Gaming - Xbox One & Xbox 360

Image from Xbox Game Far Cry 4

In these heady days of online gaming, the importance of a strong wireless network cannot be overstated. And at FlashRouters, we’re committed to offering the best routers for gaming, whether you prefer PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or any other system out there.

Today, we’re going to focus on a couple of the earlier incarnations of the Xbox, and tell you just how you can get the most out of your console with the best routers for Xbox and Xbox 360.

How a Router Can Affect the Xbox One/Xbox 360 Experience

Top Routers for Gaming

Best Routers for Xbox & Xbox 360

As you’re no doubt aware, Xbox 360 is a generation back from the modern console wars, and the original Xbox goes even further back. Nonetheless, some of the major features of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are still available on the Xbox and Xbox 360.

Online gaming and streaming movies & television are notorious bandwidth-hogs, both of which are primary features on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, as well as the original Xbox. So while these devices may not have a sensor attuned to the user’s heartbeat or any of the other eerily dystopian features of the Xbox One, they can still garner much of your network’s attention. And if you want to avoid annoying skips, stalls, and freezes in the middle of an important moment of Titanfall, then you’ll want a router performance and speed that delivers 24/7.

For the more advanced and frustrated users out there, DD-WRT also has integrated VPN connectivity for region restricted gaming, UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), advanced NAT controls, and many more available tweaks & router troubleshooting tips for Xbox.

Best Routers for Xbox One/Xbox 360

So if you’re interested in making your Xbox and Xbox 360 as fluid and flawless as possible, there’s really only one way to go:

If you don’t have a minute (and thirty-six) seconds to spare to watch the brief, explanatory YouTube video up there about FlashRouters, then maybe you can read about it super quickly!

At FlashRouters, our goal is to provide our customers with the most reliable, fast, and powerful routers available anywhere. We consistently achieve that goal by taking some of the best routers on the market, removing their stock firmware, and installing DD-WRT and Tomato firmware. These replacement firmware bring more features and more versatility to your wireless network, allowing you to do things you’ve never dreamed of with your router.

Do you want an Xbox or Xbox 360 (or even Xbox One) experience free of aggravating interruptions?

With an upgraded firmware router for your home, you can extend your wireless range, access advanced security options, and even control how your router bandwidth is allocated. Believe us, if you’re going to be gaming and streaming, being able to prioritize those activities in your network is an invaluable resource.

When it comes to FlashRouters, there’s no going wrong. We’ve got devices that cover a wide range of prices and power, but they’re all unified by their demonstrable excellence. You can go searching through our catalog on your own, or even take a look at the top DD-WRT routers for gaming list to find just the right router to suit your particular needs, but we’ve whipped together a list of some of our absolute favorites for the gamer who takes his or her wireless network seriously. Enjoy!

R8000 DD-WRT FlashRouter - Best Routers for Gaming - XboxOne/Xbox 360

    1. Netgear R7000 AC1900 Nighthawk DD-WRT FlashRouterOur highest powered Netgear router, and preferred as the top wireless router for gaming.
    2. Netgear R8000 Wireless-AC3200 DD-WRT FlashRouter – Tri-band Wi-Fi (!) with six external antennae for maximum wireless range? Something tells us your gaming experience will be just fine with this beauty.
    3. Asus RT-AC87R Wireless-AC2400 DD-WRT FlashRouter – The ultimate Asus networking centerpiece.
    4. TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 DD-WRT FlashRouter – Our newest entry to our line and our first Wireless-AC TP-Link device. A gem with power and style to spare.
    5. Asus RT-N66U Dark Knight Tomato WiFi Router - Our most popular Tomato & Wireless-N VPN Router.

Dallas Buyers Club Creates Groundswell of Australian VPN Interest

VPN Usage Up in Australia thanks to Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club Boosts Australian VPN Usage (Image Source: AceShowbiz)

If you’ll give us a paragraph or two and read carefully, we’ll explain how Dallas Buyers Club – the 2013 film starring Matthew McConaughey, which dramatized the story of AIDS-stricken hustler Ron Woodroof and his attempts to circumvent pharmaceutical companies to give people cheaper AIDS medication – has led to a significant uptick in VPN usage in Australia.

Dallas Buyers Club & Australian Pirates

It’s simpler than the preceding paragraph makes it sound. Basically, the company who owns the rights to Dallas Buyers Club (Voltage Media) successfully requisitioned Australian ISPs (Internet Service Providers), demanding the personal details of 4,726 customers who had pirated the movie.

This precedent-setting ruling has, unsurprisingly, had the effect of spooking Australian internet denizens and sending them straight into the loving, protective arms of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and other online privacy guarding services. These VPN services allow for users to change their IP addresses in order to add a layer of encryption, as well as access geo-blocked content.

There. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Best Australian VPNs

And wouldn’t you know it? We’ve got a bunch of recommendations for top-notch Australian VPN services.

As we’ve explained in the past, we’re affiliated with the best VPN providers around and we’ve corralled them all on this handy official supported provider list. Any VPN service provider on that list is implicitly and whole-heartedly recommended by us, but rather than make you comb through the list in search of providers with heavy duty service to Australia, we thought we’d highlight some of our favorites.

Some of our favorite VPN providers for use in Australia are the ultra-safe IPVanish, which uses over 14,000 shared IP addresses; the always-dependable PureVPN; and the extremely popular PrivateInternetAccess. Rest assured, they’ll keep litigious movie companies and other privacy-invading forces at bay. 

And you’ll have no trouble getting the most out of your VPN subscription if you use it in conjunction with a VPN-capable FlashRouter. Check out our most recent best-sellers list to see some of the DD-WRT and Tomato-flashed routers that are revolutionizing our users’ wireless networks. If your VPN is on our supported provider list, we’ll send your router with your VPN service already installed.

Best Routers to Use with Australian VPNs

R8000 AC32000 DD-WRT FlashRouter

Netgear R8000 FlashRouter- Best Australian VPN Router

FlashRouters offers a myriad of routers, ranging from the beastly networking powerhouse Netgear R8000 DD-WRT - packed with a 1 GHz processor and six external antennas- to the fan favorite 800 MHz Asus RT-AC56U- all the way to the economy line Linksys E1200. As stated before, all FlashRouters can be pre-configured for any of our Supported VPN Providers. We also provide US to AU plug adapters and offer 240V compatible power plugs so there is no need to worry about power compatibility!

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The Netflix VPN Ban: What Is It And How Can You Avoid it?

Find out how to get around Netflix's new ban on VPNs

Netflix Banning VPNs?

We’ve written a lot about Netflix Instant, and using VPNs to watch Netflix in a country where it’s not available, or viewing a different country’s Netflix Instant library. A lot. Really.

Now it seems Netflix Instant is intent on putting all that hard work to waste, updating their terms and services to reserve the right to ban customers who use VPNs to access Netflix Instant in any country other than where the account was established.

But don’t worry; there are ways around these to save yourself any issues or agita for your Netflix use. And we’ll tell you all about them.

The 2015 Netflix VPN Ban

Up until recently, Netflix didn’t exactly condone VPN usage, but surely understood that many of their users were accessing different countries libraries, or were viewing their services from countries that didn’t have Netflix Instant at all.

No longer, as quoted by Crave Online:

“You may view a movie or TV show through the Netflix service primarily within the country in which you have established your account and only in geographic locations where we offer our service and have licensed such movie or TV show. The content that may be available to watch will vary by geographic location. Netflix will use technologies to verify your geographic location…We may terminate or restrict your use of our service, without compensation or notice if you are, or if we suspect that you are (i) in violation of any of these Terms of Use or (ii) engaged in illegal or improper use of the service.”

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has intimated that he hopes this ban needn’t always be the case, as Netflix’s inevitable hope is the service all over the globe and without geographic differences in media libraries. But given how slow and cautious Netflix’s global expansion has been, and the notable amount of variety between different international incarnations of Netflix libraries, we’d say don’t hold your breath waiting for one universal Netflix family.

How to Get Around the Netflix VPN Ban

Fastest VPN Service Provider Routers - IPVanish

FlashRouter-Ready VPNs

Now obviously, this ban strikes us as a bit silly. Since the people using VPNs need a Netflix subscription to access the streaming service, Netflix loses no money from VPNs users (it likely gains users thanks to VPNs). This move is surely the result of pressure from broadcasters who don’t their content streaming all over the world just because they agreed to stream it on Netflix Instant in one or more countries.

Likely though, if Netflix chooses to enforce this condition, it will drive more users to piracy, something which benefits no one. The best we can hope for is that Netflix instituted this ban to appease content providers and has no intention of strictly enforcing it.

That said, we don’t want you risking your Netflix subscription just because we suspect this move is a bluff. And there are potential ways around this issue…

Protection Against the Netflix VPN Ban

All you need is a router with VPN integration that auto-blocks any non-VPN connection and you are all set. At FlashRouters, our technicians can help prevent any possible VPN leaking with an Internet kill-switch, so if your VPN disconnects, your network will immediately shut down, preventing any issues. It is also known as the auto-block on disconnect feature and is included in our of our router firmware upgrades as an option.

Basically, Netflix can catch you when they can tell you’re trying to hide your IP address. If you’re initially logged in to Netflix with a US IP address, and then you use your VPN to access other Netflix libraries around the world, you run the risk of exposing your VPN usage if the VPN network disconnects. If you let our technicians install an Internet kill-switch to shut down your whole network when the VPN disconnects, Netflix and any other services are none the wiser about your VPN usage.

 Best Netflix VPN Routers & VPN Services

We’re affiliated with a great deal of VPN service providers at FlashRouters (as our lengthy official supported provider list can attest), and we’re proud champions of the services they provide. That’s why we offer to install your VPN service (assuming it’s on the supported provider list) onto the FlashRouter of your choosing whenever you make your purchase.

Some of the most popular VPN providers for use in Australia are the ultra-safe IPVanish, which uses over 14,000 shared IP addresses; CyberGhost; and the extremely popular PrivateInternetAccess.

Don’t be intimidated by this new Netflix VPN ban. Check out our recent DD-WRT router best-sellers list to learn more about our peerless devices, and pick out the FlashRouter that’ll keep your VPN subscription and your Netflix subscription working in harmony, and without risk. As the video below demonstrates, VPN integration is just the beginning of the benefits that come with owning a FlashRouter.

FlashRouters recommended for Netflix streaming include the DD-WRT Tri-Band Netgear R8000, complete with a 1 GHz processor and six external antennas, offering the widest range possible for a FlashRouter; the Netgear AC1450 FlashRouter, which uses an 800 MHz processor at the competitive price point of $199.95; and the economy line TomatoUSB Cisco Linksys E2500, which is recommended for use with smaller setups.

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HBO Now Streaming Service Launches for Game of Thrones Season 5

HBONow Free Trial - Best HBONow VPN & Routers

HBO Now and Game of Thrones Are Nigh!

Good news for those cord-cutters among you that have thus far been unable to wrangle up someone else’s cable login information in order to get HBO Go (and good news for those of you who love run-on sentences)…

Meet HBO Now

Just in the nick of time, HBO Now is offering an a la carte streaming service that, unlike HBO Go, requires no cable subscription.

Why do we say, “just in the nick of time”? Well, as we assume many of you are aware, Game of Thrones is coming back (on April 12th, to be precise). Surely you’re getting the same invitations to viewing parties as we are.

But that’s not all, Mike Judge’s hilarious Silicon Valley is returning the very same night. Need more incentive? True Detective‘s second season will be gracing our screens on June 21st. So yeah, time is of the essence.

Advantages of HBO Now Streaming Service

So that makes three ways (including Sling TV) you can stream HBO on your Rokus and Apple TVs. Wondering about the more practical details about an HBO Now subscription?


  • Password sharing is acceptable, but keep it reasonable. Three simultaneous streams are allowed at once and no more.
  • That said, there is no limit to gadget activation, so you can put it on your Roku, tablet, phone, and anything else you’d like, without worry.


  • There’s no live stream, so while episodes of original programming arrive on HBO Now exactly when they first air on HBO, live events like boxing tend to show up the following morning. That’s really about it for cons.

There’s a free 30 day trial and membership costs $15 a month. A little pricier than Netflix, but this strikes us as a totally fair deal considering all of the movies and terrific original programming (we haven’t even mentioned The WireThe SopranosDeadwood, Last Week with John Oliver, The Jinx, Going Clear (the amazing Scientology documentary etc.) that come with it.

How to Use VPN to Watch HBO Now from Anywhere

Fastest VPN Service Provider Routers - IPVanish

FlashRouter-Ready VPNs

Of course, HBO Now isn’t available all over the world, and we recommend that those without access to it avail themselves of a VPN service for unblocking the streaming services they desire.

Aside from their primary purpose (to protect your sensitive online information from malicious actors like snooping government agencies, hackers, identity thieves, and the like), VPN services (or Virtual Private Network services) are particularly useful when it comes to accessing geographically restricted material.

When you log in to your VPN, all of your online data is tunneled through encrypted servers set up all over the world, and you’re provided with a new IP address based where the servers are based. This means your internet-capable device now believes it’s somewhere else, which is useful if, say, you’re not in the US and you want to access HBO Now.

Just pick a US-based server at login and you can stream HBO Now to your heart’s content. No more fear of missing Game of Thrones, Veep, impending season 2 of True Detective, Silicon Valley

Basically, any VPN provider worth their salt will have a ton of US-based servers, and we have a ton of highly recommended supported VPNs on our supported provider list, but here’s a few quick recommendations:

  1. IPVanish - Keeps adding more & more servers with some of the fastest server speeds worldwide.
  2. PrivateInternetAccess – Best budget VPN service.
  3. HideMyAss – Top number of servers and IP addresses in US & UK server choices.
  4. PureVPN – Budget yearly pricing under $50 + huge server location list.
  5. Overplay – Easiest setup for your DD-WRT router and utilizing OpenVPN. Includes SmartDNS subscription.

Best Routers for HBO Now Streaming & VPN

That’s a pretty brief video up there, but on the off chance you didn’t take the time to watch it, we’ll explain:

A FlashRouter is the cure for sluggish wireless, an absolute dose of adrenaline right when your network needs it. We take already powerful devices and supercharge them by removing their stock firmware and flashing them with DD-WRT & Tomato firmware. These replacement firmwares boost the speed, power, and versatility of the router, allowing the user to take advantage of all manner of special features.

Access advanced security options, increase your wireless range, and manage the allocation of your bandwidth with incredible ease, thanks to a FlashRouter. And while any router on our line is worthy of your attention, here are some prime choices to ensure the highest quality HBO Now streaming experience:

  1. Netgear R7000 AC1900 Nighthawk DD-WRT FlashRouter - Our highest powered Netgear router, the Nighthawk has been dominating our best-sellers list since it was introduced last year.
  2. TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 DD-WRT FlashRouter – The newest entry to our line and our first Wireless-AC TP-Link device. A gem with power and style to spare.
  3. Netgear AC1450 Wireless-AC DD-WRT VPN FlashRouter – A networking dynamo and a surefire way to guarantee yourself the most fluid streaming experience.
  4. Asus RT-AC87U Wireless-AC2400 DD-WRT FlashRouter – The ultimate Asus networking centerpiece and a quick favorite around the FlashRouters office. 
  5. Asus RT-N66U N900 Dark Knight Tomato WiFi Router - Our most popular Tomato & Wireless-N VPN Router.

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TP-LINK Archer C9 AC1900 DD-WRT VPN FlashRouter: Power & Style in One Package

FlashRouters just keeps on adding knockout routers to our lineup. From the Asus RT-AC87U to the amazing tri-band speed of the Netgear R8000 DD-WRT FlashRouter, we’re burdening our customers with a wealth of terrific options.

And we’re sorry to say, we won’t be letting up on you anytime soon, as we’ve got another beauty of a router that we’re excited to introduce: the lone white Wireless-AC option, meet the TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 DD-WRT FlashRouter.

Meet the TP-LINK Archer C9 AC1900 DD-WRT FlashRouter

The TP Link Archer C9 1900 DD-WRT FlashRouter

TP-LINK Archer C9 AC1900 DD-WRT FlashRouter Specs

So you may be wondering why you should give any more attention to the TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 DD-WRT FlashRouter when we’ve just admitted to adding a number of excellent routers to our line?

Well, we’re glad you asked.

Let’s start with the processor upgrade: Your VPN’s performance and streaming media experiences will be flawless thanks to the DD-WRT best-in-class Dual Core 1 GHz (1000 MHz) Broadcom CPU that the Archer C9 offers.

There are also two USB ports (1 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0), making sharing and transferring files between devices quick and easy. Then there’s the three adjustable and supremely powerful external antennae to ensure the maximum reach for your wireless network.

The latest FlashRouter - The TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 DD-WRT

TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 (Back)

For those looking for the light colored high-end DD-WRT router, the TP-Link Archer C9 DD-WRT is the only device that is not black. That does matter to a few of you out there we know. And we haven’t even started talking about the Wireless-AC…

The Advantages of Wireless-AC

Put simply, there’s Wireless-G, Wireless-N, and Wireless-AC. Of those, Wireless-AC is the one you want, as this primer helps explain in further detail.

The primary appeal is Wireless-AC is networking speed. This networking draft leaves its competitors in the dust, beating Wireless-G (up to 54 Mbps) and Wireless-N (450-900 Mbps) handily. This particular dual-band device tops out at 1900 Mbps (450Mbps Wireless-N + 1450 Mbps Wireless-AC). So the max transmission speed is minimally 2x the highest end Wireless-N device and about 20x older Wireless-G routers you might still be struggling with.

TP-LINK Archer C9 AC1900 DD-WRT FlashRouter Features

As we’ve demonstrated, the TP-Link Archer C9 is a remarkable device, no matter what you do to it. Yet the router does not reach its full potential until it’s flashed with DD-WRT, a replacement firmware that immeasurably improves upon the stock firmware of every router it graces.

If you’ve suffered through skips, stalls, freezes, and all manner of annoying interruptions while streaming videos on YouTube, movies on Netflix Instant, TV shows on Amazon Instant etc. then you need a router flashed with DD-WRT firmware. Watch as these persistent issues become a thing of the past now that you’ve got a DD-WRT FlashRouter.

But that’s just the beginning of DD-WRT’s virtues…

As you can see, a DD-WRT upgrade is an absolute must if you want a wireless network that is strong, fast, and versatile. Anything less is a compromise.

Best TP-LINK Archer C9 VPN AC1900 DD-WRT FlashRouter

The benefits of owning the TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 DD-WRT extend beyond the realm of FlashRouters. We’re affiliated with a great deal of top-notch VPNs that make your online security and freedom their top priority, and you can ensure the strength of your network with a VPN-capable FlashRouter.

If you’re subscribed to any VPN on our official supported provider list, we’ll send your TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 ready to work with your VPN right out of the box. Don’t bother with tricky VPN-installation processes. Let our experts handle it.

Better yet, if you hold onto your old router, you can take advantage of our popular dual router set-up (illustrated below):

Setup VPN Service with Any Device

Dual Router VPN Setup – FlashRouters

This allows you to have one dedicated VPN router and one local router for day-to-day usage, making the process of switching between the two as simple as can be.

Using a VPN Archer C9 with DD-WRT installed allows for integration of an Internet Kill Switch or an auto-block on disconnect., preventing any worries about locational or security leaking within your network since it would be set at the router level.

In the market for a good VPN, checking our supported provider list is the best way to go. But, in the meantime, we can offer up a few tried and true favorites to start your browsing:

  1. HideMyAss – Top number of servers and IP addresses in US & UK server choices.
  2. IPVanish - Keeps adding more & more servers with some of the fastest server speeds worldwide.
  3. PureVPN – Budget yearly pricing under $50 + huge server location list.
  4. PrivateInternetAccess – Best budget VPN service.
  5. Overplay – Easiest setup for your DD-WRT router and utilizing OpenVPN. Includes SmartDNS subscription.

The FlashRouters Guarantee


The FlashRouters Support Routers Advantage

Customer service is something we take with utmost seriousness here at FlashRouters, and our already superlative service has just been improved…

Knowledge Base & Help Desk: Our site has a handy Knowledge Base and support desk to better handle the many requests and inquiries we receive.

Picking the right router for your needs can be a tricky process, so the Knowledge Base and support desk are designed to help you with any questions or concerns you may have before or after you’ve picked your router. Our experts are ready and eager to assist you.

Support Plans: FlashRouters now offers advanced DD-WRT support plans. Due to the variety of DD-WRT routers we offer, different routers come with slightly different plans. Users looking for support for their particular router type such as can visit the FlashRouters Flash My Router & VPN Support Plan.

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