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Can You Watch SkyTV & Sky Sports Outside the UK?

Watch Sky TV & Sky Sports from Anywhere with a VPN

Sky TV

From Playlists from Simon Pegg to Richard E. Grant (Withnail himself!) hosting a travelogue about the best and most interesting far-flung hotels to an upcoming 3D series from the great David Attenborough about the history of aviation, Sky TV surely has something for everyone.

Sky is a UK subscription-based, satellite and radio network that seemingly aims to cover every possible human interest in their programming. There’s Sky Living, Sky Arts, Sky Movies, but if it’s sports you’re looking for, then we’d have to point you toward…

Sky Sports

If you care at all about Premier League Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby, Equestrian sports, and on and on and on, Sky Sports is the place to be.

Constant news updates, analysis, and live streaming matches are just the top of the iceberg at Sky Sports. There’s radio (to go along with all the video), gambling (at Sky Bet), and even a Pub Finder, for those looking for the best place to watch whatever match they’re interested in. Can’t top that!

Use a VPN to Watch Sky Sports & Sky TV from Anywhere

Unblock SkySports in US, Spain, Portugal
Unfortunately for Sky TV and Sky Sports fans outside of the UK, you’re going to find yourself running into a lot of geographic restrictions when you try to stream certain shows. But don’t worry; there’s a simple solution…

Subscribe to a VPN. A VPN service, or Virtual Private Network service, is a subscription-based service with a dual purpose. The first purpose is to protect your online data and all the sensitive information that goes with it. Sick of changing passwords, worrying about hackers, identity thieves, and snooping governments? Consider your e-mails and credit cards secure with a VPN.

The other purpose, the one that relates directly to watching Sky TV and SkySports outside of the UK, is to unblock geographically restricted content. By logging in to your VPN, you’re given access to your VPNs servers set up all over the world. Pick a server in any country you want, and get assigned an IP address that makes your computer think it’s in that country.

Want to watch Sky TV outside of the UK when you are on holiday in Spain or Portugal? Log in to your VPN, pick a UK-based IP address, and you’re ready to start streaming. It’s that easy.

Popular VPN service providers for UK-based IP addresses include Overplay, HideMyAss, or take a look at our official supported provider list to find the right VPN for you.

Unblock Sky TV & Sky Sports With a FlashRouter

Now that you’ve got your VPN in place, and you’re capable of watching Sky TV from anywhere in the world, we’d recommend ensuring a flawless streaming experience with a FlashRouter.

As the video above explains, a FlashRouter is the way toward a brighter future with your wireless network. By taking already powerful routers and flashing them with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware – replacement firmwares that upgrade the stock firmware that comes with most routers – we are able to offer our customers feature-heavy devices that can handle any amount of traffic you throw at them.

Access advanced security options with a FlashRouter. Extend the range of your wireless network with a FlashRouter. You can even control how your bandwidth is allocated with a FlashRouter (a trick that really comes in handy for people who stream a lot of TV and sports).

Better still, a FlashRouter can improve your VPN experience. Keep your old router and go with our popular dual router setup, allowing you to switch back and forth between your VPN and your local network with ease. And if you subscribe to a VPN on our official supported provider list, your FlashRouter will show up ready to work with your VPN, saving you the trouble of messing around with the tricky installation process.

Top Routers for Sky TV UK

The TP-Link WDR3600 Dual Band DD-WRT FlashRouter

We don’t like playing favorites around here, but there’s no denying the awesome Wireless-AC power of the Netgear R7000 Nighthawk DD-WRT FlashRouter. It’s simply the most powerful router we’ve met, and we’re sure you’ll feel the same.

If that’s a bit too intense of an upgrade, don’t worry; we’ve got plenty of excellent and thoroughly affordable options for you, such as the TP-LINK WDR3600 DD-WRT Router, or the Linksys E2500 Tomato FlashRouter. Both will sufficiently boost your network without breaking the bank.

Otherwise, we’d recommend checking out some of our best and best-seller’s lists where there’s something sure to suit anyone.

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Back to School Sale – Save $20 on Any FlashRouter!

$20 off any FlashRouter: Back to School

Back to School Deals at FlashRouters

At FlashRouters, we’re committed to helping students and world-travelers, college-aged and otherwise, have a smooth transition into the new school year. We’ve had a number of back to school gift breakdowns in the past, and we’ve offered up a gift guide for students studying abroad.

Sorry, students, it’s that time of the year again, and though we can’t reduce the pain of returning to class, FlashRouters can make your school experience a lot more enjoyable by giving your wireless network a major overhaul…

$20 Off Any FlashRouter Back to School Special

That’s right. Any FlashRouter you want, order it and enter the coupon code school during checkout to receive a $20 discount now through Monday 8/15/14*.

Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves; you might be wondering what makes a FlashRouter so unique. See for yourself:

Now that you understand what a boon this could be for your college-aged student. With a DD-WRT or Tomato FlashRouter on their side, they’ll be the envy of their whole dorm.

One major advantage of a FlashRouter is something students often overlook – privacy and identity protection. VPN privacy services can be integrated with any FlashRouter. This allows for complete anonymity and identity protection when browsing from a dorm, off-campus housing or tooling around the globe abroad.

Fantastic DD-WRT & Tomato Routers for Students in College/Traveling Abroad

DD-WRT Upgraded Open Source Netgear WNDR4000

So now you see what a FlashRouter can do,  you might be looking for some pointers. Well, we’ve got plenty in our best DD-WRT routers of 2014 list, but here’s a few more…

Asus RT-N66U Tomato FlashRouter

The best of the best when it comes to Wireless-N and TomatoUSB.

New: $249.95 Now: $229.95

Double-tested Factory Recertifed: $199.95 Now: $179.95

Netgear WNDR4000 DD-WRT FlashRouter ($169.95 $149.95)

An excellent mid-range device ready to deliver Internet privacy, wireless speeds and performance.



More than you want to spend? Take a look at some of our economy models? Factor this discount plus the still-running summer blowout discount, and you’ve a few economy deals hard to ignore from Asus.

Asus RT-N12 DD-WRT FlashRouter ($109.95 $69.95)

Asus RT-N13U DD-WRT FlashRouter  ($104.95 $69.95)

Best WiFi DD-WRT Router of 2014 - Netgear R7000 Nighthawk OpenVPN OpenSource VPN

The Netgear R7000 Nighthawk DD-WRT FlashRouter

Does your son or daughter, nephew or niece, husband or wife deserve the absolute, top-of-the-line device with all the powerful bells and whistles?

Then it’s the Nighthawk Netgear R7000 DD-WRT or bust. The beast of the bunch ready to be a networking centerpiece for years to come.

That means unmatched processor (1 GHz) and max wireless speeds (up to AC1900) that cannot be beaten, plus integrated USB 3.0 for high-speed media server and sharing.

Send them off with something powerful and important. Protect their privacy and allow them to stay connected to their home country from anywhere in the world. And remember to enter the coupon code school during checkout to receive $20 off any FlashRouter! Good luck and study hard but not too hard :).

*Discount only applies to routers, and is limited to one router per order.

Where to Stream or Watch the Tennis US Open Live 2014


The calendar has turned to August, so if you are a Tennis fan, you most likely have the US Open on your mind.If you are a TV viewer in the United States, you probably have a good idea of how you will go about watching this year’s matches.

However, for cord-cutters, figuring out a way to watch the tennis US Open live might be a pain Let us help you take away the agita and show you how to watch the Tennis US Open live from August 25 to September 8th.

Where to Watch the Tennis US Open Live

US Open Tennis in the USA

In the past few years, the US Open site has served as the central source to watch the Tennis US Open live, providing great streaming content on nearly every aspect of the tournament. Covering live feeds from 7 courts, USOpen.org will have the most coverage available online for Tennis fanatics.

CBS Sports - For the 47th consecutive year, broadcasting nearly 40 hours of coverage including Finals Weekend, from the Women’s singles semifinals on Friday, Sept. 5 through the Men’s Singles Final on Monday, Sept. 8.

CBS Sports will also broadcast Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day for the 19th straight year, on Sunday, Aug. 24, and CBS Sports Network will televise the US Open Qualifying Tournament from Aug. 19-22 and offer more than 15 hours of coverage during Labor Day Weekend.

How to Watch US Open Tennis Tournament for Free on USOpen.Org

WatchESPN – ESPN’s online streaming video hub will certainly be a good source for streaming the US Open (if you have access) showing nearly 100 hours of live action during the tournament, including weekday afternoon coverage and exclusive weekday prime-time broadcasts.

ESPN’s coverage ends with the Men’s Doubles Final so you won’t get access to watching the finals. However, to use the WatchESPN service, you must also be a subscriber to a US-based provider, which are listed here.

Tennis Channel – Broadcasting 250+ hours of coverage including nearly 70 hours of live coverage along with daily US Open preview and highlight shows and extensive encore programming. The Tennis Channel is another official partner of the US Open that will host live streaming, but much like WatchESPN, you will need to be subscribed to a participating provider.

So if you are in the United States, use USOpen.org or CBSSports are available to anyone especially cord-cutters or use WatchESPN or The Tennis Channel if you subscribe to one of the supported cable providers. Outside of the United States, streaming the US Open Tennis tournament gets a bit more complicated.

US Open Tennis Coverage Outside the USA


The 2014 US Open is scheduled to be broadcast in more than 200 countries around the world. However, these streaming options and channels are limited to subscribers of these various services holding their rights.

UK – Skysports

Canada – TSN

Australia – Fox Sports

Japan – WOWOW

China – CCTV

Indian subcontinent – Ten Sports

Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America – ESPN International

54 countries in Europe & 14 in Asia including Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy & Russia – Eurosport

Free US Open Streaming Options from Outside of the United States

To watch the Tennis US Open live inside the US, you will need unblocked access to the US Open or CBS Sports websites. So how do you get that US-based IP address to watch all of the last tennis major of 2014?

Both CBS Sports and US Open can be unblocked outside of the United States via a VPN or SmartDNS service.

SmartDNS differs from VPN as it does not change your IP or add encryption but unblocks many popular streaming video sites. It offers access and speed but not the same speed as VPN service. Read more about the difference on our recent blog post, What is the difference between VPN and SmartDNS?

Our top recommended providers for users looking for the fastest US servers are:

  1. Overplay – Easiest to use and includes free SmartDNS service with subscription.
  2. HideMyAss  – Highest server count and IP address count.
  3. PrivateInternetAccess - Most popular budget provider with yearly accounts under $40.
  4. SmartDNSProxy - 14 Day Trial & 2 year subscriptions are under $50! A trial just long enough to watch the whole tournament.
  5. IPVanish – Own and maintain their own servers with a large amount of servers based through the US.

Using a VPN will allow you to have your IP address appear as if you are in the United States, which is beneficial if you are in the United Kingdom, Spain, Serbia or Australia and are looking to watch highlights of the US Open via CBS Sports.

Paid Streaming Tennis Outside of the United States

TennisTV is a very good option for tennis fans, offering full coverage of the ATP World Tour and the WTA tournament. TennisTV is a subscription based service that offers 16 months for the standard 1 year price of $129.95, a $9.99 day pass, and $20.99 for the standard monthly rate.

While many of the tournaments available on TennisTV have location restrictions, using a VPN service subscription will allow you to encrypt your IP address and have access to all the matches streaming on TennisTV as well.

Best Routers for Live Streaming Tennis Video

Asus RT-AC68U

Watch the Tennis US Open Live with a FlashRouter

If you are streaming TennisTV or WatchESPN with a VPN on a streaming media player, using a FlashRouter will make the process even easier.

A FlashRouter is a router implemented with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, and therefore fully capable of being used to create a VPN network. Once you have a VPN network, you can allow yourself full access to channels like TennisTV on a myriad of devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, and Android smartphones.

A FlashRouter like the powerhouse Asus RT-AC68U can also lend a hand to those in the United States wanting high quality streaming video from sports to movies through the year.

Possesses an 800 MHz processor and three adjustable external antennas, the Asus RT-AC68U DD_WRT is primed for high streaming quality and strong range. Plus, the DD-WRT firmware the RT-AC68U is flashed with allows for many new capabilities, including advanced QoS, privacy settings, access restrictions, and bandwidth monitoring.

These features are also available on various economy line routers like the Netgear WNDR4000. No matter your setup, a FlashRouter will certainly make integrating your unblocking desire and security/privacy needs a reality.


How Bad Is the Russian Cybervor Hack?

A Russian hack made 1.2 billion passwords and usernames vulnerable

Russian Hack Exposes 1.2 Billions Passwords & Usernames

Russian Cybervor Hack

As you may have heard, there was a major online security breach last week. We’re going to walk you through the particulars and explain how we can all learn from this incident.

A Russian cybercrime collective called Cybervor has reportedly amassed over 1.2 billion usernames and passwords from 420,000 distinct websites in what is being described as one of the biggest hacks ever.

So What’s the Damage?

There have been a number of articles, including this essential one from CNN, urging people not to get too terrified about the Cybervor hack for several reasons.

  1. Yes, 1.2 billion is a lot, but there is the distinct possibility that a great deal of that number comes from culling the bounty of other major breaches like the ones at Adobe, Sony, LinkedIn, RockYou.com and eBay. Those passwords and usernames were already exposed, and Cybervor is just corralling the efforts of their forebears.
  2. A lot of these passwords came from “Mom and Pop blogs, forums and other places where people often consider using a ‘throwaway’ password.” Not ideal, but compared to having your e-mail exposed, light damage.
  3. Ffor the more conspiratorially-inclined among you, there’s the fact that the breach was discovered by Hold Security, a company that is paid “tell companies if their usernames and passwords were compromised for the princely sum of $120.” Something worth considering?

How to Protect Yourself from Hacking & Identity Theft Online?

Best VPN Service Providers

FlashRouter-Ready VPNs

As usual, when something like this happens, we take the opportunity to advocate for our associates in the VPN (Virtual Private Network) industry. These service providers are on the front lines of online security, encrypting user data, and setting up secure servers all over the world to protect you from malevolent attacks just like the Russian hack.

We’ve got a whole list of FlashRouter-supported VPN service providers that you can and should consult to find the right VPN for you. And use a VPN router for complete protection for your entire network and every single device in it.

Secondly, and at the risk of repeating ourselves, but we have to insist that you take the password process seriously. We understand the temptation to keep using the same username/password combo every time you need to sign into a new site, but it’s a surefire way to have all of your data breached at once.

Take a look at our handy primer on wise password procedure. Hopefully, you come away with some useful tips.

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How to Unblock Netflix in Portugal

Hemlock Grove Streaming on Netflix

Hemlock Grove- Watch it on Netflix in Portugal

Netflix Instant may be launching their European invasion soon, but it’s still going to leave a lot of our friends on the other side of the Atlantic without access to Orange Is the New Black. Sorry, Europeans.

One particular country getting left out in the cold is Portugal, which just doesn’t seem right to us. In addition to hosting a population of 10 million people, Portugal is an extremely popular vacation spot for travelers from around the world. If you are a UK or EU citizen looking to spend your summer at your vacation home on the Iberian Peninsula, the ability to watch Netflix in Portugal might make that off-time even better.

But don’t worry, Portuguese friends; Netflix Instant may have ignored you this time, but we at FlashRouters haven’t forgotten you…

Watch Netflix in Portugal with VPNs

Best VPN Service Providers for watching Netflix Instant in Portugal

FlashRouter-Ready VPNs for Watching Netflix in Portugal

The answer is simple: get yourself subscribed to a VPN service provider.

A VPN service, or Virtual Private Network service, is a subscription-based service that provides its users with the seemingly unattainable: a secure wireless network.

That’s right; even in the age of NSA snooping, identity thieves, and hackers, a VPN service can keep your sensitive data safe. Logging in to a VPN means tunneling all of your online information through secure servers set up all over the world, thus protecting you from the many nefarious online threats.

But what does this have to do with watching Netflix in Portugal, you might be asking. Well, when you log in to your VPN, you pick the country that houses your secure server to pass through. When you pick, say, a server in Great Britain, you’re given a Great Britain-based IP address, making your computer think you’re in Great Britain.

This knocks down all of the internet’s many geography-based restrictions. Can’t get Netflix in Portugal? Log in to your VPN and pick an American server. Or a Canadian one. Or a German one. Now you’re watching Hemlock Grove in Lisbon and your computer is none the wiser.

Top VPN Providers for Unblocking Netflix in Portugal

If it’s US-based IP addresses that will allow you to watch Netflix Instant streaming that you’re looking for, then we’d recommend checking out some of our favorites like IPVanish, PrivateInternetAccess, HideMyAss or the newly added SaferVPN.

Still not satisfied with your options? Don’t worry; we’ve got a whole handy DD-WRT & Tomato supported VPN service provider list, which is prepped and ready to assist. No matter what type of VPN experience you’re looking for, our provider list will, well, provide.

Use a VPN-Capable FlashRouter to Watch Netflix in Portugal

Of course, signing up for the VPN service is one thing, but if you want to make sure that your VPN network runs like a dream, you gotta pair it with a FlashRouter.

As the video above demonstrates, a FlashRouter is a surefire way to improve your wireless network’s power, speed, and versatility. We flash all of our routers with DD-WRT and Tomato, replacement firmwares that allow users to access advanced options like extendable wireless range, extra security features, and controllable bandwidth. Believe us, if you’re engaged in a lot of Netflix Instant streaming through a VPN, being able to prioritize your bandwidth is invaluable.

Moreover, your VPN experience will improve immeasurably with a FlashRouter. For starters, if you’re subscribed to any VPN service provider on our official provider list, we’ll send your FlashRouter ready to work with your VPN right out of the box. Skip the tricky installation process and let us handle it.

Use a FlashRouter in a Two Router Setup - Local & VPN

How To Use a FlashRouter in a Dual Router Setup

Better yet, keep your old routers and use our popular dual router setup, which allows you to have a dedicated VPN router and a dedicated local router.

Best VPN Routers for Netflix in Portugal

Whether you’re on a tight budget, or if price is no issue, whether you want a simple network upgrade, or a full-blown overhaul of your wireless network, FlashRouters has the devices that can accommodate any preference.

To start with, we’d recommend checking out our best-sellers of 2014 list, which should give you a good idea of what routers are currently making our customers very happy. Then there’s our recent best DD-WRT routers of 2014 list, which should help narrow the field of choices a little bit.

Asus RT-N10P TomatoUSB FlashRouter

Still need some suggestions, well, we know we wouldn’t be steering your wrong if we pointed you towards our number one most powerful router: the Netgear R7000 AC1950 DD-WRT FlashRouter. Suffice to say, that one should keep your Netflix Instant streaming free of freezes. If that’s a little bit more of a commitment than you’re up for, then try one of our sleeker, economy models like the Asus RT-N10P Tomato FlashRouter. Plenty of speed and power without breaking the bank.

If it’s a FlashRouter, you can’t go wrong.

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