Best New Netflix & Amazon USA Movies & TV May 2016

Enjoy Streaming Videos on Netflix

Enjoy Streaming Videos on Netflix

Best Streaming Movies & TV Added in May 2016

Ever since Netflix stopped letting people know what’s been subtracted from their Instant streaming lineup, it’s been a little difficult to keep track of what’s coming and going in their library.

So the purpose of this post – which will be continually updated on this site as new movies and television shows are added to the Netflix Instant streaming lineup – is to keep you, the dedicated Netflix Instant streamer, apprised of what new additions should be watched immediately, or should go on your queue but not be considered a top viewing priority.

Better Router = Better Netflix Streaming

Streaming HD video is a bandwidth intensive activity that puts major stress on a wireless home network. Our wireless routers are popular with heavy Netflix streaming users because they are designed to handle high-volume jobs with ease.

With a FlashRouter, you can extend your wireless range, tweak wireless sensitivity, control your bandwidth allocation, and add layers of advanced security. How do we achieve all this? By flashing our routers with DD-WRT & Tomato firmware, open-source replacement firmwares that boost a router’s functionality and feature-set.

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Best Full Free Movies Streaming on YouTube (Updated: May 2016)

Watch Hellraiser and other free movies on YouTube (May 2016)

Hellraiser – Best Free Movies on YouTube (May 2016)

In the past, FlashRouters has highlighted some of the best free movies streaming on YouTube, but the list grew outdated pretty fast. Film companies and their lawyers are notorious for acting with lightning quickness when one of their films is being streamed for free without their permission.

In that spirit, here is a new list – one which will be updated regularly – to keep our readers aware of the great full, free movies streaming on YouTube. If by the time you read the post the link for the movie is rendered invalid, we apologize, but as we said, these things pop up and disappear with stunning speed.

Anyway, we hope you get some enjoyment out of our favorite free movies streaming on YouTube. This is a varied list, from classic westerns to anime to documentaries and beyond. But first…

Enjoy the Best Free Movies Streaming on YouTube with a FlashRouter

Before we dig into the list of the best full free movies streaming on YouTube, we want to let you know that you can vastly improve your YouTube streaming experience by purchasing a FlashRouter.

What’s a FlashRouter, you ask? Watch the video below and learn:

Basically, in case you chose not to watch the video, FlashRouters takes already powerful routers and makes them stronger, faster, and more versatile by flashing them DD-WRT and Tomato firmware. These enhancement router firmwares boost routers’ functionality, allowing users to access advanced security options, increase their wireless range, and manage their networks with incredible ease.

With a FlashRouter, you’ll be streaming your favorite free movies streaming on YouTube without annoying freezes or stalls. Here’s a list of some current favorites, covering all kinds of price ranges.

Best Wired VPN Router for Gaming & Streaming- The Asus RT-AC88U AC3100 8 Port DD-WRT FlashRouterTop Netgear VPN Router for Netflix- R7000 TomatoUSBAsus RT-AC56U - Best Wireless AC DDWRT Under $200
Asus RT-AC88U DD-WRTR7000 Nighthawk TomatoAsus RT-AC56U DDWRT
1.4 Ghz Broadcom Processor, 8 Ports, 4 Ext Antennas1 Ghz Broadcom Processor, 3 Ext Antennas800 Mhz Broadcom, Wireless-AC, USB 3.0
Top Router Processor for Gaming & StreamingEnhanced TomatoUSB VPN Splitter FirmwarePopular for High Speed in Smaller Homes

Best Full Free Movies Streaming on YouTube in May 2016

New Streaming movies on YouTube for May 2016 - Dune

Dune – Best Free Full Movies on YouTube

Plan 9 From Outer Space – There are going to be a lot of art-house movies on this list, so let’s ease into it with some pure cheese. Often called the worst movie ever made (it’s really not), Plan 9 From Outer Space is the crowning achievement of infamous b-movie director Ed Wood. The lack of basic filmmaking virtues – such as continuity, logic, and remotely believable human behavior – on display does make for some good laughs, but Wood’s earnest love for his job shines through just as well.

Hellraiser – Look, we’ve all seen this movie, and we know that there’s a plot and stuff, maybe something to do with a puzzle-box. But really, for most of us, the lingering memory of this movie is the utterly haunting Pinhead (pictured at the top of this article, in case you somehow can’t remember). So, if your nightmares are boring you lately, then this is the movie for you.

Dogma – After a string of low-budget, talky, independent movies, writer/director Kevin Smith decided it was time for something a little more ambitious. And that’s how you end up with Dogma, which features rogue angels, demons, a descendent of Jesus, and God (Alanis Morissette) herself, all pitched in a battle over which the fate of humanity hangs. It’s not a perfect movie, but it’s got enough scrappy charm to compensate for its somewhat indifferent visual style.

I Shot Andy Warhol – I Shot Andy Warhol is based on the true story of Valerie Solanes, a radical woman (Lili Taylor) who desperately wants her screenplay produced by Andy Warhol (Jarod Harris, “Lane Pryce” to fans of Mad Men), and ends up shooting him when he refuses. If that doesn’t sound like a fascinating movie to you, we don’t know what to recommend.

Hard Boiled – There’s an unstoppable cop and an undercover agent and they take on a gang of gun-smugglers. Normal action movie stuff, right? But when the cop (nicknamed “Tequila”) is played by Chow Yun-Fat, and the undercover agent is played by Tony Leung, and the whole thing is presided over with balletic precision by master action movie director John Woo, the results are anything but normal.

Rebecca – And now we’re back in mid-20th century territory, checking back in with the master of the psychological thriller, Alfred Hitchcock. In the case of Rebecca, the mental damage rears its ugly head when a woman (Joan Fontaine) marries a man (Laurence Olivier) still obsessed with his deceased former wife (the “Rebecca” of the title). One of Hitchcock’s less kinetic movies, but still a haunting classic.

Best Free Movies on YouTube for May 2016 - Rebecca

Rebecca – Best Free Movies on YouTube (May 2016)

The Stranger – One of the great post-WWII noirs, directed by and featuring none other than the great Orson Welles, The Stranger follows an investigator (Edward G. Robinson) from the War Crimes Commission as he attempts to track down one of the masterminds of the Holocaust. Naturally, shadowy pursuits and moral ambiguity abounds.

All That Heaven Allows – Maybe the quintessential Douglas Sirk melodrama, with all of the lush colors and heavy emotion that entails, All That Heaven Allows depicts the fall-out of a upper-class widow’s love affair with a considerably younger tree-trimmer (Rock Hudson). A deeply affecting and gorgeous classic.

The Double Life of Veronique – Back to the late 20th century for an early ’90s art-house classic from Krzysztof Kieslowski. The Double Life of Veronique actually predicts a great deal of cinema to come with its parallel narrative about two women – one in France, the other Poland – leading lives that share much in common. Stunningly beautiful and poignant. Not to be missed. 

Dune – Well, we started with an infamous bomb from a notorious schlock-maker, so why not end with an infamous bomb from a beloved artist? David Lynch has made some purposely incomprehensible movies over the course of his peerless career, but Dune is incomprehensible for all the wrong reasons. Kudos to you if you can keep up with the plot at all. Still, it’s David Lynch, and even his most misguided efforts feature some memorable images that make them worth a stream.

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How to Stream the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Stream the 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

How to Stream the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full swing, and the action is already too much to take: Blues and Blackhawks, Red Wings and Lightning, Panthers and Islanders…it’s been an intense start to the NHL post-season and it doesn’t show any signs of relenting.

We’ve got our networks all set up to ensure the very best of NHL Stanley Cup streaming. Our VPN subscriptions are in order, giving us the flexibility to stream any NHL game we want from anywhere in the world, and providing invaluable online security in the process. Moreover, we’ve got some of the strongest routers available anywhere powering our streaming experience; DD-WRT and Tomato-flashed devices that give our wireless networks the power, speed, and versatility we need for the high bandwidth usage that comes with live streaming.

What about you? Is your network ready to stream every puck drop and slap shot? No? Well, let us help you get situated…

How to Stream the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Before we set you up with the proper gear for optimal Stanley Cup Playoff streaming, let’s look at some of the best NHL channels for cord-cutters. – Let’s start with the official streaming channel of the NHL. The bad news first: this option ain’t free, but $24.99 for their off-season package doesn’t seem to pricey to us. Second: NHL.TV is subject to market blackouts, so if you’re not willing to wait 48 hours after the game for the replay to appear on this channel and can’t watch it live, then maybe you’ll want to look elsewhere. These local blackouts can be avoided by using a Virtual Private Network like IPVanish or NordVPN. If you are looking to watch a game that is blacked out in your home state, you can use a VPN to change your IP to a state that is not blacked out. Once your IP is changed, you will be able to get around the geo-restrictions. The only way to do this is through a VPN.

Otherwise, this is a pretty nice deal. You get full-length replays of every playoff game after it happens as well as access to every game from the entire season. There are pause and rewind DVR controls, multi-game watching options, extra camera angles, home and away broadcast options, and an app available on select phones and tablets. Not too shabby.

Availability: US only. It would be recommended for US users to also use a VPN, in order to get around black out restrictions.

NBC Sports – NBC Sports Live Extra service is the choice for those with cable subscriptions, even severely limited ones. It’s only available in the US and US territories, but again, subscribing to the right VPN service can help you sidestep that issue. Basically, you’re getting NBC’s coverage of the Stanley Cup Playoffs on your Internet-capable device, but with a few nice bonus features to sweeten the deal, such as the ability to jump to other games via their scoreboard, a timeline bar that allows you to rewatch plays, and accessible stats and players cards as you’re watching.

Availability: US and US territories, only. A VPN is recommended for anyone outside of this area.

Rogers GameCentre Live – For those in the Great White North fearing that they will be missing out on watching their beloved pastime, Rogers GameCentre Live allows for Canadian hockey fans to live stream the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Available for Rogers, Telus Optik, and Videotron subscribers, GameCentre Live is the premiere source for live streaming hockey in Canada.

Availability: All throughout Canada. However, viewers will be subject to blackouts, so a VPN is recommended.

Best Routers to Stream the Stanley Cup Playoffs

The best DD-WRT routers of 2016 - Asus RT-AC5300 DD-WRT

Asus RT-AC5300 DD-WRT FlashRouter

We make no bones about believing that our routers are the best on the market. We keep our devices updated with the best of the best open source firmware and we’re constantly adding new devices to our line that run on the fastest highest wireless networking standard Wireless-AC.

Why You Need A FlashRouter To Stream the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs

A FlashRouter allows for VPN integration, where routers without DD-WRT or Tomato firmware do not. If you are looking to stream the 2016 Stanley Cup playoffs on an AppleTV or PlayStation, two devices that have no native VPN support, you will need them to be on a VPN network from a FlashRouter in order to successfully stream the games from outside the US or in a blacked out location.

No matter what kind of wireless area you’re looking to cover, we’ve got a router for it.  Maybe you’re looking to cover a house populated by family members with their own phones and tablets and perhaps a gaming system. In that case, the beloved and invaluable Netgear Nighthawk R7000 for DD-WRT or Tomato can easily handle your needs.

Perhaps you’ve got a whole multi-story home to cover, or something even bigger. Well, a big job like that requires a tremendously powerful router, and that’s where earth-shaking devices like the Asus RT-AC5300 DD-WRT or the Netgear Nighthawk X8 R8500 AC5300 DD-WRT FlashRouter are most at home.

Want something dependable that will easily handle the requirements of your apartment or small home? Take a look at the sleek and affordable Linksys E2500 Tomato or the Asus RT-N16 DD-WRT.

No matter the task, no matter how much bandwidth you require, no matter how much streaming and online gaming you engage in, there are VPN-friendly FlashRouters eager to match your needs with room to spare.

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Netflix Instant By Country Showdown #10: Charlize Theron

Netflix Comparison by Country - US, UK, Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Canada

Charlize Theron had long since earned an Academy Award (for 2003’s Monster) when she made 2015’s already legendary Mad Max: Fury Road. But with that six-time Oscar winner all but officially welcomed into the action-movie Valhalla that hosts other perennials of the genre like Die Hard and Raiders of the Lost Ark, it seems fair to say that Theron’s Imperator Furiosa will stand as an immortal cinematic icon.

But Theron’s career has been considerably more interesting than the previous paragraph implies. She’s balanced a healthy amount of silliness (A Million Ways to Die in the West, and let’s not forget her indescribable turn in the third season of Arrested Development) with the genre fare (The Devil’s AdvocateHancock), and she can be a fiercely acidic actor, particularly with the right script (we know it’s a bit divisive, but Young Adult absolutely hinged on her fearless and wickedly funny performance).

So we figured, now that Theron is fresh off the triumph of Fury Road and just starred in the Snow White sequel, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, why not take a look at her filmography and see where it all lands on Netflix’s many international streaming queues. Fair warning though: Fury Road hasn’t made it to Netflix just yet (nor has the movie which featured her Oscar-winning turn, Monster), but we figure it’s a matter of time before it is ready to stream.

Charlize Theron will also find herself on Netflix next year, as she is slated to star in House of Cards creator David Fincher’s second Netflix original series Mindhunter. While you are waiting for Mindhunter alongside Fury Road and Monster to pop up on the streaming service, take a gander at what is available internationally for Charlize Theron on Netflix.

Top Countries for Charlize Theron on Netflix

How to stream your favorite Charlize Theron movies around the world

The Cider House Rules – Charlize Theron Movies on Netflix By Country

Charlize Theron on Netflix Argentina – SleepwalkingMen of HonorAstro BoyThe Burning PlainThe Cider House RulesYoung AdultThat Thing You DoThe Italian JobHancockThe Curse of the Jade Scorpion.

Charlize Theron on Netflix Australia – The RoadThe Burning PlainThe Italian Job.

Charlize Theron on Netflix Belgium – A Million Ways to Die in the WestAstro BoyThe Italian JobSnow White and the Huntsman. 

Charlize Theron on Netflix Brazil – Sleepwalking, Men of HonorThe Burning PlainThe Cider House RulesYoung AdultThat Thing You DoThe Italian JobHancockThe Curse of the Jade Scorpion.

Charlize Theron on Netflix Canada – Dark PlacesPrometheus. 

Charlize Theron on Netflix Colombia – SleepwalkingMen of HonorAstro BoyThe Burning PlainThe Cider House RulesYoung AdultThat Thing You DoThe Italian JobHancockThe Curse of the Jade Scorpion.

Charlize Theron on Netflix Denmark – Men of HonorSweet NovemberThe YardsAeon FluxIn the Valley of ElahHancock.

Charlize Theron on Netflix Finland – Men of HonorSweet NovemberThe YardsAeon FluxIn the Valley of ElahHancock.

Charlize Theron on Netflix France – Men of HonorThe Burning PlainThe Italian JobSnow White and the Huntsman.

Charlize Theron on Netflix Ireland – Young AdultThat Thing You DoCelebrity.

Charlize Theron on Netflix Italy – Men of HonorAeon FluxIn the Valley of ElahCelebrity. 

How to stream your favorite Charlize Theron movies on Netflix around the world.

Young Adult – Charlize Theron Netflix By Country Showdown

Charlize Theron on Netflix Japan – Astro BoyAeon FluxThe Italian JobHancockThe Curse of the Jade Scorpion. 

Charlize Theron on Netflix Luxembourg – Men of HonorThe Italian JobSnow White and the Huntsman.

Charlize Theron on Netflix Mexico – SleepwalkingMen of HonorAstro BoyThe Burning PlainThe Cider House RulesYoung AdultThat Thing You DoThe Italian JobHancockThe Curse of the Jade Scorpion. 

Charlize Theron on Netflix Spain – Astro BoyThe Life and Death of Peter SellersAeon FluxThe Italian Job, In the Valley of ElahHancock.

Charlize Theron on Netflix Sweden – Sweet November, The YardsAeon FluxIn the Valley of ElahHancock.

Charlize Theron on Netflix UK – Young AdultThat Thing You DoCelebrity. 

Charlize Theron on Netflix US – Waking Up in RenoThe Cider House RulesThe YardsAeon Flux. 

And the Winner Is…

Once again, Central and South America emerge triumphant, with Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico tying with 10 Charlize Theron movies. Strictly in terms of Netflix queues, the folks in these countries have it pretty well made, as this is not the first Netflix showdown they’ve won.

Showing up in dead last is Canada, offering a paltry 2 Charlize Theron movies, but they are the only country with Ridley Scott’s Prometheus available, if that’s important to you. Sooo, at least they’ve got that going for them.

Lastly, since Netflix has become available just about everywhere, we thought we’d throw in a few new countries to see how their queues are fairing. Spain had a decent showing with 6 Theron movies, narrowly edging out Japan’s 5, and Italy’s 4. Off to a good start, we’d say!

Stream Charlize Theron on Netflix From Anywhere

Now, we’re a little more reluctant than usual to advise this, because Netflix has been cracking down on VPN usage lately. Fortunately, the outcry against this crackdown has been loud and a petition to discontinue the ban has already collected over 36,000 signatures. Something tells us Netflix may change their minds soon enough, particularly if the ban inspires a wave of illegal torrenting.

So our point is this: use VPNs to location jump at your own risk, but it is the most effective way to experience the full breadth of what Netflix has to offer internationally.

For the uninitiated, here’s what you need to know about VPNs: they are an utterly necessary component of any good wireless network, for multiple reasons. The first of which is that VPNs protect your sensitive information. Any time you sign into a VPN, all of your network traffic and data is tunneled through encrypted servers set up all over the world. Doing so adds a thick level of security between hackers/snooping governments and your sensitive info like credit card numbers and emails.

The second reason, and the one that’s particularly applicable here, is that VPNs allow you to bypass geographical web restrictions. For instance, if you’re in the US, and you’re looking to stream, say, Young Adult, all you have to do is log into your VPN and pick an encrypted server from one of the countries where that movie is available on Netflix (like the UK or Ireland). Once you pick the server, you’re assigned an IP address in the country of your choosing, and now your Internet-capable devices think you’re in that country as well, and you can stream what you’d like. It’s that simple!

Best VPNs for Netflix Instant Location Changing

Just about any VPN on our official supported provider list will give you good access to Argentina, Colombia, or Mexico, but in the interest of narrowing things down a little further for you, here’s a list of some of the best VPNs for location jumping while streaming Charlize Theron movies:

  1. HideMyAss – Most IP Addresses in the Netflix countries listed.
  2. IPVanish – The only tier-1 only VPN service for premium performance and speeds.
  3. NordVPN – A server in each of these Netflix covered plus virtual US & UK servers for top speeds.
  4. Overplay – Includes TurboDNS and JetSwitch for quick and fast Netflix location jumping without potential VPN speed slowdown.

Best FlashRouters for Netflix Instant Streaming

Of course, making sure your network is ready for location-hopping and unlimited Netflix streaming takes more than the right VPN. You need a proper wireless network, and in that department, our DD-WRT and Tomato-flashed routers are more than able to provide.

By removing stock firmware from otherwise powerful devices and replacing it with open source firmwares like DD-WRT and Tomato, we allow routers to reach their full potential, opening all sorts of new capabilities. Access advanced security options, extend your wireless range, or even control how your bandwidth is allocated (which allows you to prioritize your Netflix streaming, if you so desire), all with a FlashRouter.

We’ll even make your VPN experience smoother. If you’re subscribed to any VPNs on our aforementioned supported provider list, we’ll save you the trouble (and believe us, it can be trouble) of installing the VPN software on your own. Let us handle that nuisance because you don’t want to end up bricking your new router.

Top Netgear VPN Router for Netflix- R7000 TomatoUSBBest Routers 2015 - Budget Wireless-ACThe 8 port AC3100 Asus RT-AC88U
R7000 Nighthawk TomatoNetgear AC1450 DDWRTAsus RT-AC88U DD-WRT
1 Ghz Broadcom Processor, 3 Ext Antennas800 Mhz Broadcom, Wireless-AC, USB 3.04 External Antennas, 1.4 GHz Broadcom
Top Range, Enhanced TomatoUSB VPN Splitter FirmwarePopular for High Speed in Smaller HomesAdvanced Processing Speeds, Powerful WiFi, USB 3.0

Of course, there are many more FlashRouters that we’d love for you to see. Our recent best-sellers list is a good way to get to know some current faves, and our best of DD-WRT and Tomato lists ought to give you a good sense of the current cream of the crop.

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FlashRouters 5 Year Anniversary Extravaganza!

5 Years of Expert Open Source Router Support

It’s a big day here at FlashRouters. We just hit our first major birthday!

FlashRouters Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary!

Light the candles, folks. Your humble neighborhood router business, which began in basements and bedrooms of New York and New Jersey, is turning five years old on April 21. What was once a small but determined operation, run by our esteemed founders Dave and Joe, has flourished into a seasoned team of privacy and network experts. That’s the wisdom that comes with being five, as they say.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge how big of a part our customers have played in our continued success. Suffice to say, we’re proud of every last one of our DD-WRT and Tomato-flashed routers, but what good would they be without our devoted users? We’re endlessly thankful that there’s such a strong contingent of people who care about online security and making the most of their respective wireless networks.

Why Buy a FlashRouter?

And while we’re on the subject of online security, the devices we offer wouldn’t be nearly as safe without the help of our many fantastic (50+!) supported VPN service providers. From the early days with stalwarts like Overplay and IPVanish, all the way up to popular new additions like ExpressVPN, NordVPN and SpyOff, FlashRouters and VPN integration have benefited all.

Free Warranty Upgrades on All Devices

That’s right. In celebration of our 5th anniversary, we’re offering free upgrades on all devices, raising 90-day warranties to 1-year warranties. Whether it’s one of the premium DD-WRT or Tomato routers of 2016 – you’ll end up with as much as $50 value- free!

It’s just our little way of saying thanks for supporting our growing business and allowing us to keep making your online selves safer, stronger, and more dependable.

Again, we’re thrilled that there’s such an enthusiastic crowd of people who are interested in the expansive possibilities of an open source-supported network, and we hope you’ll stay with us as we discover newer and more interesting ways to make your online experience even better. Salut!

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