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2015 March Madness FlashRouters Deals


FlashRouters 2015 March Madness Router Tournament

…and the Tournament continues. Last week, we introduced you to our Top and Major Contenders, our Cinderellas, and our Long Shots. Speculations were made, and a deal was introduced. This week, things will be a little different. Some surprises, and a new coupon code to further the celebration of the FlashRouters 2015 March Madness.

To celebrate this new level of the tournament, take 10% off any firmware enhanced FlashRouters with the coupon code MAD10, has now been activated. Let’s get routing!

All routers offer advanced presintalled firmware, white-glove tech support and an open-source firmware warranty besides the plentiful benefits of getting an enhanced firmware router like VPN integration and full access controls for your network.

Sweet 16 Update

The Netgear R8000 X6 was projected to lead early on, and this week, the six-antennaed networking beast has certainly not disappointed, maintaining a powerhouse performance with its 1 GHz processor beautifully working alongside the router’s Tri-Band network.

Best Routers 2015 - Budget Wireless-ACNetgear’s AC1450 (pictured above) squeaked through by the skin of their teeth as the top choice of Economy AC Wireless-AC upgrades thanks to its secret weapons, the 800 MHz processor and competitive price point, creating a thrilling Cinderella narrative that is bringing this router, one that uses internal rather than external antennas, to the next rounds

The Asus Tomato RT-N66U’s approach of using classic Wireless-N and user-friendly TomatoUSB has given the device enough of a boost to rise to the top of the would-be Major Contenders, giving FlashRouters fans more proof that an easy-to-use firmware packed with a familiar old school approach will give a fantastic performance.

And as it seems to do every year, the Linksys E1200 is holding a firm spot, almost unbelievably so, especially considering the fact this router has the weakest processor of the bunch. But this is a fan-favorite, an economy line model that has blazed through the years with a small yet steady performance.

While you may be excitedly prepping your March Madness bracket, it’s important to remember that this time of year is not exclusively about a college basketball tournament. It’s about a router tournament as well. That’s right, March is the time of year where FlashRouters puts our devices to the test and sees which router truly is the Sitewide Champion.

Stay tuned for more specials throughout this three weekend March Madness Router Tournament. Here’s our recap of top contenders for our best routers of 2015 going into the tournament…

R8000 AC32000 DD-WRT FlashRouter

Netgear R8000: Early Favorite For 2015 Router Champion

Top Contenders for Best Wireless Routers with DD-WRT Firmware

While Netgear remained top dog throughout the 2014 season with the Nighthawk FlashRouter Netgear Nighthawk R7000, this year it seems they will not disappoint, bringing forth the Netgear R8000 X6 to a legion of newly converted Netgear fans.

Keeping the Nighthawk’s 1 GHz processor but boosting the Wireless-AC to a Tri-Band six external antenna network, the R8000 is an early favorite for the Sitewide Champion.

Stiff competition is in store from Asus, whose RT-AC87U boasts a comparable 1 GHz processor with 4 external antennas at a price $30 below that of the R8000. Yes, both routers are VPN-compatible DD-WRT powerhouses but does an extra antenna and WiFi band from the R8000 put the performance of the RT-AC87U to shame? Only time will tell as the tournament continues.

Major Contenders

Last year’s champion, the R7000, faces some stiff competition from the Top Seed routers, but still holds itself as a Major Contender to win the Championship. Yes, times have changed. The best of the best are rocking upwards of six external antennas and moving towards behemoth-like WiFi capabilities.

But this is a classic router that has performed brilliantly in past seasons, so to disregard this beast would simply be foolish. The R7000 is utilizing the same processor as its progeny, the R8000, as well as Asus’ RT-AC87U. The range is less, but the power is still the same.

Asus is also holding fort with another Major Contender, the Tomato Asus RT-N66U. Controversially using old-school Wireless-N against the future-proofing Wireless-AC of its competitors, the N66U proves that bigger is not always better with a stable performance, wide-range, and the fantastic user-friendly capabilities of TomatoUSB firmware.

Cinderellas/Upset Alert

Of course, every bracket needs a few Cinderellas. Netgear’s AC1450 was an early favorite for many with its 800 MHz processor and competitive $199.95 price point, but its internal antennas definitely put it below the odds stacked up a titan like the RT-AC87U.

Another potential upset this season from Netgear is the WNDR4000, a router that attracted much attention a few seasons ago, but lately has seemed to make the bench its home. Fans seem to forget the WNDR4000 was once seen the top of the line favorite and can still provide that same fantastic performance when flashed with DD-WRT firmware.

Perhaps the true Cinderella this season is the TP-Link WDR3600, which has been quietly picking up attention with an affordable $149.95 price tag that provides Dual Band wireless with 2 external antennas. The sole TP-Link FlashRouter, this router is a bit of a black sheep, but can certainly put forward the performance needed to push it to the next level.

Long Shots – E1200, E2500

The Linksys E1200 DD-WRT and E2500 Dual Band N600 TomatoUSB are certainly the Long Shots this season. Offering DD-WRT and Tomato firmware at an economy line price, these remain fan favorites throughout each season, despite maintaining a clear underdog status.

While there is little debate over whether or not these devices should belong in this category, the E1200 and E2500 use the K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid) Strategy to keep a grip on a solid fanbase each season.

And that’s just the beginning. There are a lot of heavy hitters this season, which will certainly make for an exciting March Madness Tournament here at FlashRouters. Stay tuned to see how the Tournament progresses, and what deals will pop up with each step.

For now, let’s keep the fever up with the coupon code MAD10 for 10% off any FlashRouter!

Unsure of what makes a FlashRouter so special? Watch this video and find out if your old router will find it’s way out the door during Spring Cleaning.

Experience Tri-Band WiFi With The Netgear R8000 DD-WRT FlashRouter

R8000 AC32000 DD-WRT FlashRouter

Meet Tri-Band WiFi: The Netgear 8000 DD-WRT Router

FlashRouters has listed our best and most popular routers of last year and introduced you to the networking beast that is the Asus RT-AC87U, the fun hasn’t ended yet. Meet the Netgear R8000 DD-WRT AC3200 FlashRouter. The R8000 is a true behemoth device offering Tri-Band WiFi with six powerful adjustable external antennas and a 1 GHz Broadcom processor. Yes, you read that correctly. Six powerful adjustable external antennas.

What is Tri-Band WiFi?

The Netgear R8000 DD-WRT FlashRouter utilizes Tri-Band WiFi, meaning one 2.4 GHz band and two 5 GHz bands. More bands mean more room for devices, as you can assign your SmartTV, Xbox One, and iPad different networks within the device. No need to clog your network with unwanted traffic.

The six external antennas that make up these networks provide for the most range available from a router today. Looking to cover multiple floors? Stream Netflix from your laptop on your outdoor patio? The Netgear R8000 has you covered.

DDWRT Installed R8000 Netgear X6 - OpenVPN

Netgear R8000 X6 DD-WRT Specs

Some other fantastic features of the Netgear R8000 DD-WRT FlashRouter include:

  • Wireless-AC coverage with speeds of up to 3200 Mbps.
  • Dual Core 1 GHz (1000 MHz) Broadcom CPU internal processor.
  • Best-in class RAM (256), 128 MB of active flash memory.
  • A Networked USB 3.0 port for the fastest high-speed transferring available.

Adding these features on top of the already-mentioned six external antennas and Tri-Band WiFi makes a powerful device even more powerful. Not to mention the DD-WRT firmware itself…

DD-WRT Advantages for the FlashRouter R8000 X6 DDWRT

Fastest VPN Service Provider Routers - IPVanish

Flashing the R8000 with DD-WRT firmware truly brings this device to the next level. Looking into using a router as a VPN network hub for a device like  HideMyAss, IPVanish, PureVPN, or PrivateInternetAccess? With its massive processor and range capabilities, the R8000 is a top-end choice for any VPN subscriber.

FlashRouters provides an easy-to-follow setup guide with all of our routers, and if you provide us with your VPN credentials before purchasing the router, we can send the device to your door to work right out of the box with your VPN account. There is also no need to remove your current router from your setup, as you can use it to create an ISP network alongside your VPN connection from the R8000 DD-WRT FlashRouter.

Using a router like the R8000 DDWRT also opens the door to:

The FlashRouters Difference


The FlashRouters Support Routers Advantage

FlashRouters offers pre-configured, DD-WRT flashed routers with free access to our Support Team and a free 90-day warranty. If you have any issues involving setting up your router and network configuration, our Support Team would be more than happy to help you via our ticketing system or a remote-access Team Viewer session.

We also offer help via our…

Knowledge Base & Help Desk: Our site has a handy Knowledge Base and support desk to better handle the many requests and inquiries we receive. If you have any questions, concerns or are just looking for a recommendation on the best device for you and your setup, click the Support button on the left-hand side. Our DD-WRT specialists are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the right device.

Support Plans: FlashRouters now offers advanced DD-WRT support plans. Different routers come with slightly different plans. Users looking for support for their own routers can visit the FlashRouters Support Plan Center.

Don’t forget to use the coupon code R8K through 03/31/2015 and get an extra $50 off!

Follow us on Twitter @flashrouters or “Like Us” on Facebook for DD-WRT router updates, new FlashRouter item additions, advanced notice of coupons and deals, network security information and much more!


ExpressVPN DD-WRT Routers & Tomato OpenVPN Routers – Pre-Installed Firmware & Configured

According to a recent article on BBC.com, the Chinese government has heightened their state censorship systems, blocking the sites of many popular VPN providers.

Using a VPN provider to mask your IP address is an important step towards encryption and protection in any country, but to provide one’s self with a free and open Internet in a country like China, a VPN service is practically mandatory. With some of the strictest Internet censorship protocols in the world, even basic browsing is an issue, as sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Twitter are all blocked by the Chinese government.

One VPN provider that has maintained a strong stance in the world of providing Internet Freedom to Chinese users is ExpressVPN. Boasting over 97 VPN locations in 78 countries, such as the United States, Brazil, Japan, Australia, India, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Israel, ExpressVPN can offer a layer of encryption and safety to users in China as well as the rest of the world.

Using ExpressVPN DD-WRT and Tomato FlashRouters

An important step towards safety within your entire network is using a DD-WRT or Tomato FlashRouter pre-configured for use with your ExpressVPN account. Using a FlashRouter will allow any device connected to the FlashRouter WiFi network to be encrypted with ExpressVPN using OpenVPN or PPTP.

With this, you will only need one connection and one setup to ExpressVPN, and devices like Apple TV, Xbox One, Amazon Fire, and Samsung Smart TVs that offer no native VPN support can be protected under the ExpressVPN FlashRouter network.

How To Use ExpressVPN on a Router

Upgrading to an ExpressVPN DDWRT FlashRouter doesn’t mean you will have to get rid of your current router, as a FlashRouter can fit within nearly any router setup.

Using a modem router or a modem/router combination as a connection to your ISP? Simply connect a FlashRouter via Ethernet cable to your modem or modem router, and you will have a Dual Router Setup: two segmented WiFi networks, one for VPN use and one for use with your ISP.

If you would like to connect a device to ExpressVPN, simply connect it to the ExpressVPN DD-WRT FlashRouter network. If you would like to have the device operate without ExpressVPN, simply connect it to your ISP network.

Best Routers for Use With ExpressVPN

Best DD-WRT Router ExpressVPN - Asus RT-AC87U

Best ExpressVPN DD-WRT Router- AC87U

While any FlashRouter will work with your ExpressVPN account, using a high-powered 1 GHz FlashRouter like the Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT or the Netgear R7000 DD-WRT will allow for a faster connection to the VPN, and with this, allow for higher quality streaming and less buffer time with streaming services like Netflix and YouTube.

If you are interested in the user-friendly interface of Tomato, the Asus RT-N66U is the best Tomato FlashRouter, combining Tomato features like the ability to use two OpenVPN servers side-by-side alongside three powerful external antennas.

Just select ExpressVPN from any router’s VPN Provider dropdown menu and we’ll do the rest. Add you ExpressVPN information in the final step of the checkout process and we will complete a full pre-configuration for the ultimate, out-of-the-box ExpressVPN WiFi network experience!


How to Watch Netflix in Egypt

You can use VPNs to watch Netflix Instant in Egypt.

How to Watch Netflix Instant in Egypt

Netflix’s European expansion is well underway. The streaming giant’s big plans to assert their model all over the globe has expanded into new markets like Germany and France.

On the other hand, if you happen to live in, or happen to be working in, Africa or the Middle East, then you’re not so lucky. If you’re in Egypt, then you’re in both of those regions, and you shouldn’t be expecting Netflix anytime soon.

Well, we find that to be unacceptable. There’s no reason Egyptians, or folks on extended business or vacation in Egypt, shouldn’t be able to keep up on House of Cards or Orange Is the New Black.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and we know exactly what you need to do to get Netflix streaming in your homes.

Watch Netflix Instant in Egypt with a VPN

It’s quite simple, really; all you need to do is subscribe to a VPN.

A VPN service, or Virtual Private Network service, is a subscription-based service that will improve your wireless network in a few crucial ways.

To start with, VPNs are designed to make your entire network safer. When you log in to a VPN, all of your online information (including sensitive information, like credit card numbers and e-mails) is tunneled through encrypted servers that VPN service providers set up all over the world. No need to worry about identity thieves, hackers, or snooping government agents when they can’t trace your information.

Secondly – and this is the important part for people trying to stream Netflix Instant where it isn’t available – your VPN service provider allows you to access geographically restricted material. By tunneling all of your information through globally varied servers, you can change your IP address to one in a country of your choosing, effectively tricking your computer into allowing you to go to websites you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Want to watch Netflix Instant in Egypt or anywhere in the Middle East? Log in to your VPN, pick an American server, and bam! You get a US-based IP address and you can stream to your heart’s content.

Best VPNs for Netflix US IP Addresses

Best VPN Service Providers for watching Netflix Instant in Egypt

FlashRouter-Ready VPNs for Watching Netflix Instant in Egypt

FlashRouters has done extensive research & VPN testing experience, and some of the most consistent connections & best speeds for US-based IP address from Egypt include IPVanish (owns their own servers), HideMyAss (largest amount of IP addresses), PureVPN (low cost full year plans), and PrivateInternetAccess (lowest monthly price).

But if these VPNs don’t suit you for one reason or another, we have a whole list of FlashRouter-supported VPN service providers which will tell you everything you’d want to know about each provider and what they can do for you.

Enjoy Netflix Instant with a FlashRouter

But if you really want to have the most enjoyable possible Netflix Instant streaming experience as possible, then you’d better get yourself a FlashRouter.

We, at FlashRouters, can offer the best, most versatile, most powerful routers around because we flash them with DD-WRT and Tomato firmware. These replacement firmwares take already intimidating routers and supercharge them, creating all sorts of advanced options for the user, like an extendable wireless range, extra security options, and the ability to allocate your bandwidth as you please (a great feature for people streaming movies and television).

A FlashRouter is also a big boon for VPN users. Hold on to your old router and use our dual router setup (illustrated below) to allow yourself to switch back and forth between your VPN and your local network with ease.

How To Use VPN on a Router

Better yet, if you subscribe to any VPN on our official supported provider list, we’ll send your FlashRouter all set up to work with your VPN. Setting up a VPN on your router can be tricky, so we like to take that hassle off your plate and do it on our own.

Best FlashRouters for Watching Netflix Instant in Egypt

Front & Back view of Linksys Cisco E1200 N300 Wireless Router

No matter what price range you’re in, what level of power or speed you require from your router, we’ve got the device to meet and exceed your needs.

To get a good sense of the routers we offer, we recommend taking a look at our best-selling VPN provider list, or the best DD-WRT routers list. You’re certain to find something that suits you.

Okay, fine, we’ll make a few specific recommendations. If you’re looking for something simple and economical that will vastly improve your wireless network without breaking the bank, we’d tell you to take a look at the Linksys E1200 DD-WRT FlashRouter or the Linksys E2500 Tomato FlashRouter.

But if you’re ready for the big jump, and if you want the one of the baddest, most intensely powerful routers on the block, then you’ve gotta go with the Netgear R7000 DD-WRT FlashRouter. It’s the alpha male of our line.


Best VPN Routers & VPN Service Providers of February 2015

FlashRouters Best Selling VPN Routers - Cisco LInksys, Asus, Netgear

FlashRouters Best Selling VPN Routers and VPN Setup Requests – February 2015

As long as we keep adding faster and stronger DD-WRT & Tomato-boosted FlashRouters, and affiliating ourselves with superlative VPN services, our best-sellers list will continue to be varied and unpredictable.

Another month has gone by and the shake-ups continue. Let us take a look at what VPN routers and VPN services have been all the rage in the FlashRouters office in February 2015.

Benefits of a DD-WRT or Tomato Firmware Upgrade

As the brief video above explains, a FlashRouter is a surefire way to cure an ailing wireless network. By taking already powerful routers and replacing their stock firmware with DD-WRT & Tomato, we create devices capable of just about anything.

What can a FlashRouter do? Check out these features:

  • Built-in OpenVPN, PPTP, & L2TP Settings which allows you to utilize your VPN subscription with multiple devices as well as popular streaming players like Rokus while saving you the trouble of installing the VPN connection on each single device!
  • Network wide ad-blocking with Privoxy.
  • Improved Bandwidth Management and Restriction Tools
  • Major firmware security holes removed like WPS and manufacturer backdoors.
  • Advanced Networking Modes for WDS, Repeaters & Client Bridges.
  • Advanced QoS (Quality of Service) which lets you take over the process of allocating your bandwidth for VOIP, streaming service & popular websites.
  • Advanced control over wireless range and transmission power.
  • VLAN (Virtual LAN) Support for segmenting networks.

We could go on and on like this, but we think you get the idea: DD-WRT and Tomato flashed routers are stocked with vital and useful options that make your wireless network a force to be reckoned with.

Most Popular Wireless VPN Routers of February 2015

FlashRouters Introduces the Netgear R7000 Nighthawk.

Netgear R7000 AC1900 Nighthawk DD-WRT FlashRouter

Much like last month, February was dominated by the awesome power of the Nighthawk. How long will it be before a router comes along that can unseat the beast?

Just barely missing the list are superb devices like the Netgear AC1450, the Asus RT-AC66U, and the Linksys E2500, which usually has trouble finding a place among our best-sellers. But we’ll have to see how things turn out now that we’ve added the Netgear R8000 Wireless-AC3200 DD-WRT FlashRouter and it’s triband (!) wireless speeds to our lineup.

  1. Netgear R7000 AC1900 Nighthawk DD-WRT Router - Our highest powered Netgear router, and preferred as the top router for gaming.

  2. Asus RT-N66U N900 Dark Knight Tomato WiFi Router – Our most popular Tomato & Wireless-N VPN Router.

  3. Cisco Linksys E1200 V2 DD-WRT FlashRouter – An always popular affordable favorite makes its return to the best-sellers list.

  4. Asus RT-87U DD-WRT AC2400 – The ultimate Asus networking centerpiece with power and style for future-proofing your WiFi network to next-gen Wireless-AC standards.

  5. Linksys EA6900 DD-WRT AC1900 – The beefed up, next evolution of the Linksys E4200, an all-time best selling DD-WRT classic with a boost twist.

Most Popular VPN Service Providers of February 2015 – By User Request

Just a minor switch-up at the top of the order, and IPVanish lands at the top of the list for February 2015. Congratulations to them! With their excellent, speedy service, it’s no wonder that IPVanish is always on or near the top of the list.

Otherwise, the other big VPN happening this month is the introduction of PureVPN, both into our roster of officially supported VPNs, and onto the best-sellers list. That was fast! Something tells us their ascendancy has only just begun.

  1. IPVanish - Offers some of the fastest L1 server speeds worldwide & popular in the Middle East.
  2. HideMyAss – Top overall US & UK server choices.
  3. PrivateInternetAccess – Best budget VPN service.
  4. Overplay – A powerful combination fo excellent VPN speeds and SmartDNS service.
  5. PureVPN – One of the oldest and most popular VPNs, demonstrating their popularity by landing on our best-sellers list within a month of being affiliated with us.

The FlashRouters Difference

Setup VPN Service with Any Device

Dual Router Setup – FlashRouters

At FlashRouters, we know how to get the most out of these hugely versatile devices, but your average user is probably going to need a little assistance in order to do the same. If you have a FlashRouter, you ought to use it to its full extent. That’s why we offer:

  • An extensively tested version of DD-WRT or Tomato firmware will be flashed on your router.
  • Personalized Custom Configuration & Setup Guide
  • Dual VPN Router Network Setup - Your router will be configured to work by itself or in tandem with your current service provider modem/router out-of-the-box so that you can establish a VPN dedicated router/access point.
  • Free VPN Service Integration: We offer setup guides for 50+ VPN service providers.
  • Fast, affordable worldwide shipping via USPS & FedEx. 

Have any questions? Open a support ticket or e-mail us at any time if you’re having any issues. Our friendly and helpful team are available to answer any questions you may have.