FlashRouters 2016 Fall Router Deals & Specials

Fall Tech Sale at FlashRouters

Router deals almost certainly don’t strike you as a hallmark of the fall season. You likely think of leaves changing, sweater/jacket weather, apple cider, etc. We’re here to change that.

Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch. Nonetheless, there are plenty of good reasons to update your wireless network with a top shelf WiFi router during autumn. Maybe you are planning on streaming NFL football this season or streaming horror movies on Shudder leading up to  Halloween? Surely, we will be using this cooler weather to catch up on our favorite new Fall TV shows. That is why a FlashRouter upgrade is ideal to keep our networks strong and ready for all of our fall plans and added usage.

FlashRouters Fall Specials/Router Deals

For a limited time beginning September 22 (the first day of fall in the US), use the code FALL to receive $20 off any router over $250+. Start the fall season off right!

You read that correctly. Knock $20 off any of our DD-WRT and Tomato-flashed devices including:

The 8 port AC3100 Asus RT-AC88UNighthawk Netgear Secure VPN Routerhttps://www.flashrouters.com/routers/router-types/dd-wrt/linksys-wrt1200ac-ddwrt-router
R7000 Nighthawk TomatoLinksys WRT1200AC DD-WRT Router
Wireless-AC5300 Mbps
1.4 Ghz Broadcom Processor
4 Ext Antennas
8 Gigabit Wired Ports
Top Gaming Router
Wireless-AC1900 Mbps
1 Ghz Broadcom Processor
3 Ext Antennas
Most Popular TomatoUSB Router
Wireless-AC1200 Mbps
1.3 GHz Marvell Processor
2 Ext Antennas
Use in Small-Medium Homes

Bring a Wireless-AC gem like these into your home at a significant discount, and watch as your network blooms.

Since streaming bandwidth demands are so high, a FlashRouter is the perfect fall accessory. A discounted FlashRouter is all the better. In addition, a VPN-friendly FlashRouter will ramp up your cyber-security. Planning on doing a lot of online shopping before the holiday season kicks in? Securing your sensitive online data with the protection of a good VPN router is the only sensible way to approach that task.

How to Find the Right FlashRouter For You

Netgear Nighthawk X8 R8500 AC5300

We offer a lot of great routers here, so starting the search for your choice may be intimidating. Take a look at our bestselling routers list since it’s a good indicator of our user’s favorites. You’ll find amazing, powerful devices like the Netgear Nighthawk X8 R8500 AC5300 DD-WRT FlashRouter and the Linksys WRT1200AC DD-WRT. Routers like these are certain to give your WiFi network the boost it so badly needs. And they’ll do it without breaking the bank.

Benefits of FlashRouters

Still unsure which FlashRouter is right for you? Try out our new router finder. Give us the specs and price range you’re looking for, and our experts will give you their best recommendation.

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Edward Snowden, the NSA, and Oliver Stone: An Update

An update on Edward Snowden and the NSA

Edward Snowden, the NSA, and Oliver Stone

News media is flooded with stories about Edward Snowden. Not since his groundbreaking leaks about the NSA’s massively invasive PRISM program has Edward Snowden been such a regular presence in our news.

Edward Snowden, the NSA, and Oliver Stone: An Update

There are multiple reasons behind this latest blast of news around Edward Snowden. To start, Oliver Stone just released Snowden, the director’s retelling of the events surrounding Snowden’s infamy. In addition to featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the title role, Snowden co-stars Melissa Leo, Nicolas Cage, Shailene Woodley, and Zachary Quinto.

Not so coincidentally, a Pardon Snowden campaign has gained some steam. Support for the movement has come from a lot of places, from the ACLU to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and even The New York Times. This is a pretty surprising switch, given the general disapproval that followed Edward Snowden’s important revelations.

The Edward Snowden Saga: A Recap

Edward Snowden, a former NSA analyst, collected thousands of documents detailing the NSA’s shockingly widespread surveillance programs and released them to the press. Snowden has spent the years since living in Russia, where he was granted asylum.

As the ACLU has helpfully pointed out:

Snowden has already been vindicated in multiple ways: A panel appointed by the president to review the NSA’s surveillance program recommended ­­dozens of reforms. Last year, a federal appeals court found the NSA’s call-tracking program revealed by Snowden was illegal. The following month, Congress passed the USA Freedom Act, which ended bulk collection of call data by the US government. That bill marked the first time Congress has acted to rein in government surveillance since the 1970s. Journalists at The Guardian and Washington Post won the Pulitzer Prize for their reporting on Snowden’s disclosures.

Maintaining Cybersecurity in the Age of Edward Snowden and the NSA

FlashRouters is for a full pardon of Edward Snowden. That much should be obvious to anyone who reads this blog regularly. One of FlashRouters’ top goals is to offer users a safe and dependable way to live online. That most certainly includes protecting our users’ privacy, for which FlashRouters receives invaluable assistance from our VPN partners.

Therefore, this is a no-brainer to FlashRouters. Edward Snowden risked his freedom to protect all of ours. Those of us who spend a lot of time online around the world are more aware of the dangers that spying governments present. That’s a direct positive result of Edward Snowden’s work. What’s more, Snowden has been a consistent champion for a more secure and private Internet in the aftermath of the PRISM leak.

FlashRouters agrees with Snowden’s online security advice, which includes using protection networks like Tor or browser plugins like HTTPS Everywhere. FlashRouters is particularly interested in encouraging VPN usage. Our top-of-the-line DD-WRT and Tomato VPN routers are good for helping with that.

Take a minute and check out this brief list of a few of our favorite VPN service providers.

ExpressVPNPopular premium VPN provider with top performance in Asia and Australia.
NordVPNAn increasingly popular service for users in the EU.
IPVanishOffers some of the fastest Level 1 server speeds worldwide & popular in countries like Saudi Arabia & the UAE.

In addition, get to know some of our alternative VPN setup options. Learning a few of these tricks is a great way to make VPN usage simple while increasing your network productivity.

The Best Ways to Get Around a Block on WhatsApp


How to Get Around a Block on WhatsApp- photo by Alvaro Ibanez

So far, US citizens have been lucky enough to avoid a proposed block on WhatsApp. Others around the world have not been so lucky.

There are two elements that make WhatsApp a target for restrictive governments: 1) it’s free. International telecom companies don’t much like companies giving away what they’re trying to sell. And 2) WhatsApp features end-to-end encryption. Invasive governments who like sifting through your texts in the name of national security really don’t like that.

That’s why you can barely go a week without seeing a new story about a block on WhatsApp. As we speak, France and Germany are trying to force the EU to allow them to break WhatsApp encryption. On 2015, British Prime Minister David Cameron made numerous threats to block the service in the wake of terror attacks. So first we’re going to take a look at WhatsApp’s fraught recent history with bans. Then we’ll show you how to avoid losing access to WhatsApp, even if your government shuts down service

A Brief History of WhatsApp Shutdowns in 2016

Before we begin, we should clarify that there are WhatsApp blocks and shutdowns, and countries where WhatsApp is flat-out banned. The latter category includes China and the UAE. Both groups are ever-changing, as tides of fortune keep changing for WhatsApp and their increasingly essential service.

So here’s the low-down on WhatsApp shutdowns in 2016:

  • August 2016 – WhatsApp blocked in Ethiopia after security forces clash with protesters, leaving many dead.
  • July 2016 – A block on WhatsApp is instituted as a result of a Brazilian judge’s orders when the company refused to provide chat logs to assist with a criminal investigation. The order is lifted after a few hours. This incident marks the 4th WhatsApp block to take place in Brazil.
  • July 2016 – Zimbabwe blocks WhatsApp as workers plan a “national shutdown” in an effort to pressure the government for better working conditions.
  • June 2016 – Iran rules that apps like WhatsApp must store all data pertaining to Iranian citizens, giving the services one year to fully comply or be shut down.
  • February 2016 – On the more positive end, Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on the “Call” feature of WhatsApp.
  • January 2016 – Telecom companies in Morocco institute block on WhatsApp and other VoIP services made through 3G and 4G service.

Again, this is all just this year. If we missed one, please send it in – reports of blocks in certain countries were difficult to verify.

Using VPNs to Get Around a Block on WhatsApp

It’s clear to us that WhatsApp is both a crucial means of free, secure communication and a besieged service for those very reasons. The app exists on a thin edge between existence and non-existence in any number of countries. Therefore, you can’t count on it remaining available where you live.

Consequently, you need something you can count on to maintain your WhatsApp connection. And that’s why a VPN is your new best friend.

VPNs, in addition to adding another level of security to your wireless network by encrypting all of your data, gives you freedom to travel the global Internet. VPN service providers set up encrypted servers all over the world to enable you “travel” to different regions of the planet.

So if you’re in the UAE and you want to use WhatsApp, log into your VPN, pick a server in a country with WhatsApp service, and you’re all set.

Popular VPNs to Get Around a Block on WhatsApp

FlashRouters is affiliated with a lengthy list of VPNs, and any of these would be incredibly helpful getting around WhatsApp blocks. Nonetheless, we’ve put together a few suggestions that will help you get around any block on WhatsApp.

ExpressVPNPopular premium VPN provider with top performance in Asia and Australia.
IPVanishOffers some of the fastest Level 1 server speeds worldwide & popular in countries like Saudi Arabia & the UAE.
NordVPNOne of the most affordable and reliable VPN providers.

Best FlashRouters for Circumventing a WhatsApp Block

Top Streaming Router of 2016: Asus RT-AC88U AC3100 DD-WRT Upgraded

The Asus RT-AC88U AC3100 DD-WRT FlashRouter

The last thing you need for uninterrupted WhatsApp service is a FlashRouter.

Not only do our routers improve the overall health of your wireless network, but they make VPN usage considerably easier. Check out our wide variety of VPN router setup options to see how a FlashRouter can make your VPN experience simpler and better.

But beyond that, a FlashRouter is just what any person running a modern wireless network needs. Don’t fall victim to the pitfalls of stock router firmware any longer. Try a FlashRouter, which replaces that faulty stock router firmware with top-notch open source replacements, DD-WRT and Tomato.

Wireless networks improve immeasurably as a result of DD-WRT and Tomato. Users are able to access advanced security options, bandwidth monitoring features, and extend their wireless range. Features like these are key to a dependably excellent wireless network, and your VoIP, streaming, and gaming services will flourish as a result.

We don’t play favorites with our routers, but our recent best-selling router list should give you an idea of the top choices around FlashRouters. We’ve also compiled lists of the top DD-WRT and Tomato routers of 2016. There you’ll find amazing routers like the Asus RT-AC88U DD-WRT and the Netgear Nighthawk X8 DD-WRT, both of which provide dizzying speeds and immense power to your WiFi network. For those looking for a more modest upgrade can find gems like the Linksys WRT1200AC DD-WRT and the E2500 Tomato.

Inteno Router Hack Allows Attacker Takeover of Your Whole Network

Inteno router hack allows takeover of network

Inteno Router Hack

Another day, and another router hack is exposed. This new Inteno router hack demonstrates once again that stock firmware is untrustworthy.

Inteno Router Hack Leaves Whole Networks Exposed

A major vulnerability that would allow hackers to potentially control the user’s whole network has been found on several Inteno home routers, per The Merkle.

F-secure researchers discovered the vulnerability. Furthermore, this vulnerability allows hackers to take full control of the router and its Internet traffic. A hacker could even install his or her own firmware.

Suffice to say, a hacker can put your network into a world of hurt by exploiting this vulnerability. All of your home devices – your phone, laptop, Smart TV, etc. – run on your router, and therefore all of your devices are at risk. This means that Inteno router owners are vulnerable to a complete network takeover. An attacker has the potential to direct users to malware-infected sites, or install backdoors on your router without your approval.

Astoundingly, Inteno has no intention of patching this flaw, at least as of this writing. This strikes us as an almost criminal display of negligence, and if Inteno maintains this position, we’d just as soon recommend avoiding their devices altogether. It is absolutely the company’s responsibility to correct this error.

How to Circumvent Inteno Router Security Flaws

ET Telecom’s article on this incident includes useful tips for keeping your network safe from this sort of flaw. Tips include keeping “browsers and other software updated to prevent hackers exploiting security flaws in old software” and use a VPN (hey, we know where you can find a lot of those!).

Avoiding routers with stock firmware is the best thing you can do for your cybersecurity. Stock router firmwares are constantly being exposed as vulnerable, and a conventional router just won’t cut it anymore. Make the jump to open source. Your security vastly improves. In fact, your whole WiFi network vastly improves.

FlashRouters avoids running into these recurring network security flaws by installing DD-WRT and Tomato on our routers. Our devices are fast, powerful, and reliable, as a result of these open source firmwares. Your Netflix streaming is dependably excellent, and your gaming suffers no buffering interruptions. Most of all, a FlashRouter is VPN-friendly, giving you that extra security a modern WiFi network demands.

Check out some of our bestselling routers, because you’ll see the ways in which your network can improve. Don’t let your network fall victim to problems like the Inteno router flaw.One can easily avoid such issues with a FlashRouter.

How to Watch NFL Streaming From Anywhere (Updated 2016 Season)

NFL Streaming Outside of the US with NFL Game Pass

Enjoy NFL Streaming with NFL Game Pass

It’s time to get your WiFi networks in order, folks, because NFL streaming is back. Preseason NFL games are wrapping up. Browns fans like my wife are already steeling themselves for their yearly ritualistic punishment. There’s nothing like it.

Consequently, there’s nothing worse than being stuck out of the country during football season. Maybe you’ve been sent away on business or planned a vacation poorly, and worried about the NFL streaming you’ll miss. There’s still hope!

FlashRouters is here to make sure that no good football fan is stuck without means for watching his favorite team (or any team). There are plenty of ways to stream NFL games from outside the US, and we’re going to tell you all about them below. Maybe we’ll even throw in a tip about how to get them from inside the US for cheap, wink.

Stream NFL Games on NFL GamePass (Updated for 2016)

Stream NFL Games with NFL Game Pass

Stream NFL Games with NFL Game Pass

Let’s start with the best option, because this one is specifically marketed to solve this exact problem:

NFL GamePass is just what you’ve been looking for. You can follow any team (or amount of teams) you want. Better yet, the best benefits of NFL Game Pass are available if you’re not in North America.

That’s right; NFL Game Pass is made just for you, the NFL fan who’s stuck overseas from fall through winter. And you can choose a subscription that suits exactly your needs. You can follow every team, or just your favorite. You can just watch the playoffs, or the regular season, or the off-season. Or all three!

Replay games you missed. Watch archived Super Bowls and other games with NFL Game Pass. And of course, NFL Game Pass offers the most up-to-date live scores, in-game stats, chat options, DVR controls. And that’s just for those with the basic subscription. Pick up the premium NFL Game Pass subscription, because then you get NFL RedZone, condensed games viewing options, multi-view game modes, picture-in-picture, and much more to the list of perks!

How to Watch Live NFL Games Outside the USA with a VPN

Shelling out around $100 for NFL Game Pass sound prohibitively expensive? Somewhere NFL Game Pass is not available? Don’t fret; because there are other ways to stream NFL games outside of the US.

Every Sunday Night Football game is available at NBCSports.com.  Monday Night Football games are available on WatchESPN.com, provided that you have a cable subscription from select companies. Sling TV will help you out there too.

The problem with these options is that these websites are not available outside of the US. Therefore, you need to do is subscribe to a VPN.

Using a VPN To Watch NFL

VPN services, or Virtual Private Network services, are subscription-based services offering users maximum security around their online information.

When you log into your VPN, all of your information is tunneled through secure, encrypted servers located all over the world. This process ensures that no hackers, online spies, nor identity thieves can ever access it. You need no longer worry about your sensitive e-mails being viewed by prying eyes, nor your credit card information falling into the wrong hands.

Furthermore, VPNs allow you to access geographically restricted information from anywhere in the world. When you log in to your VPN, you’re allowed to choose your own server which can be located almost anywhere. This changes your IP address, effectively tricking your computer into believing it’s in another country. Stuck in China on business and eager to access your NFL Sunday Ticket subscription? Just log in to your VPN, pick a US-based server, and you’ll enjoy NFL streaming games in no time.

*In addition, if you use a VPN, you can use NFL Game Pass from inside the US. Log in and choose a server in any country outside of North America and enjoy. Choose a VPN with a server in the Netherlands and your NFL Game Pass subscription will be free and unrestricted. But you didn’t hear this from us.

Popular VPN service providers for NFL Streaming

  • IPVanish – Offering some of the fastest VPN server speeds
  • Overplay – Easiest to Use VPN Provider
  • HideMyAss – Largest Selection of Server Locations
  • PrivateInternetAccess – The Top budget VPN option
  • ExpressVPN – Popular premium VPN provider with top performance in Asia and Australia.

FlashRouters also offers a VPN provider comparison list to help you find the virtual private network that best suits your needs.

The Best Countries for NFL Streaming

Now that you have your VPN set up, you’re probably wondering which country would be best suited for NFL streaming. There has been a lot of talk of countries who have free access to NFL GamePass for the season.

FlashRouters has done its research to bring you the best countries to stream your NFL Sunday games.

Unfortunately, there are no longer any free countries that allow you to stream free of charge.

How much does NFL Streaming cost? The price of the service is $99 a year.

Now you have your VPN access (set up through FlashRouters of course) and the best countries from which to stream. You are all ready to enjoy the game!

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Happy Footballing!

The FlashRouters Guarantee

Netgear R7000 Nighthawk - Wireless-AC Router

Netgear R7000 AC1900 Nighthawk DD-WRT

You should know that the best way to take advantage of all that a VPN has to offer, in addition to being the best way to get top quality for NFL streaming games, is to use a FlashRouter.

Our mission is to provide high-performing, affordable routers that keep our user’s networks fast, safe, and dependable. We flash every router with either DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, because these firmware overhaul super-charge already powerful routers with a variety of advanced uses.

Boost the range of your wireless signal, take advantage of advanced security options, and even control your own bandwidth. Prioritize HD NFL streaming, because a FlashRouter will allow your network to handle a high volume job like that with ease. No more annoying freezes or stalls because a FlashRouter is on your side.

Most noteworthy, if you want to make using your VPN easier, FlashRouters helps with that too. VPN-connectivity is a feature of every FlashRouter, which saves you the trouble of installing the tricky VPN installation software. You don’t want to brick your router (it happens all too often) trying to install your VPN on your own. Hold on to your previous router, and you can take advantage of our popular dual-router set-up. As a result, you’ll be able to switch between your local network and VPN in no time.

Best FlashRouters for Streaming NFL Football

The powerhouse of our line is the Netgear R7000 Nighthawk DD-WRT FlashRouter. This is our Steelers-in-the-70s router, and you haven’t got a prayer going up against this networking beast.

If speed is your number one concern (and if you’re going to stream NFL games, it probably should be), then you have to go with Asus AC5300 DD-WRT FlashRouter. This gem follows in the footsteps of Gale Sayers, Walter Payton, and Barry Sanders, and leaves all of its other competitors in the dust. Read more about Wireless-AC routers here.

Maybe you want a fullback of a router, one that just fearlessly stomps all over its competitors like Jim Brown, Franco Harris, or Herschel Walker before it. In that case, the Asus RT-N66U Dark Knight Tomato router is your man.

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