Celebrate Computer Security Day By Securing Your Network

Computer Security Day - Cybersecurity

Computer Security Day

Nestled in between some of the more widely known holidays of the late fall/early winter season is Computer Security Day. Every year, November 30th is devoted to increasing awareness around issues of cyber-security and Internet-based threats.

Anyone who follows this site with any regularity knows that cyber-security is one of the top things we discuss. So Computer Security Day is almost redundant in the FlashRouters office.

On the other hand, Computer Security Day does provide us the opportunity to highlight some of our tips for increasing your online security. So let’s take this holiday and take a look at some of the best ways to secure your wireless network.

Computer Security Day Tips for Securing Your Network

1. VPNs

At FlashRouters, we implore you again and again, the best thing you can do for your cybersecurity is to use a VPN. By tunneling all of your online info through encrypted servers around the world every time you log in, VPNs provide immeasurable levels of security for users. This remains the best way to thwart hackers and intrusive governments that wish to spy on your online behavior.

That’s why we make our comunity-vetted open source firmware routers so VPN-friendly. If you’re subscribed to any router on our supported provider list, we’ll send your new FlashRouter with your VPN pre-installed. What’s more, FlashRouters offers all kinds of alternative VPN setups that allow you to enjoy the protection your VPN provides with greater ease.

The 8 port AC3100 Asus RT-AC88UNighthawk Netgear Secure VPN Routerhttps://www.flashrouters.com/routers/router-types/dd-wrt/linksys-wrt1200ac-ddwrt-router
R7000 Nighthawk TomatoLinksys WRT1200AC DD-WRT Router
Wireless-AC5300 Mbps
1.4 Ghz Broadcom Processor
4 Ext Antennas
8 Gigabit Wired Ports
Top Gaming Router
Wireless-AC1900 Mbps
1 Ghz Broadcom Processor
3 Ext Antennas
Most Popular TomatoUSB Router
Wireless-AC1200 Mbps
1.3 GHz Marvell Processor
2 Ext Antennas
Use in Small-Medium Homes

2. Better Passwords

FlashRouters has posted some of our favorite tips for improving your password before, but they merit another mention. Make unique passwords for each account you have, and save the info somewhere secure (not in a file on your computer called “My Passwords”). Use bad grammar because it stymies hackers’ ability to guess your password. You can even use a password generator if you can’t manage to randomize things enough on your own. The important thing is not to keep re-using the same password over and over again. Because once a hacker gets into one account, they can get into all of them.

3. Stay Up on Cybersecurity News

FlashRouters does our best to report on, or at least tweet out, all of the latest developments in the world of cyber-security. But there’s simply too much to catch it all. So aside from following our Twitter, we recommend routinely checking sites like ThreatpostWIREDArs Technica, CNET, and many more. We can’t tell you how many hacks and cybersecurity threats slip under the radar. Stay vigilant and informed and update your devices accordingly.

Well, that’s all for this Computer Security Day. FlashRouters promises to remain diligent in our quest to keep your wireless networks as secure as possible. All we ask is that you do the same on your end. Subscribe to those VPNs, maintain the integrity of your antivirus software, don’t use weak passwords, and for god’s sake, keep reading up on cyber-security!

Best New Netflix & Amazon USA Movies & TV December 2016

Enjoy Streaming Videos on Netflix

Netflix Instant Streaming

Best Amazon and Netflix Instant Streaming Movies & TV Added in December 2016

Netflix streaming is a bit difficult to monitor. Movies and TV shows come and go from the streaming service with much frequency. We’ve watched Beverly Hills Cop come and go from this list more often than we can count. We think it’s back this month.

This post serves the role of keeping the dedicated Netflix Instant streamer apprised of what new additions should be watched immediately. The content here will be continually updated on this site as new movies and television shows are added to the Netflix Instant streaming lineup.

Better Router = Better Netflix Streaming

Streaming HD video is a bandwidth intensive activity. It puts major stress on a wireless home network. FlashRouters are popular with heavy Netflix Instant streaming users because they are designed to handle high-volume jobs with ease.

With a FlashRouter, you can extend tweak wireless sensitivity, your wireless range, control your bandwidth allocation plus add layers of advanced security. So you might wonder how? FlashRouters use DD-WRT & Tomato firmware, open-source replacement firmwares that boost a router’s functionality and feature-set.

Routers from all price ranges, all ready to revolutionize your network. Here are some of our most popular:

Top Netgear VPN Router for Netflix- R7000 TomatoUSBAsus RT-AC56U DD-WRT Netflix VPN RouterThe 8 port AC3100 Asus RT-AC88U
R7000 Nighthawk TomatoAsus RT-AC56U DD-WRTAsus RT-AC88U DD-WRT
1 Ghz Broadcom Processor, 3 Ext Antennas800 Mhz Broadcom, Wireless-AC, USB 3.04 External Antennas, 1.4 GHz Broadcom
Top Range, Enhanced TomatoUSB VPN Splitter FirmwarePopular for High Speeds in Smaller Homes.Advanced Processing Speeds, Powerful WiFi, USB 3.0

Looking to get the best router money can buy? Check out the lists for Best DD-WRT RouterTop Tomato Firmware Router.

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What Is Wireless-AD? (FlashRouters WiFi FAQ)


Wireless-AC has had a good run as the fastest wireless networking standard available, but it couldn’t last forever. In fact, it couldn’t even last more than a few years.

What we’re saying is there’s a new sheriff in town.

A Brief History of WiFi

Before we hear about advances in the wireless field, let’s take a look at its history. A good place to start is this FlashRouters post from last year. This post offers a comprehensive history of WiFi as well as an easy follow explanation.

One can also study the history of WiFi by going over the various transformations through the years. This FlashRouters post shows the difference between Wireless-G, Wireless-N, and Wireless-AC devices.

Introducing Wireless-AD

What comes after Wireless-AC? Well, Wireless-AD, naturally. On down the alphabet we go.

Per Network World: “TP-LINK, Qualcomm, and Acer have all just announced products that will take advantage of the latest, fast 802.11ad wireless standard.”

So what does that mean to you, the potential Wireless-AD user? TP-Link is promising full 4K movie downloads in 4 minutes. And with routers that run at 7200 Mbps (or 7 Gbps), that sounds conceivable to us.

Furthermore, Wireless AD adds another frequency band to the 5.0 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands provided by Wireless-AC devices. If you’re wondering how a device can handle 7200 Mbps of traffic, the 60 GHz range bad should answer your question.

As Network World points out though, that high level of frequency does not travel too far. These new routers circumvent that problem by offering that top band to devices in the room with the router, and the lower bands to devices that are too far away for the top band.

As for whether or not a Wireless-AD FlashRouter is in your future, we’d say to hold tight. FlashRouters has more than demonstrated a preternatural ability to offer the top routers available across all wireless networking standards. In short, Wireless-AD routers flashed with DD-WRT and Tomato are almost certainly in all of our futures.

The 8 port AC3100 Asus RT-AC88UNighthawk Netgear Secure VPN Routerhttps://www.flashrouters.com/routers/router-types/dd-wrt/linksys-wrt1200ac-ddwrt-router
R7000 Nighthawk TomatoLinksys WRT1200AC DD-WRT Router
Wireless-AC5300 Mbps
1.4 Ghz Broadcom Processor
4 Ext Antennas
8 Gigabit Wired Ports
Top Gaming Router
Wireless-AC1900 Mbps
1 Ghz Broadcom Processor
3 Ext Antennas
Most Popular TomatoUSB Router
Wireless-AC1200 Mbps
1.3 GHz Marvell Processor
2 Ext Antennas
Use in Small-Medium Homes

In the meantime, our Wireless-AC selection is vibrant and plentifully stocked with outstanding devices. Check out some in the table below. When Wireless-AD devices hit our line, believe us, we’ll be sure to let you know.

FlashRouters Holiday Deals Are Here!



Stay in, stay warm, and get your holiday shopping done from the comfort of your couch or gaming chair. FlashRouters Holiday Deals are here to simplify your gift-giving needs with the perfect gift for any true techie or those in need of better WiFi performance or enhanced privacy/security.

Holiday Upgrade Savings at FlashRouters

Are you ready to save big on some of our finest security-enhanced, privacy-protecting, WiFi boosting DD-WRT and Tomato Wireless-AC routers? Because the open-source router experts here have a fantastic set of gifts for you to choose from.


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Anyone across the globe can enter code HOLIDAY at checkout and see $25 come flying off the price of any router $250+!

Meet The Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 DD-WRT FlashRouter

The Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 DD-WRT FlashRouter

That’s right. Take $25 off killer routers like:

  1. The newly launched Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 AC3200 DD-WRT FlashRouter 
  2. The re-incarnation of the classic blue WRT54G with Linksys WRT1200AC AC1200 DD-WRT FlashRouter
  3. Asus’ 8 antenna-ed router/crown/alien the Asus RT-AC5300 DD-WRT.
  4. Any of our already ridiculously low priced Open Box Routers*.

Want more info on our most popular devices? Check out our Enhanced WiFi Router bestseller list! You get a device that revitalizes and revolutionizes your WiFi network at a majorly discounted price.

VPN Provider Holiday Specials

Now is a great time to re-up or add VPN service to protect your home and office networks with your FlashRouter which includes plug and play VPN pre-configuration, one of the many popular exclusive perks of purchasing a customized FlashRouter.

Some of our most popular supported VPN services are running some special that may be worth checking our if you are looking for a different service.

HideMyAss – Save Up to 57% on Yearly Subscriptions!

PureVPN – Get 2X the VPN Service! 2 years of Premium VPN service for $59!

Keep this post nearby during the next month plus, because the FlashRouters deals are going to be coming fast and often. In the meantime, enjoy some leftover turkey and stuffing and have a happy and safe holiday season from the whole FlashRouters crew!

*Click Here for more information on our Open Box Router program.

Windscribe VPN FlashRouters Are Now Available

Windscribe VPN joins the FlashRouters official supported provider list

Windscribe VPN FlashRouters Now Available

FlashRouters just can’t stop making things easier for people looking to enjoy some online privacy and Internet freedom. We are happy to announce that FlashRouters officially supports Windscribe VPN and offers Windscribe VPN routers!

Windscribe VPN Joins FlashRouters Official Supported Provider List

Make room, countless other VPNs on our supported provider list. FlashRouters now offers DD-WRT routers backed up by Windscribe’s impenetrable online security.

Not only does Windscribe offer the best features of a VPN service, it throws in top features of browser security tools. This makes Windscribe a uniquely all-purpose VPN and also a powerful weapon in the battle for a secure Internet.

Best Windscribe VPN Features

Windscribe VPN Top Features

Windscribe VPN Top Features

As their site promises (pictured above), Windscribe is both VPN service provider and browser guardian. You get all of the benefits of a VPN service provider – the ability to geo-hop online, untraceable web browsing – combined with a browser protector to keep ads and unsecured websites at bay.

Oh, and did we mention that Windscribe VPN is a free service? Well, “free-mium”, which is to say that there’s a free service, which is limited to 10 Gbs a month, servers in 8 countries (US, Canada, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands), and only one device. The best deal is available if you’re willing to pay $7.50 a month. For that money, you get servers in 30 countries and unlimited downloading and devices.

In short, Windscribe is basically a dream VPN. Good comprehensive coverage for all facets of online life, and you need not pay a dime. You don’t even need to provide an email address. What more could you ask for?

Windscribe VPN DD-WRT Routers

So that’s a pretty compelling case for Windscribe usage. Why pair it with a FlashRouter?

Benefits of FlashRoutersBefore we dig in to the VPN benefits of a FlashRouter, let’s just start with the fact that a FlashRouter is designed to massively boost your WiFi network’s functionality. That’s why we flash DD-WRT or Tomato firmware onto our devices. Doing so expands the security, power, and speed of our routers. A versatile device without faulty stock firmware is the centerpiece of any proper modern WiFi network.

Then there’s the VPN benefits. Not only does FlashRouters save you the trouble of installing your VPN on your router, we also offer a host of alternative VPN network setups. A FlashRouter with a pre-installed VPN makes the process of securing your sensitive online data easy. Cybersecurity and a strong modern WiFi network all in one device. That truly can’t be beat.

So ready to check out the Windscribe VPN Router options? Head over to our Windscribe VPN router section to get the latest WiFi router models.