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Super Bowl Router Showdown – Deals on Premium Wireless-AC Routers

Wireless-AC DD-WRT Showdown

The big game is around the corner. That means parties, planning, pizza and probably an overloaded WiFi network from all the guests coming over. But you can’t be a bad host and hog the WiFi, right?

If you are constantly having issues with your wireless speeds, range, or coverage to different parts of your home or office, and maybe the family is doing a bit too much bandwidth-hungry streaming, then a FlashRouter might be just the ticket you need to a great Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl XLIV Savings

In honor of Super Bowl XLIV (that’s 49 in Roman numerals) take $49 off our four most powerful Wireless-AC Routers.

Use coupon code SUPER.

Plus we are offering free support and warranty upgrades on all these high end models. Keep reading for more details.

The DD-WRT Router Bowl I

Netgear R7000 vs. Asus RT-AC87U

Championship weekend means championship savings!

Announcer Breakdown: These combatants both feature best-in-class 1 GHz processors. The RT-AC87U gets a little boost on wireless coverage with an added fourth external antenna and some TurboQAM technology. But the R7000 Nighthawk is scrappy and priced more than $100 lower. So which will it be… the max specs at a premium price or the superhero Nighthawk router? You decide which DD-WRT router is best.

Save $49 on either with coupon code SUPER *

AND THERE’S MORE: We are so confident you will love our championship level Wireless-AC routers, that this weekend we are offering FREE upgrades to 1 Year of Support (Reg $25) & Free Upgrade to a 1 Year Warranty (Regular: $35) on both the R7000 and the RT-AC87U.

PLUS: Upgrade to a 2 year warranty on either for only $25!

You are getting more performance, more support time and more assurance at the same price! This is the time of year when the cream of the crop performs! These discounts all add up to savings of $99 on the full coverage, and premium WiFi router experience you deserve.

So snag a heavy hitter today with deep discounts using the coupon SUPER.

What Makes a FlashRouter Championship Level?

It may sound like nothing but a DD-WRT firmware upgrade and optimization hand-crafted by FlashRouters means:

…and much more.

Get the best routers with the best security, features, and the best support right out of the box!

Wondering what a FlashRouter can do to strengthen your wireless network? Check out our animated video that explains why your outdated router might just be ready for retirement.

The 800 lbs Gorilla (& MHz) Showdown

RT-AC68U DD-WRT vs. Linksys EA6900 AC1900

For some, the big boys might be a bit overkill but any network can use more privacy capabilities and wireless-range. These opponents match hefty 800 MHz processors ready to perform in a network with full VPN encryption. Wirelessly, both come in at AC1900 max capabilities with three external antennas and with matching RAM/Flash memory. The Asus antennas are a bit more powerful and provide a bit more range but the EA6900 runs at a much cheaper price.

Both AC WiFi specialists will also include a FREE upgrade to 1 Year of Support.

Save $49 on either with coupon code SUPER

After the discount the EA6900 will come in under $250 for a high powered Wireless-AC experience plus a FREE upgrade to 1 Year of Support making it the best priced device of the bunch.

Still, these two are too close to call. And with this type of performance, there are really no losers when it comes to a fully upgraded WiFi, privacy, and network security experience.

*The Not So Fine Print: This offer only applies to new orders and cannot be combined with any other offers or previous orders. Good through Feb 1, 2015.

Exclusive Overplay VPN Discount Code (New or Renewal) From FlashRouters

Overplay VPN SmartDNS Logo

New Logo Same Great Service

It has been a minute since we did an overview of Overplay and it’s excellent combination VPN/SmartDNS service. Overplay has server options in more than 60 countries including: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, Russia, Singapore and many more. The list goes on and on.

Looking for a new VPN or Smart DNS service? Wel, it just so happens, Overplay has supplied FlashRouters an exclusive deal just for our customers.

For the first 100 customers who visit this link to Overplay, get an exclusive one-time 20% off discount on any 6 month subscription. Just use coupon code JGD4HCVENOH39J when renewing or signing up.

Advantages of Using Overplay with a DD-WRT Router

FlashRouters strives to offer the best VPN services, with the easiest VPN integration and set up possible. A FlashRouter is one of the best ways to optimize your Overplay experience, with an excellent VPN service and added support alongside great hardware implementation to bring your entire network to a new level of speed & security.

The default router firmware that arrives with Asus, Netgear, and Linksys routers do not have OpenVPN & PPTP connection support built-in. This is one of the many popular reasons for upgrading to open-source DD-WRT firmware. Every FlashRouter order includes DD-WRT or TomatoUSB custom open-source firmware installation, free custom network configuration and networking support including all the necessary setup guides and information.

And if you upgrade your router today, Overplay has authorized us to upgrade that offer with a 20% off discount for any new subscribers of their Premium VPN/SmartDNS service. You can look around but you will not find a lower price for a VPN service other than the Overplay VPN discount we can provide with the purchase of a FlashRouter. Our customized 20% off coupons are uniquely assigned to each customer by request as an added benefit to creating a DD-WRT Overplay VPN network.

The Difference Between Using OverplayVPN Client & Overplay with a DD-WRT Router

The standard Overplay client allows you to connect to one device at a time whether it PC or Mac, smartphone, tablet or computer. Some devices without VPN settings such as a SmartTV, Roku or AppleTV need VPN implementation at the router level in order to use VPN with your streaming video.

Adding a FlashRouter to your current router network can give you a VPN dedicated network and connect any wireless device to the Overplay network, leaving your current router as a connection to your ISP. Connect any device without limits with just one setup!

So, with any device at any time, you can choose to connect to your local ISP service and have access to local content or connect to the Overplay VPN router for access through the VPN server/location of your choice.

And with our special offer, you can have unfettered access to all of these VPN server locations for $6.66 per month, off the regular price. So you get 20% Overplay’s already low-priced VPN subscription & included SmartDNS, less than $7 a month.

Integrate OverplayVPN OpenVPN & PPTP via Wi-Fi with just about any device including:

  • Any Roku.
  • Apple TV, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Boxee Box, WDTV Live, Samsung Smart TV, 3DTV, HDTVs
  • Android Tablets & Smartphones
  • PS4, XboxOne, PS3, Nintendo WiiU, Xbox360
  • VOIP Connections: Skype, Vonage etc.

Trying to integrate each device one by one can take a lot of effort and may not work consistently. Not only can you integrate these devices with Overplay’s excellent high-speed VPN service, but you can improve and tweak your wireless connection speeds with our custom firmware upgraded routers.

The Speedy VPN Network Setup

So you want to get a fully secure network option without touching your current network setup? We’ve got you covered.

Use a FlashRouter in a Two Router Setup - Local & VPN

How To Use a FlashRouter in a Two Router Setup

With our popular Dual Router Setup, available right out of the box, use your main router to give you local speed & connectivity and let the DD-WRT VPN FlashRouter create an always-on VPN gateway to global web access for streaming video websites like Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, as well as streaming music sites like Pandora & Slacker. Don’t forget worldwide access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Skype calling from anywhere.

Advanced wireless control & speeds with security and encryption integration all in one purchase!

Top Recommended FlashRouters for OverplayVPN Service

Netgear R7000 OverplayVPN Router

Ready to give your network the full Overplay experience? Here’s a few of our top recommended VPN Router models.

The FlashRouter Experience

FlashRouters strives to excel where tech manufacturers fail, offering helpful US-based knowledgeable tech support and ease-of-use. Our goal is to provide you with pre-configured routers and VPN service integration for competitive prices while providing excellent, responsive support if the need arises. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a FlashRouters device:

  • An extensively tested DD-WRT or TomatoUSB flashed router.
  • Custom Configuration & Setup Guide: Following each order, a FlashRouter configuration specialist will personally contact you to tailor your new router to your networking plans. Or include the information in the comments when checking out to expedite the process.
  • Speedy worldwide shipping via USPS & FedEx.
  • Free VPN Service Integration for OverPlay VPN.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed! FlashRouters will get your Overplay VPN router and VPN service connection up and running or return your device for a full refund.

Latest Asus Firmware Router Popping Flaw Exposes Popular WiFi Routers

Asus Firmware Exploit - Open Source Firmware Installation Information - DD-WRT & TomatUSB

Another day, another manufacturer default firmware issue revealed. This time it was Asus and some of its most popular routers including the RT-AC87U and the RT-N66U.

On approximately Jan. 4, a backdoor exploit was published for Asus routers. It is unknown at this time how long this exploit was known by Asus or hackers.

It appears that the issue is located in infosvr service, generally used to help the administrators find and configure ASUS routers on a network segment.

According to the github post by jduck,

Several models of ASUS’s routers include a service called infosvr that listens on UDP broadcast port 9999 on the LAN or WLAN interface. It’s used by one of ASUS’s tools to ease router configuration by automatically locating routers on the local subnet. This service runs with root privileges and contains an unauthenticated command execution vulnerability.

The Best Wireless Router Under $200

Asus RT-N66U Dark Knight Tomato Router

The following Asus models were confirmed as vulnerable:

RT-AC87U – Firmware version:
RT-N66U – Firmware version:
RT-N56U – Firmware version:

Yet it likely other Asus routers affected but their firmwares that have not yet been tested or confirmed. The github post states: “Currently, all known firmware versions for applicable routers (RT-AC66U, RT-N66U, etc.) are assumed vulnerable.”

And what does this problem mean for users? Basically, anyone connected to the local network can gain control by sending a single protocol packet to the router. To be clear, in order to exploit this someone would need to have access to your local network.

What To Do to Get Ahead of the Router Firmware Exploit Curve?

While manufacturers create excellent hardware, it appears that often times that fatal flaw is the limiting, ill-performing firmware installed that allows the router to be used to its max capabilities. Lucian Constantin at PCWorld explains why the frequency of router exploits has exploded:

Routers are valuable targets for attackers, because they provide them with a foothold inside networks from where they can attack other devices. A router compromise is much harder to detect than a PC infection, because there are no antivirus programs running on such devices.

By controlling routers attackers gain the ability to intercept, inspect and modify incoming and outgoing Internet traffic for all devices that connect through them. Among other things, they can strip SSL from secure traffic and use DNS hijacking techniques to misrepresent legitimate websites.

He then goes on to suggest installing custom firmware but warns “… it should be noted that installing custom firmware can void the device warranty and should only be done by users who understand and accept all the risks associated with this procedure, including the possibility that their device might be damaged.”

So how can you get the best of both worlds? Well it just so happens that all Asus FlashRouters ship with this custom firmware solution already completely installed, with warranty and support options unavailable anywhere else for custom open-source firmware solutions like DD-WRT or TomatoUSB.


The FlashRouters Support Advantage

From the top of the line AC2400 RT-AC87U with DD-WRT Installed to the RT-AC66U Tomato to the classic high end Wireless-N RT-N66U, FlashRouters supports a full line of enhanced Asus routers primed for premium security right our of the box.

Already have an Asus router and want help upgrading the firmware? Our team of experts offer remote flashing and setup assistance via worldwide custom-firmware flashing and VPN setup support plans for a large array of Asus WiFi Routers.

Asus Firmware Backdoor Fixes

Yes, Asus has worked harder than some router manufacturers to keep on top of these issues and gets some excellent work right out of the open-source firmware community from users and developers like Eric Sauvageau AKA Merlin.

But, ArsTechnica wrote, “Unless Asus releases a patch, there’s little non-technical users can do to close the hole. More technically inclined people can use the vulnerability itself to turn off infosvr after each reboot.”

If you are one of those technically inclined, we suggest visiting the Github page for the latest workarounds or updates. Still, our recommendation as a long-term solution is upgrading to an enhanced, custom firmware routing device to hopefully prevent this type of upgrade scramble in the future and not have to wait for a manufacturer update.


Is Netflix Really Blocking VPN Services?

Netflix Home Screen

Is Netflix Blocking VPN Services?

Who knows when the issue started, but when CNN and the BBC start giving updates about topics like privacy, DNS, VPN, and Netflix something must have struck a chord.

About 2 weeks ago, a reddit post entitled “Netflix is Starting to Crackdown on VPN” went up and the outpouring of response was pretty immediate. So we figured it was time to breakdown this story – what it all means and does the Netflix update actually affect you as a VPN user.

The Background on Netflix VPN Blocking

A few weeks ago Netflix pushed through an update on their Android App (version 3.7.2) as they do very frequently. Usually, an app update includes a few bug fixes, some interface updates, maybe a new feature here and there. But this update did something else that has caused this eruption of news.

According to TorrentFreak among others, the Netflix app began to force or hardcode a Google DNS lookup. To the average user this means nothing. But for the enraged, this meant that the Netflix app now prevents being tricked by DNS masking tools.

Before going any further, we should make it clear that use of the term VPN in most of these reports is incorrect and confusing. The term that should have been used is DNS masking tools or SmartDNS. Users of secure VPN service solutions such as IPVanish, HideMyAss or PrivateInternetAccess have reported no interruptions due to this app modification.

What is DNS and why it is important to know how to optimize your use of them?

image via HowStuffWorks.com

What is DNS?

If you are a loyal FlashRouter reader you probably already know from our What is DNS & SmartDNS post which covered this a few years ago. If you happened to miss that one, we’ll give a short summary.

DNS is a protocol that uses a set of standards for exchanging data on the Internet. It’s job is to convert a user-friendly domain name (like FlashRouters.com) into an IP address (or a string of location-relaying digits) that computers use to identify one another.

Think of DNS server like your cellphone contact list; you tap the name and the phone translates that tap into a phone number.

So there are different DNS servers which produce different lookup results. So one DNS phonebook might tell Netflix to send you to the US version of the site. This is the very simple way of explaining how SmartDNS works. It offers a phonebook that can potentially trick a website into thinking you are not where you are without changing your real location/IP address.

The Netflix SmartDNS Problem

While VPN service has legitimate security and privacy uses, SmartDNS is often tied to the wish to get access to content without a specific concern for an encrypted connection to the Internet.

SmartDNS offers no encryption or IP address changing but rather gives you access to a premium connection list. The benefit is potentially unblocked access without the speed cost of high level encryption and tunneling your traffic over long distances.

This Netflix Android app update actually makes the app check the Google servers which don’t have the phonebook you want to use from your SmartDNS provider thereby preventing you from bypassing any geoblock.

An action like this has also been a danger with using SmartDNS providers as they were exploiting a loophole which most content providers have ignored. But once they decide to close a loophole what do you get but angry consumers who just want things to stay the way they were.

How to Fix the Netflix Android App Update?

According to multiple outlets, issues have been reported with SmartDNS services such as Unotelly, UnoDNS, and Unblockus. However this issue has had no effect on users of VPN services where traffic is tunneled and encrypted through an alternate location or country.

The issue for SmartDNS is that it plays a trick with Netflix servers by sending the domain name inquiry through a US based server, while never masking your real IP address in your native country.

For SmartDNS users, FlashRouters offers a solution in our enhanced routers that offer advanced DNS setup options. A FlashRouter with alternative firmware allows you to reroute the traffic through the Netflix app to the DNS server that you want.

By creating a default DNS within the router, the hardcoded DNS server on the Netflix app can be bypassed and ignored allowing your previous services to work as usual or you can choose to use on of the supported 40+ VPN providers to integrate privacy and encryption via OpenVPN or PPTP.

Netgear R7000 Nighthawk - Apply iPhone 6 Wireless-AC Router

The Netgear R7000 AC1900 Nighthawk DD-WRT

Using a high-powered WiFi device like the Netgear R7000 Nighthawk or the Asus RT-N66U Dark Knight, allows for network wide integration of VPN services or SmartDNS services with a single setup. Once that setup is done, any device that passes through the FlashRouter no longer be affected by this Android, or Roku, or Apple iOS update.

Not only that but the firmware installed on your router allows you to take full control of your network and settings out of the hands of your ISP. Whether it is boosting your wireless signal or prioritizing your favorite sites or applications like Netflix, a FlashRouter offers a wide range options not available on default routers on Amazon or your local Best Buy.

Why Did Netflix Implement this DNS Hardcoding?

There are many reasons this update may have occurred but one popular explanation seems to be Netflix’s impending entrance into Australia.

A iDigitalTimes piece from September stated that more than 200,000 users in Australia were utilizing VPN for Netflix. It appears that to allay some content provider’s fears in that country Netflix did their due diligence in closing a loophole.

Even the Sony hacks provided proof that they were mad at Netflix’s “failure to block overseas VPN,” according to Ars Technica. So it is not surprising that Netflix would take some token steps to react.

International Netflix Users Ain’t Too Happy

Besides the hundreds of comments on that original Reddit post as well as the heavy action on the many articles from online, this Crave Online  headline might just sum it up best, “Netflix Blocking Foreign VPN Users is a Ridiculously Stupid Move.”

From threats of cancellation via protest, the outcry of frustrated consumers has been heard loud and clear. For travellers, international businessmen or users stationed overseas in the military, VPN has become an invaluable tool for not losing access while they traverse the world whether it is the UK, Asia, the Middle East or South America.

Netflix’s Response to the VPN Blocking Revelation

According to a BBC article from CES this week, Netflix “denied reports it had stepped up its attempts to block access via virtual private networks (VPNs)… its existing policy against the use of VPNs to circumvent geographical content barriers remained unchanged. But it said its service would still work via some VPNs.”

Quoting Netflix’s chief product officer Neil Hunt “The claims that we have changed our policy on VPN are false…People who are using a VPN to access our service from outside of the area will find that it still works exactly as it has always done.”

This is a slippery slope for Netflix. Netflix must straddle the line between their appeasing content partners and their customers. Regional distributors are highly protective of their rights as they do bear the cost of these productions.

Netflix is also in the awkward position on its content catalog. In some countries, they are forced to charge up to twice as much even though they offer half the amount of films and TV series.

Differences in country by country Netflix choice can be vast and frustrating. And customers seeing greener pastures in another country, which isn’t too hard with all the information out there, will try to find a way and limitations based on the country they are connecting from, visting, or living in.

The BBC also reported that, “Netflix said it did routinely block the work-arounds using “industry standard” techniques, but there was no special effort being undertaken to block more of them than usual,” claiming “that the company had added a ‘failsafe’ on its Android app to help users whose DNS provider was unreliable.”

Yet, it is doubtful that Netflix would ever base its entire corporate policy on the needs of any single country or movie studio. But they also have no interest in directly violating the will of a country where a legitimate expansion is occurring. Still, there is clear interest for many users to buy the product in Australia and other soon to expanded regions.

But Hunt went on to say about did backhandedly confirm the Aussie factor by saying, “The reality is we blacklist known VPNs in accordance with our content contracts – Foxtel, for example, owns House of Cards in Australia so they kind of like us to block them. But we are not changing our policy. It remains the same as it ever was.”

Conclusion on the Netflix “VPN” Block

These frustration tactics of cat and mouse will likely not work for long as users want access to the same content and level playing field. If a user didn’t want to pay for it, there are many illegitimate sources of this content.

But Netflix has become so popular and loved that users like the convenience and content and consistent quality. Yet, increasingly, archaic regional regulations are crushing innovation and access, forcing users to alternative solutions.

As stated before, many international users have legitimate reasons to connect to the internet through VPN providers like IPVanish, HideMyAss or PrivateInternetAccess. VPN is not used to violate copyright law, it is used to offer Internet connected users security, privacy, and encryption so that they can feel safe in a digital world that seems to be murkier every day.

Whether it is dissidents communicating under an opressive regime or reporters trying to communicate with sources, VPN is a go to method of private activity and communication.

How Can a Better Wireless Router Improve Netflix Instant Quality?
Actions like this from Netflix are a good enough reason to consider taking complete control of your network at a router level with a premium WiFi and networking device from FlashRouters. It only takes one update to ruin the setup on single device but these type of updates have no effect on a network wide setup within a router.

For Netflix to come out directly against a secure and encrypted Internet with a blanket VPN ban on users would be silly and an equally bad PR move.

It is not an inconceivable scenario that a US military serviceman, serving on US territory abroad, is relying on a foreign Internet connection. The only method for gaining and maintaining access to their preferred home content like Netflix would be through a VPN connection. Imagine the headline “Netflix Cutting Off the US Military”, now that would be great for business huh?

Plus The Guardian has the best reason for Netflix to not block VPN customer, “it has too many of them.”


Editor’s Note: This article is intended to be informative to keep Internet users updated about the use of their Netflix subscription in conjunction with VPN. FlashRouters does not encourage users to violate Netflix terms of service or laws related to the rights of streaming service content holders in various countries.


Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT AC2400 WiFi Router – The Best DD-WRT Router of 2015?

Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT OpenVPN Router

While FlashRouters highlighted some of the best and most popular DD-WRT routers of 2014 but we thought it is time to give attention to our latest DD-WRT WiFi router likely to lead this list in 2015…

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a pleasure to introduce our newest WiFi Wireless-AC crown jewel: the Asus RT-AC87U AC2400 DD-WRT FlashRouter.

Asus RT-AC87U AC2400 Nighthawk DD-WRT Specs

Let’s take a minute to talk about what makes the Asus RT-AC87U AC2400 so special, even before it is flashed with DD-WRT open source firmware for advanced customization and security options.

  • Unrivaled 5000 square feet Wireless-AC coverage with speeds up to 2400 Mbps.
  • Our first router with 4 powerful external antennas that can be adjusted to improve your wireless range.
  • Runs on a Dual Core 1 GHz (1000 MHz) Broadcom CPU internal processor.
  • Best-in class RAM (256), 128 MB of active flash memory.
  • A Networked USB 3.0 port for the fastest high-speed data transferring available.

That’s a lot of top-of-the-line  wireless coverage, processing power, not to mention future-proofing for high end Wireless-AC speeds for those looking for the best of the best. Add in the amazing features included with a DD-WRT firmware upgrade and it doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to SOHO routers!

Sold on the RT-AC87U?

Well, I must say that’s an excellent choice!

And because you are getting in right at the ground floor, use the coupon code AC87U to save an extra $50 on the the Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT FlashRouter VPN Router today. This intro deal is only valid through Jan. 15 2015.

Side View - Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT Router

The Advantages of Wireless-AC

If you’re not familiar with Wireless-AC, here’s all you need to know: as the latest wireless draft for exponential signal capacity, for sheer transmission speed, Wireless-AC smokes the competition.

Where Wireless-G topped off at 54 Mbps and Wireless-N landed in the 450-900 Mbps range, Wireless-AC blows right by both, tripling Wireless-N’s fastest speeds. In the case of the Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT Router FlashRouter, this is a dual-band device with the ability to offer 2400 Mbps (600 2.4 GHz & 1800 5.0 GHz)! There’s nothing else on the market that can compete with that.

Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT Features

The hardware specs of the Asus RT-AC87U are only part of its appeal. at does it matter if the firmware is missing the features you want or has security holes/backdoors you don’t want. The real fireworks occur when DD-WRT open source firmware is flashed onto this remarkable device.

If you’ve struggled with streaming movies or TV broken up by stalls or aggravating freezes, then the RT-AC87U DD-WRT is the router you’ve been waiting for. No need to worry about interruptions during Game of Thrones on HBO Go or House of Cards on Netflix; the Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT will keep your streaming services working.

And there’s so much more that DD-WRT brings to the Nighthawk. There are features galore, performing all sorts of advanced functions like:

You get all of these features – advanced networking modes and security, flawless streaming, WiFi Hot Spot capabilities – and so much more with a DD-WRT upgrade. Don’t settle for anything less.

Best Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT VPN Options

One of the best advantages of owning a Nighthawk DD-WRT is the built-in VPN capability.

If you subscribe to a VPN service, or are planning to, FlashRouters can set up your brand new Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT to work with your VPN account straight out of the box. Skip over tricky VPN installation processes and let us take care of the hard stuff.

Plus, with the RT-AC87U, you will get the best speeds of any VPN router. Speeds in a router are based primarily on the processor strength and how much encryption/decryption it can handle. The Asus RT-AC87U 1 GHz is the most powerful processor we now offer.

Use a FlashRouter in a Two Router Setup - Local & VPN

How To Use a FlashRouter in a Two Router Setup

Purchasing a Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT FlashRouter doesn’t mean you will have to get rid of your current router setup. Take advantage of our popular dual router setup, which lets you have one dedicated VPN router, and one for local, day-to-day usage. Switching back and forth between your regular network and your VPN has never been so easy.

Our list of official supported VPN service providers grows longer all the time, and you can’t go wrong choosing from it. That said, these are some of our more popular VPN providers:

  1. HideMyAss – Top number of servers and IP addresses in US & UK server choices.
  2. IPVanish - Keeps adding more & more servers with some of the fastest server speeds worldwide.
  3. PrivateInternetAccess – Best budget VPN service.
  4. Overplay – Easiest setup for your DD-WRT router and utilizing OpenVPN. Includes SmartDNS subscription.
  5. CyberGhost – The go to European based VPN provider.

The FlashRouters Guarantee

FlashRouter VPN Routers Advantages: Protect Against Snooping Agencies like the NSA

The FlashRouters Service Difference

Though our staff has always been available to help our customers when they needed help, we’ve recently upgraded our already superlative customer service in a couple of important ways…

Knowledge Base & Help Desk: Our site has a handy Knowledge Base and support desk to better handle the many requests and inquiries we receive. If you have any questions, concerns or are just looking for a recommendation on the best device for you and your setup, click the Support button on the left hand side. Our DD-WRT specialists are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the right device.

Support Plans: FlashRouters now offers advanced DD-WRT support plans. Different routers come with slightly different plans. Users looking for support for their own routers can visit the FlashRouters Support Plan Center.

Don’t forget to use the coupon code AC87U through 01/31/2015 and get an extra $50 off!

Follow us on Twitter @flashrouters or “Like Us” on Facebook for DD-WRT routers updates, new FlashRouter item additions, advanced notice of coupons and deals, network security information and much more!