TotalVPN DD-WRT and Tomato FlashRouters Now Available

TotalVPN DD-WRT and Tomato FlashRouters

The FlashRouters Official Supported VPN Provider List has once again been bolstered with the addition of another sterling VPN service.

Now Offering Router Support for TotalVPN Users

Get ready for low-cost to no-cost security and online freedom combined with a more powerful and versatile wireless network, because TotalVPN DD-WRT and Tomato FlashRouters are now available!

That’s right. You can now enjoy the benefits of a open source FlashRouter and the peerless protection that TotalVPN provides in one user-friendly package. Fan favorites like the Netgear R7000 Nighthawk Tomato and the Asus RT-AC5300 DD-WRT are now made even stronger with the help of TotalVPN’s excellent service.

Top TotalVPN Features

So why should you favor TotalVPN over any other VPN available? Let’s start with the fact that you can enjoy a limited version of their service for zero cost.

For $0 a month, you can get three secure servers for location jumping (in Iceland, Singapore, and Amsterdam), available for all protocols, though data transfer and bandwidth are limited. Still it’s hard to beat free VPN service that you can test and try.

Of course, there is the premium service, which is almost as affordable. For $5.99 a month, you get access to the following fantastic TotalVPN features:

  • 30+ Locations 
  • Unrestricted Bandwidth 
  • Unrestricted Data Transfer 
  • All Protocols
  • 3 Device Connections
  • Premium Proxy

And there’s more. Are you finding yourself a bit frustrated by geo-blocking on YouTube and other video streaming sites? A TotalVPN subscrition includes SmartDNS to bypass blocks and offer even faster speeds.

So you get supremely fast, comprehensive VPN service and online security, plus an avenue to the wide world of geo-blocked streaming services, all for $5.99 a month. And we haven’t even told you about the benefits of pairing TotalVPN service with a FlashRouter yet…

Best Recommended TotalVPN Routers

Your average router will provide compromised VPN service, as the location jumping tends to create network slowdowns, but luckily our DD-WRT and Tomato FlashRouters are so powerful, you won’t be able to tell the difference between your regular wireless network and your VPN.


In fact, if you buy a FlashRouter and hold onto your old router, you can try out our popular dual router setup, which allows you toggle back and forth between your local network and your VPN with the simple flick of a switch. That’s not to mention the many other benefits of a FlashRouter, such as an extendable wireless range and the ability to monitor and control your own bandwidth.

Plus with one single setup, you can connect TotalVPN to any device, even those that do not offer their own VPN integration like Roku, AppleTV, PS4, Xbox and SmartTVs.

Best AC1200 DD-WRT Router - Linksys WRT1200AC

You have the ability to resuscitate your tired wireless network at the tip of your fingers. We recommend the:

1. Asus RT-AC56U DD-WRT – A terrific and thoroughly affordable device, packed with an 800 MHz Broadcom processor.

2. Linksys WRT1200AC DD-WRT – A wonderful “high-mid range” router, two external antennas alongside a 1.3 GHz Marvell processor.

3. Asus RT-AC88U DD-WRT – A high-powered router with four powerful external antennas, perfect for any multi-story home.

FlashRouters and TotalVPN : A match made in heaven. Experience the freedom, security, and performance power that only TotalVPN and FlashRouters can provide.

What Is Sonos and How Do I Use Sonos Over a VPN?

Using a VPN with Sonos Wireless HiFi Systems

How to Use Sonos over a VPN

Where do you do most of your music streaming? Spotify? Tidal? Do you prefer to stick to curated stations from Pandora? Or maybe Amazon Music Player is more your speed.

Our point is that it can be exhausting keeping track of the various formats available for music streaming, and wouldn’t it be nice to have each of these channels available in one easily controllable format? Perhaps one that allows for a bit of variety as you wander through different sections of your house.

What Is Sonos?

Enter Sonos. From one convenient app, you can stream Spotify in your living room, Apple Music in your bathroom, Tidal in your basement…basically whatever configuration of services, wireless compatible devices, and rooms you can imagine.

Simply put, you get an app and a smart speaker system that gives you full control over your music experience. All of your favorite streaming services are connected under the Sonos banner, from the megastars like Apple Music, Tidal, and Pandora, to more niche-specific services like Daytrotter, Hype Machine, and Mixcloud. And they’re all at your service on the Sonos app. You can even change the volume on the speakers several rooms away with Sonos.

Sonos offer a wide variety of products for enabling their services, from speakers to home theater systems to the Sonos connect, which allows you to enable your existing stereo or theater system to be a part of your Sonos universe. We recommend doing the necessary research about what level of streaming you’re looking for before committing, but you’re certain to improve the audio quality of your life.

Enjoy Streaming Services Anywhere With Sonos Using VPN

Of course, Sonos app and wireless HiFi systems bring listeners some of the finest audio quality for streaming from popular music services, but not all of these music services are readily available around the world. Tidal is rapidly expanding, but it’s still only available in 43 countries, and Pandora is merely available in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

So if you want to enjoy some fine Sonos-quality streaming from outside of these countries, then you’re going to need a VPN on your side.

The primary purpose of a VPN service, or Virtual Private Network service, is to give your wireless network, and thus your sensitive online information, the security it needs in this age of rampant hackers and invasive government agencies. VPNs accomplish this by tunneling your data through encrypted servers set up all over the world whenever you log in. We can’t overstate how vital services like this are if you’re interested in protecting your emails, credit card numbers, etc.

But VPNs also have the benefit of allowing you to bypass geographical web restrictions, like the ones that prevent you from using Pandora in, say, Brazil. If you’re in Brazil and wishing to listen to Pandora through your Sonos speaker system, all you need to do is log in to your VPN, pick an encrypted VPN server in America, at which point you’ll be assigned an American IP address. Suddenly your internet-capable devices think you’re in America, and you’re streaming Pandora in Brazil. It’s that simple!

Best VPN for Sonos

So which VPN service provider should you choose for Sonos streaming and online security. Basically, if it’s on our VPN supported provider list, there’s no way you could go wrong, but here’s a few suggestions to help you get started:

  • IPVanish – A tier-1 only VPN service for premium performance and speeds.
  • ExpressVPN – The newly supported premium VPN provider with top-rated performance.
  • HideMyAss – The most IP addresses for a VPN provider.

Use Sonos Over a VPN with FlashRouter

Of course, while getting a VPN to expand the boundaries of where you can enjoy Sonos’ streaming services is a good start, for premium Sonos enjoyment, you’re going to need a FlashRouter.

At FlashRouters, we are devoted to giving customers a fully revitalized wireless network. We achieve that by taking already strong routers, removing their stock firmware, and replacing it with open source marvels like DD-WRT and Tomato. Doing so improves your wireless network’s versatility and functionality by giving you advanced security options, allowing you to extend your wireless range, and even control how your bandwidth is allocated.

With a FlashRouter on your side, even your VPN experience can improve. If you’re subscribed to any VPN on our supported provider list, we’ll send your router with your VPN subscription fully installed, saving you the hassle of dealing with the aggravating VPN installation process.

Best Routers for Sonos

We’re proud of every last router on our line, but we’ve got a few recommendations for which of our routers is particularly well-suited for Sonos streaming. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, perhaps you should take a look at our recent best-sellers list. Then move on to our respective best DD-WRT and Tomato routers lists. You’re bound to find the perfect FlashRouter for your needs. Happy hunting!

Best Wired VPN Router for Gaming & Streaming- The Asus RT-AC88U AC3100 8 Port DD-WRT FlashRouterTop Netgear VPN Router for Netflix- R7000 TomatoUSBAsus RT-AC56U - Best Wireless AC DDWRT Under $200
Asus RT-AC88U DD-WRTR7000 Nighthawk TomatoAsus RT-AC56U DDWRT
1.4 Ghz Broadcom Processor, 8 Ports, 4 Ext Antennas1 Ghz Broadcom Processor, 3 Ext Antennas800 Mhz Broadcom, Wireless-AC, USB 3.0
Top Router Processor for Gaming & StreamingEnhanced TomatoUSB VPN Splitter FirmwarePopular for High Speed in Smaller Homes

How to Get Around a WhatsApp Block

The ubiquity of popular messaging app, WhatsApp, has reached monumental levels. There were already 450 million people using the service – which provides free phone messaging – before Facebook acquired it to the tune of $19 billion in 2014. Now WhatsApp is closing in on a billion users. World domination is not far off.

That said, an app with the power to connect people from across the globe (for free, as long as they have a WiFi connection), one that is popular in far-flung countries like South Africa, Argentina, Malaysia, and many more, is vulnerable to blocks by overreaching, reactionary governments. Just this past weekend, a Brazilian judge instated a 72-hour block on WhatsApp to pressure the company into assisting in a drug-running case over which the judge is presiding. In so doing, this judge showed himself willing to deny an essential service to over 100 million Brazilian WhatsApp users.

But there are easy ways around issues like this, and we’ll show you how to make your wireless network not only more secure and versatile with a VPN, but also faster and more powerful with a Tomato or DD-WRT FlashRouter.

Get Around a WhatsApp Block With a VPN

There’s no reason you should live with the fear that your source for free messaging between you and your family and friends can be shut down at any given moment, and with the help of VPN service providers, you don’t have to.

In addition to the invaluable online security service VPNs provide – which they achieve by tunneling all of your online data through encrypted servers set up all over the world – they are also tremendously useful for getting around regionally blocked websites, services, apps, etc.

So if a judge or governmental agency in your country suddenly decides to shut down WhatsApp in your country, all you have to do is hop on to your VPN, pick a server in a country with no such restrictions, and presto! Your phone (or desktop?) will be fully free from the block.

Best VPNs for Unblocking WhatsApp

Any VPN on our official supported provider list will provide you with the security and worldwide coverage you need for WhatsApp location switching, but here’s a few of our favorites to simplify things for you:

  • IPVanish – Plenty of servers within and without Brazil
  • NordVPN – One of the fastest-growing VPN providers in the industry. A real gem.
  • SaferVPN – A great, user-friendly VPN with one-click access to your chosen IP address and 24/7 customer support.

Fast WhatsApp Location Jumping with a FlashRouter

New FlashRouters

The Asus RT-AC3200 Tomato FlashRouter

As we mentioned above, the key to a successful wireless network – one that is capable of frequent location jumping for WhatsApp or international Netflix streaming purposes – is a strong router, preferably one running on open source firmware so it’s as functional and modern as possible.

That’s where FlashRouters comes in. Our top DD-WRT and Tomato devices are capable of rescuing any flagging wireless network. With devices suited for everything from apartments (such as the Linksys E2500 Tomato or the Asus RT-AC56U DD-WRT) or big homes and large offices (in which case something like the Asus RT-AC3200 Tomato or the Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000 DD-WRT is closer to what you’re looking for), FlashRouters has what it takes to meet any need.

Check out some of our best-sellers to get a better sense of our most popular devices. And if you don’t like what you see there, use our new open-source router chooser and tell us exactly what you’re looking for.

Best Routers For Kodi XBMC Setup & Amazon Fire Stick

Best Routers to Use With Kodi XBMC

At FlashRouters, we’re uniquely attuned to the needs of the cord-cutting and streaming community. Our DD-WRT and Tomato-flashed open-source routers are just what any person who depends on Netflix or Hulu or any other streaming service for their entertainment requires. A FlashRouter can deliver the consistent performance that bandwidth-heavy activities like streaming and gaming necessitates.

Our ears always tuned for the newest and best ways to make your streaming setup as up-to-date and reliable as possible. After all, if you’ve got one of our fantastic Wireless-AC devices like the Linksys WRT1200AC DD-WRT or the Netgear R7000 Nighthawk Tomato you might as well apply it to the best entertainment and media management systems possible.

Perhaps Kodi XBMC in conjunction with an Amazon Fire Stick is the streaming solution for you..

What Is Kodi?

So before we show you how to get this setup running, you might be wondering what exactly Kodi is.

Kodi XBMC Setup

Originally just called XBMC, or Xbox Media Center, before being renamed in 2014, Kodi is an open source software application for corralling and playing the movies, music, TV shows, and other media you consume. As you might have guessed from its original title, Kodi was initially intended to be the media interface for Xbox, but has quickly become a beloved and vital hub that is responsive to user input and, better yet, it’s free.

What’s makes Kodi XBMC particularly popular is how adaptable and customizable the setup is to the user’s preferences. A variety of skins are available in order to give you the sort of interface look you prefer.

Kodi allows import your photos, music, videos, record live TV, and with an assortment of plug-ins, you can access your favorite streaming services like Amazon Prime Instant, YouTube, etc. Even recording and replaying live TV is available with a Kodi XBMC Setup!

Basically, Kodi is a simple, free way to collect all of your media into one user-friendly hub. And Kodi’s getting better all the time.

Using a Kodi XBMC Setup with Amazon Fire Stick

Of course, if you wish to get a little more adventurous with your Kodi streaming media & entertainment system, there are any number of things you can do. Kodi is a popular system to jailbreak with technically incompatible devices (obviously, we don’t encourage this, nor do we imagine our admonition will stop you if it’s something you want to do).

One of the more frequent requests we see comes from people looking to use Kodi with Amazon Fire Stick, the popular small media hub that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and allows you access to Netflix, Amazon, and all of your other favorite streaming channels.

By side-loading Kodi onto your Amazon Fire Stick, you’d have a one-of-a-kind media center that offers you the best of both Amazon Fire Stick’s services and popular add-ons that are otherwise not available on the Amazon Fire Stick. Combine the best of Kodi, Amazon Fire Stick, and one of our top-rated DD-WRT and Tomato routers, and you’d be running the most versatile and powerful entertainment hub available anywhere.

Using a Kodi Fire Stick with a FlashRouter allows VPN integration network wide gives Kodi and always on benefits and privacy protections afforded to users by VPN. Whether it is encrypting your activities and downloads or protecting your location from ISP and government snoops, a FlashRouter allows for network-wide protection

Best Routers For Kodi XBMC & Amazon Fire Stick

Best Wired VPN Router for Gaming & Streaming- The Asus RT-AC88U AC3100 8 Port DD-WRT FlashRouterAsus RT-AC88U DD-WRT
  • 1.4 Ghz Broadcom Processor, 8 Ports, 4 Ext Antennas
  • Top Router Processor for Gaming & Streaming
  • $499.99

  • Asus RT-AC56U - Best Wireless AC DDWRT Under $200Asus RT-AC56U DDWRT
  • 800 Mhz Broadcom, Wireless-AC, USB 3.0
  • Popular for High Speed in Smaller Homes
  • $249.99

  • Top Netgear VPN Router for Netflix- R7000 TomatoUSBR7000 Nighthawk Tomato
  • 1 Ghz Broadcom Processor, 3 Ext Antennas
  • Enhanced TomatoUSB VPN Splitter Firmware
  • $349.99
  • ac5300frRT-AC5300 Asus DD-WRT
  • 1.4 Ghz Broadcom Processor, 8 Ext Antennas
  • Most Powerful & Wide-Reaching FlashRouter
  • $599.99
  • So to sum up: you can combine the ease of use and variety of apps that come with Kodi, the portability, affordability and access to top streaming channels that comes with the Amazon Fire Stick, and the online security and wireless network strength and versatility that comes with any of our best-selling VPN FlashRouters.

    Again, Kodi/Amazon Fire Stick setup exists outside of the bounds of conventional Amazon Fire Stick usage, so proceed at your own discretion, but we won’t judge you for it.

    Where & How to Watch the 2016 Summer Olympic Streaming?

    How to Unblock/Stream Olympics for Free Online

    August 5th, 2016 is right around the corner and with it brings the beginning of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, taking place in Rio, Brazil, and running all the way through August 21st!

    The Olympics Are Coming, The Olympics Are Coming!

    206 nations will gather, pitting their finest athletes against in each other in events as varied as diving, basketball, the triathlon, and so much more. There are 306 sets of medals to give out, which means you have a lot of free Olympics streaming video to enjoy.

    That also means there’s a lot you need to know in order to ensure that you get the utmost out of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games: you’ll need a proper VPN to keep the widest range of of secure streaming options open to you. You’ll need a powerful router – preferably one fueled by versatile third party open source firmwares like DD-WRT or Tomato – to handle all of the bandwidth that goes into live HD streaming. And, of course, you’ll need to know exactly which channels are streaming the events you want to see and if they’re available to you.

    That’s a lot to cover, but don’t worry; we’re going to walk you through it.

    How to Stream the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games

    Olympics Streaming with a VPN

    There are many of us who will be watching or streaming the 2016 Summer Olympic Games from our home country, in which case, the coverage we get to see will be geared around the events we’d most like to see. But, of course, there are also those of us who will be out of our home countries – either on vacation or extended business trips or perhaps having moved away for good – who will not be able to enjoy free Summer Olympics streaming video the way they were hoping to.

    That’s when the VPNs on our official supported provider list come in handy. Here in the US, we’ll have the benefit of comprehensive NBC Summer Olympic coverage, and if you’re an American ex-pat, you can receive the full benefit of that coverage with the assistance of a VPN and good DD-WRT or Tomato FlashRouter to back up the location-switching (maybe something good and powerful like the Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000 DD-WRT or the Asus RT-AC3200 Tomato).

    It’s worth noting that NBC’s coverage may in fact require a cable subscription and login credentials, in which case the BBC or Canada’s CBC – as accessed through a VPN, if necessary – may be your best bet for unfettered free Summer Olympics streaming video.

    Where are the Olympics Streaming?

    • USANBC Sports will live stream the Summer Olympics for the US.
    • United Kingdom: BBC Sports will live stream the Summer Olympics for the UK.
    • Canada: CBC will live stream the Summer Olympics for Canada
    • Brazil: Rede Globo will live stream the Summer Olympics for Brazil.

    For a complete list of where the Olympics will be streaming in countries worldwide, check out our Olympics Streaming Info Table further down the post.

    Best VPNs for Summer Olympics Streaming

    NordVPN - Top VPN Service For Olympics Streaming

    • NordVPN – A very popular service, thanks to double data encryption feature (A.K.A. Double VPN).
    • ExpressVPN – Popular premium VPN provider with top performance in Asia and Australia.
    • IPVanish – Offers some of the fastest L1 server speeds worldwide & popular in the Middle East.
    • HideMyAss – Most overall US & UK server options.
    • PrivateInternetAccess – Top budget VPN service.

    Best Routers for HD Olympics Streaming

    It’s hard to stress enough how important a powerful wireless router is to getting the best streaming experience for your favorite sporting events like the Summer Olympics.

    The best DD-WRT routers of 2016 - Asus RT-AC5300 DD-WRT

    Asus RT-AC5300 DD-WRT

    This importance is only magnified  when you’re using a VPN for encryption, privacy and location-jumping. A FlashRouter can be the key component to this integrating the advantages of VPN with a single setup on all your devices.

    A flawless Summer Olympics streaming. experience is here to stay with some or our router favorites.

    Asus RT-AC5300 DD-WRTThe ultimate Asus networking centerpiece with power and style for future-proofing your WiFi network to next-gen Wireless-AC standards.
    Netgear AC1450 DD-WRTOur best mid-range DD-WRT router, making up for a lack of external antennas with a top-of-the-line 800 MHz processor.
    Netgear Nighthawk R8000 AC3200 DD-WRTDizzying speeds thanks to Tri-Band Wireless-AC and six powerful external antennae... this is the upstart rookie on our line well on its way to being a superstar.
    Linksys E2500 N600 TomatoWidely considered our best low-priced Tomato router that boasts the speed and efficiency of a router twice the price.

    Of course, that is a mere sample of the range of routers we offer. Want a more complete list of the best wireless routers for streaming sports? Checking out best our throurough Best DD-WRT Routers of 2016.

    Maybe you want to cut right to the chase and find the best router for your needs? That’s what the snazzy new FlashRouter Open-Source Router Finder is for!

    Worldwide Summer Olympics Streaming Coverage

    Just because you can get Olympic streaming pretty much worldwide, it is important to note that coverage will differ from country to country. That means:

    Language: The language each broadcast will usually be presented with will be the language of that country. i.e. If you are watching Olympics coverage from Spain, the stream will be in Spanish.

    Event Competitor Focus: Another important factor to note, is that the events each country will broadcast will differ based on their most prominent sport and competitors. In other words, if you are watching a Spanish stream, you may see a good amount of Equestrians. If you would prefer to see the wide spectrum of events presented by, say, the United States, then a VPN might work best for you to get access to NBC’s  English language Olympic coverage.

    Lastly, whether you’re streaming through a VPN or your regular day-to-day wireless network, you’re going to need to know which company is broadcasting in your preferred region of the world.

    How To Stream Olympics Soccer Free on TV

    Olympic Coverage By Region

    Asia Dentsu1
    AustraliaSeven Network
    BrazilRede Globo, Rede Record, Rede Bandeirantes, ESPN Brazil, Fox Sports Brazil
    BulgariaBNT, TV+
    CanadaCBC, Radio-Canada
    CaribbeanCANOC Broadcasting Inc., CBU, CWC, ESPN Caribbean
    Central AsiaDentsu2
    Czech RepublicČT, TV Nova, Český Rozhlas
    Denmark DR, TV2
    EstoniaERR, MTG
    Finland Yle
    France Télévisions, Canal+
    Germany ARD, ZDF
    Hong KongTVB
    IsraelSport 5
    ItalySky Italia, RAI
    Latin AmericaAmérica Móvil, DirecTV, ESPN, Fox Sports Latin America
    LatviaLTV, MTG
    LithuaniaLNK, Lietuvos rytas TV, MTG
    JapanJapan Consortium
    Middle EastASBU
    New ZealandSky Television
    North KoreaSBS
    Pacific IslandsSky Television
    PortugalRTP, Sport TV
    RussiaC1R, VGTRK, NTV Plus
    SlovakiaRTVS, TV Nova
    SloveniaRTV Slovenija
    South AsiaSTAR India
    South AfricaSABC, SuperSport
    South KoreaSBS
    Sub-Saharan AfricaSuperSport, Infront Sports & Media
    SwitzerlandSRG SSR
    TanzaniaAzam Media
    TurkeyFOX Turkey
    United KingdomBBC
    United StatesNBC

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